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1 Dean and Sam Winchester

The chemistry between these two guy, on and off screen is amazing. Whether the play Sam & Dean or are at a convention, they are always amazing. They are so great to all the fans and give time to each and everyone of us. Besides that they are amazing actors. Even though the show is still underrated and people don't get that the show is not about "Two guys fighting evil" but about a bond between two brother that has stretched and torn and everting in between, and besides that, its about two guys fighting evil and trying to keep their heads up. They keep each other human

I love Sam and Dean. THis show has helped make my life better and I love the show of the two brothers who will do anything for each other. Who wouldn't want someone to love you that much that they would be willing to do that. Everything is good. The actors are great and love working with each other. They are fantastic men and do a amazing job on their show that has everything good about it like the directing and writing. They are great to watch and we are in love with them because they are likeable on and off the screen. Yay for Sam and Dean on the best show that helped my life and made me have something to look forward to and want to go on with life.

There's hands-down no better duo on T.V. than Sam & Dean Winchester! They might've had their divergences and disagreements over the years, but their brotherly bond is unbreakable! Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles both describe their friendship over the years as equal to being real brothers. This amazing chemistry transfers easily onto the screen to their characters, adding authenticity to fantastic acting and making Sam & Dean's brotherly bond the foundation for what Supernatural is about: family. - angiewinchester

No one can compare to the chemistry and brotherly love that Sam and Dean have. 13 years and it's still as strong as ever

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2 Dean Winchester and Castiel

Beyond being the ship that has dominated Internet polls for the past several years, Dean and Castiel have been a dynamic duo for the long-running hit show "Supernatural," showcasing both Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins' acting chops, enriching both the world of Supernatural and the characters lives. Their friendship has added depth to Supernatural, and helped propel it into the successful position it holds in pop culture today.

Their dynamic is one of the most important and engaging on the show, and the reason lots of people watch Supernatural. Their story and love for each other is amazing and like no other on T.V. , and I always wait for their interactions every episode. Misha and Jensen's chemistry is off the charts and I really hope that their characters' relationship changes to a romantic tone (all it needs at this point is either a kiss or words) because there really is no other way for them, they're beyond friends and brothers-in-arms, they make each other happy and that's all I wish for them.

They're odd couple. They're fire-forged friends. They fight tooth and nail when they disagree, but they'll also kill or die to protect each other. Dean teaches humanity to Castiel, Castiel teaches faith to Dean.

Husbands goals!

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3 Mulder and Scully

They have amazing chemistry and their differences balance each other out.
Can't wait to see them back on the big screen together for XF2!

completely epic. it just doesn't get any better than these two.

Between their hilarious banter and possibility for a relationship, this duo never has a dull moment!

C bhcbhcbch bzcdhcdhadbh I just love these two

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4 Spongebob and Patrick

If you have children, you have to vote for Spongebob. He and Patrick have given you that much needed 15 minutes of sanity while your kids zone out to Jellyfishing and karate with Sandy Cheeks laugh out loud... Ok, I admit I've watched my share with them... They rock!

I am not ashamed to admit that I am 14 years old and still watch SpongeBob Saturday morning with my bowl of cinnamon toast crunch. That show pretty much is my childhood. And this power duo is the best of the best. I wish I could have a friend like Patrick laugh out loud

Spongebob and Patrick rock just like Marge and Homer

Yes definitely.

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5 Sherlock Holmes and John Watson

They are the most dynamic duo I have ever, EVER seen. They're like... Black and white so to speak. John being the white, the innocent goodie two shoes who attempts at correcting the black... Constantly.

The most profound friendship between two fascinating characters. They seem so different and yet they're so similar. Soul mates really, and brilliant to watch.

No matter how many reincarnations, they'll always find each other.

Yes they are the best!

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6 Joey and Chandler (Friends)

They are so hilarious! They crack me up. They hug... "do we do this too much? " haha so funny. "I'm chandler... could I BE wearing anymore clothes?! "

The best pair and bromance of all time. This should be number 1!
CHANDLER AND JOEY ARE THE FUNNIEST PEOPLE EVER. They deserve so much more credit.

Best bros forever... Dean n Sam do deserve the tops but you need to get chan n jo higher

Love all of them! They are the best Friends on T.V. history! I love Chandler & MOnica, I think they are funnier than him & Joey! But I also love her & Rachel, they all just are perfect set of friends!

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7 Brian and Justin (Queer as Folk)

The most loving (without saying it) couple I have EVER seen on anything ever before! You could have a couple that said they loved each other every episode on television, but never come close to what they had. They exude love with glances and touches, and were not ashamed to have a non conventional relationship! They break my heart and make me laugh at the same time! They push eachother and are by far the hottest couple ever! Age was never a problem (I never really noticed the age thing at all). I will forever love this couple, they will always be number one to me!

The only couple on television that had believable, extremely hot chemistry. All other couples pale in comparison to this pairing. Amazing casting, and even more amazing actors. Still hot to this day.

It is very beautiful and great pair. During their relationship, I have experienced more than their own. I love Britini more than anything else.

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8 Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster

The duo that powers Psych, they play off each other perfectly, always with the clever one-liners and hilarious inside jokes. - dawgburt2000

It was actually a really weird feeling seeing them act separatly... The guy who plays gus had a part on West Wing (a serious part) and it didn't look right. I love the way they play off of each other and the personalities they were cast for in Psych were first rate.

Phenomenal chemistry, they are absolutely hilarious.

The better version of Holmes and Watson.

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9 Batman and Robin

The best, is the typical classic pair. - celtics34

of course 2 bffls.. the dynamic duo! as my ma would say - WIzzy123

classic pair. This X files stuff is really getting annoying
- Razor79

No dowt about it

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10 Tom and Jerry

They're so classic and funny!

Funniest duo ever! - Tia-Harribel



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11 Walt White and Jesse Pinkman

Walt and Jesse are the best duo on T. V. You will not find a relationship that is more complex or gets more tested than Walt and Jesse's. Yet, they somehow always manage to come to terms. If you haven't seen the show, WATCH IT! I can't go into more depth.

This duo redefined television and deserves the #1 spot. Walter and Jesse have been through so much and have kind of had a father and son relationship even though they were just partners manufacturing meth. This duo will forever be remembered as legends!

How is this not in the top ten? The best characters from the best show on T.V.

Yo mr white! yes science

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12 Brian and Stewie Griffin (Family Guy)

They should be in the Top 5! They're the reason Family Guy is watchable these days!

I LOVE these two. They are the BEST! Especially since they put out the fact that dog is a mans best friend but in this case a baby. - DarkAngelxox

Even in modern Family Guy, the episodes they're in are amazing. - GreninjaGuy


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13 The Doctor and Rose Tyler

The Doctor & Rose have something truly special, and it can't be forgotten. The pain when the Doctor thinks he's lost Rose, and the moment when he actually has in Season 4. You can't simply forget it, they are the best Television couple I've seen.

Why isn't this number one? They are so cute together and have the best of times while saving so many people and aliens. Why did Rose have to go to a different universe? I would be fine if was just them two for the rest of the show. - SoccerFan

I miss the good doctor who days. - WinchesterGirl26


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14 Stiles Stilinski and Derek Hale

Stiles and Derek have the best chemistry and dynamic in Teen Wolf, hands down. I don't care what anybody says, Stiles and Derek were meant to be together.

Always love friends that fight but when it's important they show how much they care about each other. The best.

Definitely one to watch. Their chemistry has been evident from the first episode.


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15 Marge and Homer

Hate marge but I love homer

16 Carlton Lassiter and Juliet O'hara (Psych)
17 Lois and Clark
18 Drake and Josh

So hard between them and Shawn and Gus but I want to pull this forward from the 31 slot and Shawn and Gus already are #2 which is awesome.

19 Scott and Stiles (Teen Wolf)

Every show needs a relationship that at its core is loving, trusting, supportive, and overall protective. Scott and Stiles provide these very elements; they're the central relationship of the show and it shows. It's been shining the most prominently in the latter half of season 3, with the two boys more concerned about the other's well-being than their own. I am one of those viewers that need to see an intimate relationship such as this to fully garner my interest in the plot. The actors' chemistry is genuine and their real-life friendship enhances their on-screen, brotherly affections.

Scott and Stiles are the second best bromance on T.V. after Dean and Sam Winchester. They have been through so much together and they've always had each other's backs. I love how they are so important in each other's lives. Teen Wolf is grounded in their relationship and some of its best moments have come when they are protecting each other. There's no Teen Wolf without the heart, soul, and snark they bring.

Scott and Stiles are the basis of the show. You can't have one without the other. No matter what they end up together. The end of the past two seasons have shown them together. Stiles can't live without Scott (Motel California) and Scott, int he past two episodes, is showing he can't function properly without Stiles (laying in bed while he thinks over the previous night in the hospital and the first thing he does after he finally gets up is ask about Stiles). The show started with them and I wouldn't be surprised if it ended with them.

An iconic duo. Best buds that are always there for each other through thick and thin

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20 Kirk and Spock (Star Trek)

How do you choose not to ship something as canon as this?

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