Top 10 Things to Buy with $100

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101 Friends

If your nice... Only people who spend money on each other are true friends

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102 A Trip to the Mall

You can spend 100 dollars at the mall. Buy clothes, shoes, games, Face and body products and much more

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103 Kindle Fire

My son said this was his best present ever. And it only cost $99

It's more useful

I'm typeing this on a kindle fire...


104 WWE Figures
105 An iPad V 1 Comment
106 Counterfeit Toothpaste


107 Home Brew Beer Kit

After spending $100 bucks on a decent home brew kit, start making premium beer at the cost of about $8 per twelve pack.

108 Ray-Bans

Ray Bans are far more than $100 Honey

109 Speakers

Enhance your viewing pleasure

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110 Tacos Tacos A taco is a traditional Mexican dish composed of a corn or wheat tortilla folded or rolled around a filling.

Yup just yup can't go wrong with tacos no matter where you go jack in the box taco bell taco time everywhere has good tacos

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111 Earbuds

What's the use of music without a quality pair of in-ear buds? Make your world come alive! Plus, there are plenty high-quality buds out there for under $100.

Mine are broken so new ones would be awesome

112 A Bike

A bike is a brilliant thing to spend $100 on, however you may have to go over budget.

A bike is good to poop on I pee on it when I wash it

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113 Toy Cars
114 Band T Shirts

My mom wont let me use HER money to buy some so dis is actually great! :D

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115 Gift Cards
116 Silly String

Silly string is great for any kind of pasta dish. If you really enjoy a good plate of spaghetti and meatnuts, silly string is for you.

117 Ten Copies Of Undertale V 2 Comments
118 Nintendo 2DS V 2 Comments
119 Steam Gift Card

At least you can buy PC games on Steam with those gift cards. - SelfDestruct

Aw yeee boi

120 Pay Per View
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