Top 10 Things to Buy with $100

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201 Underwear


202 Alcohol

Probably the only thing I save my money for...

Preferably two bottles of tequila and a bottle of brown lime

I would refuse to get drunk. I have been sober my entire life and proud to say that. - Discord

In the bible it said to not drink

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203 Gun

Guns are awesome in the right hands

It depends how bad you need, killing doesn't solve anything.

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204 Cigarettes

NO! Don't buy cigarettes, please!

Cigarettes are really bad for you. They lead to cancer and there very dangerous. they are bad for your body. I would never buy a pack because why? your spending $10 on something that is really bad for you and they only last for a few minutes. please don't smoke. its really bad. you could die off smoking.

Never smoke a cigar in your life!

I HATE SMOKING - CinderpeltandCinderheart

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