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21 Kargil War

It is the most important thing of Indian army... It was very difficult but we managed to do it...

Kargil war showcased the impotance of artillery in the modern day battlefield scenario...

Most expensive war after ww2

22 Seven Years' War

This war kicked off the economic and political conditions that lead to the French, American, Latin American and other revolutions.

23 Iraq War

I think this one of the worst war ever happened. The conflict broke when both sides thinks the other one started and just when people thinks its about to end it starts over again! Ever heard of diplomacy!

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24 British-American War V 3 Comments
25 Second Punic War

This war cost 1/5 of the population of men to be killed. It had a million soldiers going head to head.

It has given us a new understanding of war...

26 Kosovo War

When a small country fought muslim terrorists and entire NATO alliance for three months

27 War of 1812

This wasn't a real war, just america trying to get involved because they felt left out. So they declared war on a country that just defeated napoleon, and had the largest navy in the world, then got invaded by britain and got their rumps handed to them. By the way, this war isn't even studied in Europe and do you know why? Because its insignificant. - Bturlik

To us it was a new sense of national pride. Also we do not study European Wars, such as The Seven Years War, The Franco-Prussian War, The Austro-Prussian War, The Lapland War, and many

28 Iran - Iraq War

Iran-Iraq war was a bad war in history

Baddest war,many deathsěîmany handicapped people after the war

29 Second Chechen War
30 First Chechen War
31 Greco-Persian War
32 Dutch War of Independence (Eighty Years War)
33 French Revolution

Possibly the most interesting pre-world war battle in history.

I remember learning about this in history when I was young

34 Roman-Persian Wars
35 Estonian Civil War
36 Soviet War In Afghanistan

Soviets trying to self-govern other countries.

37 Mexican War
38 Red Cloud's War
39 Tirah Campaign War

Great war it was

40 The Italian Risorgimento
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