Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing


The thing about Big Rigs: Over The Road Raving, is that unlike every other game on this list, you seriously can't play it. In Big Rigs, it is literally impossible to lose. Your opponent is frozen solid at the starting line, making you win by default. Along with that, the game is unfinished. Your truck is a ghost that can go through everything, you can drive up 90 degree angle hills without losing any speed, and you can drive out of boundaries without any effort. And even if the game had no glitches, you still wouldn't want to play it. The tracks are uninteresting, there's no different stats for the trucks you drive, and there's no music other than the sound of your engine. Although "You're Winner", Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing "Is Loser".

This game was released in PRE-ALPHA stage. Nothing is correct in this ridiculously awful game, apart from the fact that it runs. All the other are wrong. Just wrong. Graphics? Roads and ground textures mix up together. The maps don't have limits and you can literally drive off the damn game and keep on driving until the truck leaves the entire third dimension and gets lost to a parallel universe! Physics? Non-existent. Your truck is able to drive through bridges, houses and can drive straight up 90 degrees walls. Also try reserving and you can reach speeds bigger than the light. Music? Sounds? There's some idiot credited for sound but there are no sounds! It's clear that the developers made this as a joke. AVOID THIS GAME AT ALL COSTS!

Do not let the cover fool you. This game is anything but action packed. You can literally run through everything. You can even drive out of the map. This game defies gravity with no hesitation. You go faster if you drive faster AND if you go up a hill. They were too lazy to design their maps that somethings float in the air. The maps are virtually the same. As I am writing this, I forgot that this is a racing game. No wonder I did, because the second computer player doesn't even move! In later versions, the other player does move, but it stops in place once it is one inch away from the finish line, so you win no matter what! And you know what happens when you win? You get a picture of a trophy with words that say "Your Winner! " Such great grammar. - JMaster90x

This game should be number 1. Honestly I played the game just to see if it's really that bad. It's not that bad. IT'S WORSE. For one, on the box cover, there is a cop on there, but there are no cops to be seen in the entire game. Heck, I don't even think that there is any smart Ai. They don't move at all.

Second, the truck makes one sound that you hear in a cartoon (or in a cheesy animated series).

Honestly, the game should've been the Kitty Pryde game, since you can flash through ANYTHING. In all, this game is "The Room" of bad films.

Why isn't this game 1st place? Before a patch was released your opponent's car didn't even move, meaning you were pretty much racing against yourself. No collision detection at all and the physics are just absurd. Not even sure what was going through the developers' minds when they released this pile of utter garbage. What a joke. A complete disgrace to games I general. How this is anywhere under #5 is beyond me.

This game is so broken. No wait! It isn't even considered a game since it doesn't look like it made it past alpha phase yet. Bad graphic design, headache inducing sound, collision detection doesn't even exist, you seem to go faster when in reverse (a billion times faster if you get me), and the biggest offense is the horrible grammar used once you reach the finish which says and I quote "You're Winner! ". Also opponent doesn't even move in most versions.

How this game even got released I'll never know...

Racing games are my favorite genre of all time, and this game damages that genre to no end. This is not even a video game. At least Superman and E.T. have a challenge and can be lost. With Big Rigs, you always win. Not to mention, you go faster backwards than forward, and you can stop immediately no matter how fast you go backwards. The races are boring, full of glitches, no collisions possible, and worst of all, you can exit the arena, something you cannot do in any other game. This should #1 everywhere, because it shouldn't even qualify as a video game. Even if those flaws did not exist, this game would still be a load of crap for a racing game, let alone coming out in 2003. Not only the worst PC Game ever, not only the worst Racing Video Game ever, but the WORST VIDEO GAME TO EVER BE CREATED! Just watch any review on YouTube for this, it's self-explanatory.

This game is like the movie "The Room". The movie did so poorly as a drama, it instead becomes a unintentional comedy. This game is so broken, so glitchy, and so unfinished it goes from being a racing game, to a game of exploration and adventure.

The game is still bad. So bad it should be the top contender to be the worst game ever. But unlike most games under the category, this one is enjoyable with how bad it is.

It's hard to argue that this is a game at all. Since you can't, in actuality, lose at all; An even where you lose wasn't even planed, then this would fall in the same place as, say, breathing and counting to ten would. That is to say, exercises in minutia.

IF it, for some alien and unhinged reason, does then it can be safely said that this game completely succeeds at failing at every step and in every way that a game is judged by.

How is this not first? The game makers are lazier that Jabba the Hutt and the physics are broken. So is the crappy sound, and also the fact that they WANTED to be credited for it is worse. There Friends and family now have a joke and comeback to use that never gets old. As said by everyone else, this is the worst game in existence. Big rigs, you're loser!

My friend says he loves this game. HOW?! (That was my actual reaction when he said that)

It doesn't have ANY sound effects, the enemy doesn't move at ALL sometimes, and you can drive through ANYTHING!

This game sucks, short and sweet. Minecraft and Halo should NOT be on this List!

In the 15 years of my life playing games, here's what I've learned:
A game can't possibly be BAD if it doesn't piss you off with frustrating gameplay mechanics or unfair difficulty spikes nor can it be possibly boring if it is SO bad that it's even more amusing than a plethora of generic AAA titles.
In spite of the hilarious entertainment value this game surprisingly has to offer, I adamantly believe that it is of such low quality that it is undeniably and unquestionably WORTHLESS.

Why does the picture look cool when there's a multiplayer and you think "oh this looks cool" then you start and there's NO timer and the player you SHOULD be racing is not even moving and it says you need to carry a bag to a garage without being caught by the police and there isn't police and half of the trucks don't even have a bag

Want to achieve warp speed? Just take your Big Rig and slam it in reverse. Go anywhere you want, including the grey void off the map! And no matter what, "YOU'RE WINNER! " at the end of every "race. " Can you do that with Forza Motorsport? NO!

This is worse than superman 64. at least the creators of superman 64 actually finished making the game whereas the creators of this game abandoned it and published it anyway. It should be illegal for this game to exist. KILL IT WITH FIRE! 1 - HazzaInHisMazda

This is the worst PC game of all time. Why? Because it's very glitchy you can go through the bridges, buildings, the hills and your opponent. This game has no objective whatsoever, the graphics are crap, you can speed backwards and appear into LIMBO! And finally the cover. The cover is an entire lie. It has an oil trick ramming through a police car which doesn't happen in the game. This game is a LIAR

Why is there a race car in the menu? There is no race car in the game, Why is there a police car in the Cover? It doesn't exist in the game, And the graphics aren't that bad, But the game is extremely glitchy, The physics are bad too because if you go over a hill you instantly fly backwards... Wow... - SandwichSWAT

This is actually one of the best games ever, no joke! Why? They probably made it bad on purpose. I mean, when games are really glitchy they tend to be lots of fun. And after seeing game grumps play this is was dying from laughter watching that backwards glitch.

What pisses me off most is the fact that it was released in the PRE ALPHA MODE. The company, Stellar Stone, knowingly released an unfinished game. The game only makes one sound, and yet some dumbass is still credited for sound.

I don't know what's worse: That there's no collision or that you can go 1.23e+37 mph. (For the record, the speed of light is just over 6.7e+9 mph.) Einstein is spinning in his grave.

At least in Superman 64 and E.T you can win and lose, but this game is a big disgrace to the video game community. First of all, I bought this game at a local convenience store a long time ago. The box has pictures of cars and trucks that DIDN'T EVEN EXIST IN THE GAME. Then we have the tracks. 3 out of 5 of the tracks don't even work. And there is no collision detection, so you can run through anything at the speed of light. Plus your enemy doesn't even move. Like when you get to the end, it says "your winner". Like seriously, did the developers even spend ANY time on this game. - TopTenHaters

This game is amazing. I mean, you can drive through walls, drive up mountains fast as hell, go into the great unknown, and leave the map entirely! Best thing about it is you can drive faster than the speed of light going backwards! 10/10 IGN - Ballistc

I'm not sure how this isn't number 1. It's a racing game where one is supposed to race with other truckers. What it turned into, however, was a game with no opponents, graphics that makes babies cry, and an insulting amount of physics.

Hm... "Over The Road." Should be called "Around the road, Under The Road, Glitch Under The Road, Through Houses, Then Have the Great Saying You're Winner." Because that is what the game is! A whole "map" doesn't work. You always become the winner, because your "opponent" ALWAYS stays at the start, or STOP at the end. Urggh

You can go through stuff? I thought it said the graphics where good?