Dean and Sam Winchester


I am a big fan of Supernatural. Since the beginning in 2005 Dean & Sam have had a great brotherly love, hard times sad times hard choices but always family first. Jared and Jensen have proven that yes you can work together and be great friends and stay true to themselves. They are good men and lead good lives, they are devoted husbands and lovely fathers, not to mention they are from Texas, so you know they have family values and that is why they can play these characters and believe they are truly brothers. Love you guys and the rest of the people that bring SUPERNATURAL to life... Never end.

I love how no matter what happens on the show, these two stick together and constantly help each other out! I love the chemistry between them and how no matter what one of them does the other always tries to help them out. There's no better duo on T.V. than Sammy and Dean Winchester! I love how throughout the years on the show, Jensen and Jared have started acting like brothers even off set and they will always be there for each other! I love them and they definitely deserve to win!

I was a late comer to the show. In fact, I heard about it when it was in its fifth and supposed to be final season, and I thank God the fandom spoke on more. Sam and Dean Winchester are just some of the most relatable characters on television today. They laugh, they cry, they fight like actually family does and all the while kicking butt. I have not had the pleasure of being in attendance where the Supernatural cast is, but I have seen the footage, and these people know how to connect with the fans. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki play these two perfectly, and their excellent chemistry is written all over their work.

There's no any other love can be greater than the love these two have. Sell your soul to hell so your brother could live? Checked. Kill an important family friend so you can save your brother? Checked. Dare to drink an unknown medicine so your brother won't be immortal alone? Checked. Save a brother's life although it means no shutting the hell's gate and have demons all over the world? Checked. Refuse to help a homeless friend because it will harm a brother's safety? Checked. Kill a friend so you can send him to save your brother who is in purgatory? Checked. Double-cross "Death" because you will never kill your brother? Checked. Swallow tons of pills so you can die instantly to meet a reaper for your brother's life bargain? Checked. Wow. There are many many more. These two are not only the best duo. They are the most epic duo in many other ways no one else can reach.

If these boys were not as they are, the show would not be successful. They show people what it means to be family. Though lately they have not been the most compassionate brothers (cough cough SAM), they still work together and try their best to settle their disagreements. They love each other. These characters and their actors have helped to shape me as a person and showed me what I can do if I put my mind to it. They have inspired me. Some people think this show it about two hot brothers who kill monsters, but I know that it's true meaning is the same as one of my favourite quotes from the show: family don't end with blood.

The way these two act with one another on and off screen it always a treat. They are proof that you do not have to be blood to be family. You can tell in their acting that they truly care for one another not just as friends, but as brothers. They are truly the best duo on television whether others recognize it or not. Supernatural is way underrated. In my opinion, these two are incredible and seriously the best duo together!

Sam and Dean - the best couple of people whom I saw in a show. Their mutual privzannost, readiness always to come to the rescue, to offer a body and soul for the sake of the brother admires me. For the sake of the brother they are ready not only to die, but also to revive, continue to live and battle against monsters, gods and demons. Any creature won't resist when guys go into battle shoulder to shoulder. I am proud of guys, their desire to save as much as possible human lives from powers of darkness.
Jared and Jensen don't play, they live the life in Supernatural. I feel their pain, their joy, I die together with them. I trust them on all hundred. They don't lie the to fans. When guys together, light of their souls warms the whole world. I am happy know that they are the best friends not only at cinema, but also in real life.

Sam and dean have the true brotherly love among them, they take care of each other so much that we feel the positivity of there relationship here too, I love to see them together, even when they are fighting I can see there is a great bond between them which can never be break and I wish them a lot of success in their family business (hunting things). Spn is a fabulous show because of these two men. Good luck guys, keep rocking! Love you and your work. Continue being so awesome.

There is this on one side this special unique brotherly bond, how they grew up, being the target of heaven and hell, and on the other side the great chemistry and friendship between the two main characters, that keeps me watching even after Eric Kripke left "the building" after his 5-years-arc! For me there is no other "duo" out there who can match with Sam and Dean!

The brother relationship between the two is on and off camera. They are all they have left and will do anything to protect the other. Just like any other family, they have their fights but after everything they have been through, "we're family" works perfectly as their excuse to make up because to them it means so much more. Family in their case is the one thing they have left to keep their "cool". It's the one things keeping them same in such crazy lives.

There is no one like Sam and Dean. They have the greatest brotherhood on screen just like they do off screen. They are both amazing actors and they make the best duo because they are actually like that in real life. What makes them great is the fact they aren't really acting out their friendship, because there is already one there.

You can buy a lot of things in this world, but you can't buy chemistry. Jared and Jensen have it in truckloads. I totally buy them as brothers. I love this show and never miss an episode. Still, lately the brotherly angst is becoming somewhat contrived and going on for too long. I want them to hug it out and get back to saving the world.

What can I say about Dean and Sam (Jensen and Jared) that hasn't already been said? Other than that as far as T.V. Duos go, they are the bees knees. For so many reasons that boil down to the fact that they are great characters acted out by two fantastic actors and equally fantastic human beings.

They have been at it for 11 seasons now so how could any other duo top that? They can't. You don't get to have the kind of longevity they have without something, well everything, going right for them. They are the perfect example of what it takes to help a show make it that many years. They are down to earth, haven't left the phony crap of the Hollywood scene anywhere near their personal or professional lives, and they are just the sweetest, kindest guys one would ever hope to meet.

I have four brothers. Supernatural writers do a great job of keeping the script real. And Jensen and Jared do a wonderful job of acting, so that I'm reminded of my own brothers. The casting of the characters for the show is half of what makes it so enjoyable to watch every week.

Dean and Sam are just spectacular characters! Sam and Dean are brought to life by two extraordinary people, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. These men have deserve a immense applause for their exceptional work. They deserve every award an actor can get! They are Amazing human beings, they bring out the best in people with their charms and outstanding talents! They are truly spectacular.

Sam and Dean Winchester ARE the show. That's what the show is about - the brothers. NOT any of the stupid angels or even the wonderful demon Crowley brilliantly played by Mark Sheppard. The chemistry between Jared and Jensen is simply scorching, on-screen and off. They are lightening in a bottle and nothing else can compare.

These two hands down have been the best thing on T.V. for 13 now going on 14 years. Everything about this show is fantastic, from the writing, to directing to the crew and production teams behind the scenes to the whole fabulous cast of regulars and special guest stars. But at it's core and at the start of this whole journey has been the story of these 2 brothers as they journey through life. And while the supernatural aspect is a huge part of this show, it is the realism of actual life issues and problems and relationships that have kept it going. The awesome chemistry these two actors have together as brothers and best friends both on and off screen is like nothing I've ever seen. It is truly special in ever way and deserves to be acknowledged.

Jensen would approve of this pairing. It's always been Sam and Dean and will be to the very end. They do things for each other that they would never think about doing for anyone else. They would and have died for each other. No other pairing can say that.
They need more media coverage than they get. Both amazing actors, true brothers, both on and off screen. Always there for each others families as well as each other. As Sam and Dean would say. family don't end with blood.

Who doesn't love Sam and Dean? The writing of the characters is amazing, as is the acting from Jared and Jensen; the fact that they've developed a brotherly bond in real life as well just helps to make their performance more believable.

Dean and Sam Bring to life the amazing brother bond..they have made mistakes..yet they have the courage to face the consequences...not only do they keep each other human..but also show us how to support each other

This is the best duo ever possible. There every action and every look says that, they don't even need words to explain the epic bond they share. They are ready to sacrifice everything for each other. They literary went to Hell for each other. And this bond is even reflected by the two brilliant actors playing them. Jared and Jensen share the same level of love and understanding as the characters they play. They are just awesome.

The relationship between these two characters keeps me invested - no matter how stretched or thin their bond gets it is unbreakable. The chemistry between them is impossible to duplicate - I honestly don't think that a different set of actors would have been able to bring as much to the characters as Ackles and Padalecki.

The simple fact is that this show works because these two work. There isn't really much more to it than that. Without Sam and Dean, together, being brothers, there just isn't any point. They may be "psychotically, irrationally, erotically codependent" but that's why we love them.

The chemistry these two guys is unbeatable by anyone else. They are true friends off-screen and deserve every honor available. Plus they are really awesome with their fans and truly appreciate the dedication they've received over the years. They never forget where they came from and are truly genuine guys.