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1 World War 2

Most climactic ideological war, the world would be drastically changed if ANYTHING were different.

World War 2 was truly the most powerful war in history. It was also the greatest/most powerful human conflict ever. With 68,000,000-72,000,000 casualties ( more than 2.5% of the world's population at that time), a total of more than 1.2 trillion dollars spent (making it more expensive than all the other wars in history), and even though it lasted only 6 years, 72 countries were involved in the war. It was also the only use of nuclear weapons in warfare, which were two atomic bombs of such incalculable strength/power, damage, and fatalities. No war has ever come nowhere near WW2 deadliness. That explains why it is the most powerful war history has ever seen.

Yea, Second World War was the deadliest war, but also it was so epic and amazing

Super overrated - Kasper_dude

2 World War 1

It is totally underrated?
Uh this is war you know murder. The government decides to start a war and start a barbaric lets kill people.

People need to calm down, war is part of life

It was scary and deadly

The American plot twist ruined a great war

3 American Civil War

Black people look like burnt poo

The American Civil War is, in my opinion, the most important struggle in American history. How can a nation of free men promote the idea of slavery, and despotism, simply because your a certain race? I understand the American Revolution was the beginning of America, but what makes America so great? Its constitution. The God given rights entitled to every citizen in that country. The constitution was in danger, and the ideas that birthed the nation were in danger. Not only that but it also ended a sort of southern aristocracy in our country. By taking away the way of life that came from only being to farm. It gave the middle class a chance in America. And isn't that what the country is all about? Equal opportunity? That is why the Civil War is the most important war in American History, and should be number 2 on this list. ( WW2 is number 1)

It is the dangerest war ever

It is when blacks become free. also Obama and Lincoln best presidents

4 American Revolutionary War

Not the deadliest, but chain effects. This got the French in debt and a civil war, which got Napoleon in power, which created the German empire which made ww1, ww2 and Cold War conflicts

This was the most influential war. We were not losing so badly, the British soldiers fought because it was their job, we fought from passion to win, and when you fight with passion, it helps you win. France and Spain were a big help, but if we didn't fight dirty, we would have lost, we demolished the British at Saratoga. France never switched sides, because they absolutely hated the British, so they wanted to take them down.

Hamilton helped me learn about this...

I got a question did the French change sides from the British to the American because the British were loosing

France never showed up until the very end, thanks to the French, America won. If it was not for the French, America would have won. Britain was actually kicking our butts. We won two battles. Two. Out of like, fifty. (I can not remember the exact number we lost out of. ) - LostDream258

5 Vietnam War

Best war becase Heroin - Kasper_dude

Americans are full of them selves, they lost this war lmao. - Terrain

The United States didn’t exactly lose, they just left.

The United States had no right being there. We lost 60,000 men (mostly all college kids) to a senseless war that wasn't going to be won anyway. - Metalhead1997

6 Napoleonic Wars

Had a lot of famous military powers and commanders involved in it.

France goes sicko mode

Why is vietnam higher then this what

I pee

7 The Russian Revolution

All hail lenin

Also known as the October Revolution.

The Revolution caused a wave of insurgencies and revolts centering around one new ideology: Communism

A massive war with a casualty figure close to a world war

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8 Mongol Conquests

Over powered

I want say about this, maybe this not true, but really this is real world war 1 because war with many country, they conquer a lot of country but fail to conquer Japan. Dynasty Yuan actually never exit, only mongol conquer China 100 years, China history also got fake like Dynasty Yuan, how come China emperor not chinese during Yuan? and kill almost 90% Chinese and don't know we are real chinese or not...don't know because history is write by victory

Actually its the biggest war of all time.

Eco cleaned the world, saved from overpopulation

9 Cold War

Daddy russia attacks mommy america

Although this war did not happen. We were so close to having nuclear annihilation.

Due to the legal procedures of classified issues during the huge long term cold war. We can assume the worst of what has happend behind closed doors. We do know is that the U.S. and the USSR promoted violent actions against each other through geopolitical actions.

Dangerous War. Closest to Nuclear War than ever

10 Crusades

Does nobody think about how this "holy war" just led to slaughter, which good Christians and Muslims know is horrible? - Cyri

Deus Vult Infidel

Time for a ding dang crusade

Very important.


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11 Hundred Years War

I lucky not to be there


Which actually lasted 116 years.

Lady Joan Of Arc Wiped The British Off Of France

12 Seven Years' War

The war that shaped America

This war kicked off the economic and political conditions that lead to the French, American, Latin American and other revolutions.

13 Gulf War

U mean persian gulf war?

Short and expensive war


14 Syrian Civil War

Civillians don't seem to realize how bad it is! We need to kill the terrorists who support systematically raping children and beheading pregnant mothers

As it is a ongoing war in the Middle East so much have been killed and a lot of people living there refuge to other countries

ISIS vs America vs Rebels vs Syria

Ongoing for 6 years. - Metalhead1997

15 Korean War

Free dim sims after its all over

More than vietnam war - SpencerJC


16 East Pakistan - West Pakistan War

Jai hind

War for justice and humanity. 'Satyamev jayate'

India helped bangladesh to get its independence

This war showed that people are ready to die for their mother tounge "JAI HIND, JAI BANGLA"

17 Taiping Rebellion

it was fun

Lotsa people died

18 Kargil War

Shut up worm

It is the most important thing of Indian army... It was very difficult but we managed to do it...

Pakistan lost the battle

Kargil war showcased the impotance of artillery in the modern day battlefield scenario...

19 Thirty Years War

80% dead people yeah yee mmm

20 Turkish War of Independence

This to be honest

The first war that showed to the world that imperialist countries could be defeatet, and showed the way how to do it to other leaders like mahatma gandi.

After WWI, the Ottoman Empire was forced to be divided and its citizens were to kneel infront of occupying troops. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk went across the whole country to inform people and start the war. Hundreds of thousands of voluntary soldiers went to the frontline, fighting Armenian, Greek, British, French and Italian troops all at once. In the meanwhile, Ataturk opened the grand national assembly and did series of revolutions that made Turkey independent and secular. The Turks won the war, claiming their beloved land.

21 French and Indian War

Was a semi world War, took place in British America, Canada, Europe, and India - O0812528

It was the FIRST truly World war.

22 Bosnian War

The fall of Europe's most powerful country.

23 War On Terror

I call it Americas pointless war for free oil from the Middle East still very very very vvvery sad though so much dead ;(

24 Second Punic War

The Roman Republic would have never become the Roman Empire and the influence on Western culture to this day would not be influenced by Rome but by Hannibal and Carthage.

This war cost 1/5 of the population of men to be killed. It had a million soldiers going head to head.

It has given us a new understanding of war...

25 British-American War

How did this not get higher

The Future, or the War of 1812

That is really nice

26 Iraq War

I know there was no weapons of mass destruction, but at the time everyone believed there was so the war sadly happened.

I think this one of the worst war ever happened. The conflict broke when both sides thinks the other one started and just when people thinks its about to end it starts over again! Ever heard of diplomacy!

Everyone[at least I hope everyone]knows at this point that this war was a money scheme operated by the U. S government,U. S oil companies[such as Halliburton, Exxon Mobil, Deutche Shell, and BP]U. S weapons manufacturers[such as United Technologies, L-3 Communications, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Environmental Chemical]U. S private military corporations[such as Blackwater, Dyncorp, Aegis Defense Contractors, Parsons, and Halo Group]along with Middle Eastern oil Sheikhs[such as Alwaleed Bin Talal, The Bin Laden Family, The Ahmoudi Family, and the Mahfouz family]to plunder the Middle East like viking-pirates. Iraq had something we needed, oil. As a matter of fact 81% of the worlds oil is in the Middle East. We needed a catastrophe to propel us to go to war and when the terrorist hit the trade center it gave us the excuse we needed.

27 Russian Civil War

the best

28 Iran - Iraq War

Iran-Iraq war was a bad war in history

This should be among the top of the list, for 8 years in modern age whole world fight with iran, using chemical weapon. millions of people died and lots of cities burned into ground. city of Khurramshahr 100% destroyed :(

Baddest war,many deaths،many handicapped people after the war

29 Three Kingdoms War
30 Kosovo War

When a small country fought muslim terrorists and entire NATO alliance for three months

31 Greco-Persian War

Super underrated

The Persian war created the Middle Eastern and Western culture divisions than persist some 2300+ years later. Few things men make have lasted longer and continue to be relevant.

32 Dutch War of Independence (Eighty Years War)
33 Mexican Revolutionary War
34 First Chechen War
35 USA vs. Isis

God bless America

Long live usa

Save the people of Earth USA

36 French Revolution

I remember learning about this in history when I was young

Possibly the most interesting pre-world war battle in history.

37 Second Chechen War
38 Estonian Civil War
39 War of 1812

This wasn't a real war, just america trying to get involved because they felt left out. So they declared war on a country that just defeated napoleon, and had the largest navy in the world, then got invaded by britain and got their rumps handed to them. By the way, this war isn't even studied in Europe and do you know why? Because its insignificant. - Bturlik

To us it was a new sense of national pride. Also we do not study European Wars, such as The Seven Years War, The Franco-Prussian War, The Austro-Prussian War, The Lapland War, and many

40 Tirah Campaign War

Great war it was

41 Second Boer War

Not to mention the use of concentration camps by the british.

In this war inspired other countries and with out it World War One just would have been a lame war with no strategy. The Boere stared a strategy named "Guerilla" and with out that strategy War would have been a slow day.

42 Roman-Persian Wars
43 Irish War of Independence
44 Mexican Independence War
45 Second Sino-Japanese War

It’s why Asians hate japanese

46 English Civil War
47 Soviet War In Afghanistan

Soviets trying to self-govern other countries.

48 The Italian Risorgimento
49 Spanish Conquest of the Aztec Empire
50 Spanish Conquest of the Inca Empire
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