WonkeyDude98's Formal Rage: Batman: Arkham Origins

Note: Major spoilers. I hate this game so much, I'm spoiling it for those I haven't played.

You know, I'll bet some people think that Batman: Arkham Origins isn't that bad, even my followers. Let's snuff out what is considered good about it.

Let's start with the abysmal dialogue. It portrays Batman as this angry teenager ("Don't worry, it'll only hurt when you breathe" and "At least we know they won't be ugly"). And the only good dialogue was ripped straight from the Killing Joke. Not saying it's the first Arkham game to have this, but it's the only one where it can actually bother you.

Massive continuation and plot issues. Let's start with the fact that Batman has Shock Gloves which is inane considering he just left such a useful weapon behind in Asylum. Disarm+Destroy is something you get terribly late in the game as opposed to decently early in Arkham City, but at the same time you can get the heat signature conceal much earlier than City, which makes no sense because you get it long before enemies actually have thermal goggles! As for the plot there are so many issues. Let's start with the fact that, while not impossible, it's ridiculous to say that Batman, much younger than in the other games and stops 8 assassins in one night who he has never met before except one. Only 3 of the 8 assassins are part of the story and only one is one that is cared about: Bane. The weird thing is when Joker calls off the $50,000,000 bounty on Batman, Bane is still going after him. Another thing about Bane: why would he try to kill Joker? One more thing: Batman claims to have fought Bane before yet has no idea what Venom is. That's not even all of it; since when was Black Mask's mask not burnt to his face? How did Quincy Sharp meet the League of Assassins if he claims never to have met them in Arkham City?

The amazing combat of City was completely butchered. Now it is worse than Asylum. The buttons can be unresponsive, the combat is clunky, the Shock Gloves are brainless, and it's just overall not favorable.

The boss fights. Abysmal. Asylum's bosses were subpar and City's were okay to pretty good, but Origins's are just terrible. None are interesting. Many of them are copypastes of previous bosses: Copperhead is near enough identical to a phase from Ra's al Ghul from City, Bane is not very different from his Asylum fight, Deathstroke is painfully like one phase from Ra's al Ghul from City, Deadshot (a side mission) is too similar to the Two-Face battle from the Catwoman DLC of City or Harley Quinn from the Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC, and the final Bane fight is like the Mr. Freeze fight from City without the challenge and now there's a time limit. Also, I think Electrocutioner's boss fight was a statement of contempt to fans of the series.

The city is identical to City if they just added another island, removed the life and detail, and made it more cramped and harder to traverse.

The online mode is a poor man's Call of Duty. There is not as much lag as single player (sad), but that's it. It almost always fails to connect to a lobby, is awfully unbalanced, and XP progresses way too slow. It's possibly the biggest disappointment of the game.

But the worst of all? The bugs. I have not experienced any, but nonetheless they are plentiful. The ghost enemy glitch, the Burnley tower glitch, the stuck in the wall glitch, the falling through the world glitch, all gamebreaking and unintentional.

But the worst part of that? How the dev literally made the statement on their own forums acknowledging the existence of the bugs, refusing to fix them, and saying that the Cold Cold Heart DLC was the reason why. Not to mention the Wii U people don't even get that.

In short, they acknowledged their highly anticipated $60 product was unplayable and refused to make it remotely playable, instead asking you to give them more of your hard-earned money. You can also get doubly screwed over if you play a certain console.

How anyone can enjoy this is beyond me. Not only is this a blasphemy and a cash grab, it's also a stain on the reputation of the Batman: Arkham series, and completely severed my ties with DC and Batman until I got back into Arkham City last month. I give this a -10/5. This is WonkeyDude98, and avoid any products by WB Montreal like the plague.


AO is great - Therandom

HOW?! - WonkeyDude98

It's fun. It's got a good story, good characters, etc. - Therandom

I take it you didn't read this at all? - WonkeyDude98

I did. You clearly haven't done your research. For bane fighting batman, I never heard either of them say that, bane claims to have peace with bat man's death because of a nightmare of bats. Black mask's mask wasn't burnt yet. Quincy sharp didn't know who shiva was or he was lying. The combat is still fun, it plays exactly the same. Batman's portrayal was to show he was not yet matured, and was giving him character growth. The location is in the winter, what'd you expect? Bane tried to kill joker because Joker tried to shoot him. The bugs? It's WB, but other developers have done this too. The dialogue is pretty good, you can't deny the bada**ness of this quote "You want teeth, I want answers! " The boss fights are considered to be the best of the whole franchise. And there are 6 assassins who have a part in the story: Killer Croc, Electrocutionor, Deathstroke, Copperhead, Firefly, and Bane. There, my argument is done. - Therandom

1. Really now?
2. Sionis had that mask burnt to his face since he started his villainy.
3. It makes no sense that Quincy Sharp would know who the LoA, let alone Shiva was, since he literally said in Arkham City that he never met them.
4. The combat is clunky at best, unresponsive at worst, and the Shock Gloves break the whole game.
5. You have a point with Batman's maturity. However, we can assume he's probably in his early 30s, which is above the age of angry teenager.
6. Arkham City was snowing to the brim and in the dark of night too, it at least had detail.
7. When?
8. None have done so on their own forums, much less for a paid DLC that excludes a console, particularly the one that suffers the most.
9. Still makes him sound like an angry teen, it's cringeworthy at times with how overly enraged it is.
10. Killer Croc is paid attention to for like 5 minutes, Deathstroke was highly anticipated, yet you only get 1 battle with him (pretty fun DLC character though, even if he's buggy AF in the PC version), Copperhead's a Rā's al Ghul knockoff, Bane is way too overblown in the story (though he kinda deserves it), and Electrocutioner was in a front towards people who enjoy the Arkham games.

Done. - WonkeyDude98

1. Yes, read Bane's bio.
2. No, you clearly haven't done
Your research, it happended DURING his villainy.
3. Ever heard of lying? Besides, it's Quincy sharp, you really gonna believe every word he says?
4. You're basically saying the same about city's Combat the. While I do agree the shock gloves make it too easy, you don't have to use them.
5. People mature at different ages. Besides, he's still inexperienced.
6. Origins has pretty good graphics, and they're better than City's. Sure, there's copying and pasting, but most people agree it still looks good.
7. When the boss fight ends, joker says "Where do you think you're going? "(shoots at bane) Did you play the game?
8. It's WB, it's hard to argue with your point there.
9. Like I said, he's still inexperienced. Batman isn't always going to be calm.
And no one has ever complained about the dialogue.
10. Deathstroke was anticipated to be in the game, no one expected him to be a main antagonist. For croc, you could say the same to Two Face for city, but at least croc got a proper boss fight.(not saying origins is better, city is better, I agree with that)
Copperhead had some differences then Ra's, though I will admit that it's the worst boss fight in the game. The Electricutionor was a mock boss fight, nothing more.

Done. - Therandom

Leaving on hiatus in an hour, so this won't be long.

1. I didn't read bios in AO.
2. Could've sworn his AA bio would prove otherwise.
3. True.
4. At least City's combat was responsive. Plus I preferred City's punching sound effects.
5. True.
6. The overall game is much duller and less detailed than previous games.
7. It's been a while. Now I only play it for the rare online matches, assuming they even load the lobby.
8. I know.
9. Other than the justified angry teen Batman dialogue, nothing is really that memorable that isn't ripped straight out of the Killing Joke.
10. Deathstroke was highly endorsed, and had one five minute battle. The Catwoman DLC for City gave Two-Face another opportunity at the least. I'm not even going to comment on Copperhead. You used Electrocutioner as an example of a good boss fight. It was possibly the worst of all time. - WonkeyDude98

Console you played Arkham City on?
For me, Xbox360.

The logic of when you get those items and abilities sounds bad, and but still, this game is unique, because the game lags more in singleplayer than multiplayer. - Skullkid755

Origins or City?


No, it's just sad. - WonkeyDude98

Either one.

Sadder than bandwagoning. - Skullkid755

If you want a buggy batman arkham game, play Arkham Knight PC, without doing any updating at all. - Skullkid755

You think I haven't heard? it was the worst thing to ever happen to Steam. - WonkeyDude98

Assassins Creed Unity before patches was the worst thing to happen to Uplay. - Skullkid755

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