Top 10 Things to Buy with $100

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61 Cheap Hooker

The person that made this should be banned from the site.

Give it back to the economy

You can do whatever you want to her and my hooker could fit 10 dildos in her ass as well as my hand and dick it was awesome

The person that made "Cheap Hooker" should be banned from this site.

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62 Bong

The perect way to blaze it...
However hard to store and not recommended for if you still live with your parents or have to 'hide' it from the fuzz
And remember it's 4:20 somewhere

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63 Apples

Apples! Apples and a hamster named apples! And go to a paint store and
Paint a huge apple on your wall! APPLES for the win!

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64 A Knife

When there's that special someone who needs a good stabbing

This made me laugh

Better than nicki


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65 Car Parts

Car parts are the best thing you can spend money on (yes I'm single laugh out loud) Seriously though, you get a weird noise coming from the struts, $100 will be more than enough to fix it yourself.

Idjit I mean soome parts are less than 100 sure but there's a lot that are way more than that

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66 Concert Tickets

How is this not in the top 20? Concert tickets would be awesome! (But choose wisely who's concert your going to.) - FennikenFan9

Concerts are awesome you can't beat them really

Concert tickets are brilliant

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67 Goldfish Crackers V 2 Comments
68 Hot Wings

There is no such thing as failure. Especialky when your a man who spends 100 dollars on hot wings

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69 Steak
70 Makeup

I love make up I can't go anywhere without my lip gloss and mascara and it makes me feel and look pretty.

Sell it for more than you bought it

Need to coverup! Great for getting a good foundation! Lo

I spent 35 pound on makeup

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71 Beats Headphones

Ay mang check out mah soundcloud


72 Stocks

This would be best idea of all only if ya pick the right one (s) otherwise you're out the monies so I could just go to Vegas or any casino and gamble

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73 Green Day Posters

That's right! Billy Joe is worth my hundred bucks

Favorite band to this day! You can't go wrong with Green Day.

If your room is bare, any poster is a good choice.

YEES I love green day billie is hotter than jusin beiber

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74 Bacon

Bacon makes me horny

Never have too much bacon

Bacon should be #1!

Sorry guys but I don't like bacon

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75 Video Games

You can buy 5 if 20$ and it is a really good deal

76 Tickets to a Car Race

Just went to Sonoma motor speedy and has a blast!

Sonoma when the next event you know

77 LEGOs

If your a kid don't buy drugs or alcohol but LEGOS

Buy LegoS! Hours of fun building, even more fun playing with the figures when the set is done! Just watch where you step. And NEVER play barefoot. If you step on one barefoot, it HURTS. A TON. - Discord

..if your a me... Buy APPLES! And go to a paint store and paint a giant apple on your wall and get a hamster named Apple and build an apple out of LEGOs!

Ah yes Legos Every foots Night mare

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78 Hair Extensions

Admit it what girl doesn't wan perfectly straight long hair!

Me, I don't, I like my curly hair..


79 A Pimp Leash

Helps keep us in line especially one with rinestones and cheetah print.

80 Soccer Ball

Select Balls are good

Can't gonwrong with a Nike maximum

This is the best option soccer is my favorite sport. FIFA WORLD CUP TIME! Buy a brazucca soccer ball. GO LIONEL MESSI

Always good to have one ^. ^

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