Dean Winchester and Castiel


What can I say? There was an angel who took the shards of a broken man and pieced him back together, and in doing so broke himself. No other relationship on T.V. has made me laugh, squee with happiness, and cry tears of blood (and often frustration) like Dean and Cas do. Whether you view them platonically or romantically, their chemistry is undeniable and amazing. Despite everything that's happened between them, they're still best friends. Dean always forgives Cas, and Cas always finds his way back to Dean. They understand and comfort each other, and anyone not living in a world of denial can see they make each other happy. The happiest Dean has been this entire season so far has been with Cas. Their relationship is, without a doubt, the most sad and beautiful one I've seen. It's the greatest love story ever told.

If there was ever a ship that had to potential to go canon, it is this one. The love they have for each other is astounding.

The relationship between these two characters is one of the most sorrowful and yet perfectly beautiful that I have seen on screen. They first come to each others' lives from such different starting points in their own, but from the moment Castiel "gripped Dean tight and raised him from perdition" there has been no denying the fact that they have been orbiting in ever decreasing measurements. Whether or not you "ship" the pair, their connection as deeply flawed and fragile beings who are still struggling with everything they can give towards what is "right" and the impact that they have on one another on their journey is undeniable. They are becoming more self aware and confident in their choices for their paths almost in parallel arcs. It is nice to see two characters becoming strong in their own rights as they strive to be strong for each other. If their relationship turns romantic, I would be surprised, but very pleased as they already obviously love one another to a depth not shown ...more

Dean and Castiel, despite all odds, have consistently found their way back to each other, no matter what the universe has thrown at them. What's endlessly fascinating and inherently hopeful about their relationship is that they were never meant to be friends, they were never meant to be close, and the universe has tried its very hardest to keep them apart, and yet their relationship is one of the most complex, pure, and devoted on the show. Their stories parallel each other, and - like it or not - quite literally over a dozen romantic T.V. tropes have been used in telling their story. Whether you view their relationship as romantic, platonic, or familial, you can't deny that they do, truly, have a "profound bond".

Whether you "ship it" or not, Dean and Cas have a special and unique friendship that I haven't seen replicated anywhere else before. The man that didn't believe in angels and was saved by one. The angel that was taught free will and choice by the Righteous Man. Add to that the amazing chemistry between Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins and well, these two are absolutely my top T.V. Duo!

The development of their dynamic is something so fascinating and powerful that it makes even the objective non-believers (like me) see and recognize as true. Take them as couple, take them as brothers - but it is beyond dispute they need each other and just like they're able to make each other worse - they're the only ones who can mend each other and make them better. They're Plato's halves. As separate they were incomplete, lost and confused because the voids in them kept seeking for the other. It's probably the biggest tragedy of modern storytelling that despite being so close and having so many obstacles behind them - the one damn thing that would make them right, is still not within their reach.

The dynamic between Dean and Castiel is amazing. Since Castiel introduction in season 4, their relationship is being tested and despite everything is being growing to the point of " we are family. we need you. I NEED YOU". It doesn't matter if you see them as a romantic or platonic relationship, you can't denied their chemistry.

Every time that they are in a room together, you can palpably see the difference in the way they act. They have a bond unlike other ships. They have gone to Hell and back, literally. These two go through so much together and it's impossible to ignore the eye sex they have. They learn so much from each other and the chemistry they have is impossible to ignore.

Dean & Castiel: because dean has a fear of flying and castiel has a fear of falling but somehow they meet in the middle, because castiel rebelled against heaven for dean, because dean spent a year in purgatory finding his angel so they could go home together, because dean broke naomis hold on castiel, because castiel was willing to start fighting again for dean, because dean needs cas and cas needs dean, because they care about each other too much not to be in love.

"The story of a man afraid of flying, and an angel afraid of falling, who somehow met in the middle. The man who denied the existence of angels came to love one. The angel who never felt began to feel. The man who was saved from an eternity in Hell by an angel. The angel who fell in every way imaginable for a man. The man, with a clear path to escape, decided instead to stay in Purgatory for a year, searching for his angel, praying to him every night. Begging. When he found him, he held him; he told him that he needed him, that he'd get him out, even if it killed them both. The angel rejected his faith, his family, his home, and everything he knew, so he could keep the man safe. They stay together despite fate, despite what they are, because they refuse to be pulled apart." - Some genius from Urban Dictionary

This has always been a love story. It's maybe not what people expect to see when they think hearts and flowers, but it is gorgeous and multi-faceted and unbearably full of longing.

It's easy to tell the story of Dean and Castiel with a lot of epicness: The man predetermined to be the vessel of the mightiest archangel, Dean Winchester, somehow convinced an angel of the lord to rebel against Heaven and side with mankind, simply by the force his humanity and appealing to the angel's heart. But their story is so much more real and gritty. It's fighting in a damp, dirty alleyway, it's sharing a hamburger, talking quitely in a car speeding down the road at night. It's comfort and support, help and betrayal and blame and forgiveness. The closeness they have now, after years of friendship, where they hardly even need to speak to understand each other.

It's true love. They are best friends who always fought for each other and always found each other. To me, they are greatest love story ever told.

They have a profound bond. Castiel knows it, Dean knows it, Sam knows it, the writers know it, the fans know it, the actors know it, even the haters of this potential relationship know it.

It would be close to impossible to sum up in a few lines only all the things they went through, and how the whole "savior" start revealed more insecurities and vulnerability in both side. Yet here they are, still awkward around each other, still avoiding gaze or staring shamelessly, with no idea of what personal space and conventional distance should be anymore. Also for once, even if they don't actually become canon (and I won't start talking about queer-baiting here, Google would tell me more on the matter than me), they're supported by some actors, scriptwriters, producers... and it gives a special feeling to them.

Definitely the best relationship in anything by far. Their love for each other, although not verbalised yet, is clear for all to see and they make each other incredibly happy. Even if you're not a shipper, it's hard to deny their strong feelings for each other.

Have you seen the show? Well, there's your answer.

They work so well together! It could be the greatest love story ever told... or just an amazing friendship. I hope the strength in Dean and Castiel's relationship helps create a foundation for a healthier bond between Sam and Dean. They need all sorts of people in their lives to make them happy!

This pairing is so incredible. The actors have so much natural chemistry it's like they've been life long friends.

Castiel rebelled against Heaven for Dean. They share a more profound bond. Dean needs him. Castiel did it, all of it, for Dean. Dean and Castiel share a unique friendship. They are both trusting (less dumb and less asses) and do what they do because they believe it's for the right reason. Castiel had to kill thousands of Deans to be able to kill the real one and he still failed when the time came. Castiel liked past Dean and Dean didn't want Cas to change. Nobody wants Castiel there as much as Dean does. In conclusion, they are good - as two individuals who fight alongside and good for one another, because Castiel is there to grip Dean tight and rase him from perdition of any kind, while Dean teaches Castiel to think with his head and fight for what he believes in. These two needs all the screentime they can get, because when the show gets stuck in usless and endless fighting and drama, it's Dean and Castiel who can push it forward.

No matter how hard I try to convince myself I'm imagining things, I keep on seeing signals or signifiers which point to a strong, profound bond which transcends death, violence, and betrayal. Much like Sam and Dean, Cas and Dean need each other. Dean said so himself. Even when it brings me such joy to view them as "in love", sometimes it just hurts. So many people will call us delusional or crazy. So even when I try not to, for the sake of trying to see things from others perspective, I can't help but still see them as having such a profound bond. Thanks.

I think that The Greatest chemistry on T.V. is between Dean&Castiel. This empyrean love makes cry and smile. I can't even write smth. I just love these two for their chemistry, eye-sex, phone calls. Their story is... Incredible. Love between human and angel.
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No other pair of characters have captured my heart and mind and persisted to capture my attention and imagination quite like these two. There's a richness to their story and their friendship that leaves me wanting to know more.

Probably the best chemistry between actors and characters I've seen on T.V.. The way they are it's like it's not even hard for them. It's just they way they are, no matter what the script says or what's going on, they always manage to orbit themselves around each other. Absolutely flawless.

The very first time Castiel showed up we could already see how close Dean and him would really get, even though in reality Cas was supposed to be only in a couple episodes. The point is these two have something that they couldn't possibly have with any other character. They would die for each other, rebel against authority, and basically do anything to keep the each other safe. They're relationship is important to the show. Without Cas Dean would have not known his own worth in faith, and without Dean Cas would have not known he doesn't have to be heavens little toy puppet. Even off the T.V. screen, Misha and Jensen have a close relationship towards each other. We can clearly see it at the conventions and interviews, how Jensen talks about Misha, and how Misha talks about Jensen. This to are inseparable. Sure, Sam and Dean have a very close relationship as well. They care for each other. But its more brotherly love then attraction. I think Cas and Dean share a bond much stronger then ...more