Top 10 Things to Buy with $100

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121 Nintendo 2DS V 2 Comments
122 Steam Gift Card

At least you can buy PC games on Steam with those gift cards. - SelfDestruct

Aw yeee boi

123 Another Currency V 1 Comment
124 Rubik's Cube

Yes. I love to spend $100 of hard earned money on a toy that no one can solve and you loose after having for two weeks -_-

Solve one in 26 Sec!

No can do tham but its good fun to try

125 Bedding

Something comfortable and new, when all other family members have 10 year old blankets and pillows.

Get the glow in the dark kind that hide your semen

I love sleeping wirg new bedding so comfortable

126 A Nice Family Photo

Something that you can keep for a long time and remember good times

127 Currency

Transform into euros then gamble in different country and then transfer into pounds then wait 1 week and transfer into dollars, and in a couple weeks, you will have thousands

10 $10s, 2 $50s, 5 $20s, 20 $5s, 100 $1s and any combination of those bills to make $100.

V 1 Comment
128 Laptop

Will last you a while best from ebay

V 2 Comments
129 Bibles to Donate V 2 Comments
130 Manicure

Sometimes I just need to relax from the things that I am doing

131 Airplane Life Vests

These are super cool to deploy and you can buy like 4 of them on ebay. you just pull a string and POOF it inflates - PH12345

132 A Gift for Someone
133 Auction

You can always find something worth your while at an auction...

134 Hermit Crabs

At the pet smart in GA you can get like nine or ten hermit crabs. I got two for twenty! Hermit crabs are AWESOME!

I love hermit crabs they make a great pet

V 1 Comment
135 American Girl Doll

Even though American girl dolls are sort of dumb, if you like them or collect them it would be worth it.

136 Handgun

There is no way you can buy a real handgun for $100

Not exactly suitable for a 4 year old

V 2 Comments
137 A Nintendo 3DS

These are very cheap hand held systems buying a Xbox with the system it self would be already 100 I got my 3ds from GameStop on Black Friday for only. 50 dollars and games for the 3ds aren't that expensive Xbox games do

138 D.I.Y Supplies

You can create your own things that might actually last and at least you'll know that you made it and feel proud about it.

139 Huarache Utility
140 NES

Better still it's not too difficult to get one in rather good condition for this price. - Entranced98

Oh yeah but they are probably 150 dollars - YOSHIA2121

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