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81 Bart and Milhouse (The Simpsons)
82 Eric Cartman and Kyle Broflovski

These two are like a married couple! I swear!

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83 Sam and Diane
84 Sam and Freddie (iCarly)

So awesome together. Less awesome apart. Freddie would still be that nerdy loser without Sam there toughening him up, and without Freddie, Sam would probably be in jail, with no idea what love was. Seddie forever!

85 Roseanne and Dan Conner

There adults yet so immature with eachother, its hilarious! - jso11

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86 Arthur and Merlin (Merlin BBC)

How can you not love them? I mean, come on, the chemestry is right there

87 Anakin and Obi-Wan - Star Wars Clone Wars V 1 Comment
88 Hans and Franz (Saturday Night Live)
89 Goten and Trunks
90 Danny Mahealani and Ethan
91 Willow and Xander (Buffy)
92 Frasier and Niles Crane (Frasier)
93 Mrs. Emma Peel and John Steed

The coolest thing about this pair of spies is that the role of Mrs. Peel was originally written for a man. Then, when someone had the great idea to make the character a woman, they didn't change the way the role was written.

They called her "Mrs." Peel, and I don't think they ever alluded to what had happened to her husband.

The two of them had a great partner relationship, with no romance between them, but a charming chemistry. Sometimes dressed in a leather catsuit, sometimes in a minidress, Mrs. Peel fought along side John Steed, kicking the bad guys' tail.

A very cool pairing.

94 Andy Taylor and Barney Fife

They would be in my top five. I think they were so versatile and their timing was flawless. From a comedy moment to a tender moment. They can never be replaced or duplicated

There will never be another duo that will be as funny as these two - pmmom38

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95 Cal and Gillian (Lie to Me)

They are the best couple! They are so wonderful and complement each other really well. Keep voting for them!

Nobody has chemistry like these two! They don't even need to talk, all they have to do is look at each other.

Why are they so far down on this list?
They were epic together and I thoroughly miss them on my screen.
Keep the voting going guys!

96 Denny Crane and Alan Shore

The best T.V. duo ever! William Shatner and James Spader. Great actors.

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97 Michael and Lincoln

They are the best! They share such an amazing bond!

98 Vince Noir and Howard Moon

I cannot believe these two aren't in the top ten they are the best duo act in the universe! LONG LIVE THE BOOSH!

99 Ant and Dec

Hmm Britain's supposed best loved double act only at 56, maybe they're not as loved as people think.

100 Dale Gribble and Hank Hill (King of the Hill)

There personallitys clash so well that everytime they talk it is comic gold

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