Bubsy 3D


How is this game not at the top of the list? It's controls are notoriously unwieldy, it's graphics look absolutely terrible, the music is dulled and forgettable, the hit detection horribly unbalanced, the platforming painfully painful and dull. At least Superman 64's graphics, music and controls were better than this. - Orbinaut16

Nobody in their right mind would ever love this game, especially not after giving the original titles a bad name. Remember kids, there is a difference between BAD (Bubsy 3D) and DECENT (Previous Bubsy titles). If you can't understand this simple fact, get off the internet now. The first few titles did and still do have fans going for them, however I'd be shocked if Bubsy 3D even had 20 fans...

Why Does This Game Even Exist... Where Do I Even Start... 1) Graphics Look Like Hundreds Of Hangovers Were Making A Bad Attempt To Draw Like A Four Year Old, and I mean they did worse, 2) Is The Story Line Even A Story Line? KILL IT 3) Level Design Is HORRID And This Is The Gaming Horror Movie, As If Every PS Fan's Life Has Been Ruined. BIGGER LEVEL IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER, UNLESS YOU KNOW HOW TO MAKE IT WORK LIKE OTHER GOOD GAMES, 4) There Is ZERO Challenge To This Game, Just Collect Atoms And Jump On Close By Platforms. A TWO YEAR OLD COULD BE A PROFFESIONAL GAMER AT THIS! 5) Way To Glitchy. Please, I Beg You, DON'T BUY THIS FOR ANYONE!

This needs to be number one. This is game ruined Bubsy's reputation. I will admit, Bubsy was nothing that special in the first place, but at least the first few games were playable and had fans. This game however was awful. I don't think this game could have any fans. This game was so bad, that in fact after this, there was never another Bubsy game.

One of the greatest consoles of all time gets one of the worst games. Shocking twist, isn't it? I have not seen much of this game, but I heard there is a really bad WATER LEVEL FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Honestly, Bubsy should have stayed in 2d, for the better.

If the PlayStation1 was able to speak it would yell "Why the hell are you doing this to me! " when you started this game. The graphics are just horrible. No textures at all. It only displays at 256 colour graphics with 16-bit video! And the voices and sounds! My God they are damn ear-bleeding!

The game is a ripoff of super Mario 64 and the game's controls are bad. The game's controls suck, the animation is bad, the cutscenes at the end of the levels are more cheesy than Zelda wand of gamelon and link the faces of evil, and the voice acting for busby is bad. The bubsy games on the genesis and snes were decent but this game ruined bubsy's legacy. Now there are no more bubsy games being released.

The controls are atrocious, the graphics look horrible, the music is insufferable, the level design is uninspired at best, and Bubsy is the most obnoxious and irritating video game character I've ever seen. How this is not at the top of this list is beyond me.

If you ask me, even the Magnavox odyssey has better graphics than this, and it's just a bunch of squares on a T.V.. This thing is like Dex Dogtective from Foodfight took the biggest crap in history and digging through the turds to find this creature so he could sell it for $300 a pop. The controls are like trying to eat ravioli using a single chopstick. And Bubsy's voice, ohh that voice. It is totally irritating. I'm not talking
" Freddy Krueger nails on a chalkboard" irritating, I'm talking " Rubbing a ballon while listening to random foreign people singing Justin Bieber in different languages through a megaphone" irritating.

The previous Bubsy games were better. This game is unfinished, the only good thing is the music (I know they are not like Sonic the Hedgehog music standards but I still think they sound cool in their own fashion and is honestly not forgettable) and because Bubsy 3D has BETTER camera and controls than Rascal for the PS1 although this is still bad.

Message to the person who said they strapped people to a chair and made them say good things, those compliments are actually FAKE, the gold x award is fake, and one of the mags, psexterme, is fake too.

I can sit here all night and come up with a bunch of conspiracy theories for how the real development politics went out. That's how bad this game is.

Hey this game got the golden x award, show some respect. (for those of you who start spouting homophobic and racist things just know I was joking).

This is only #5? This is one of the worst video games ever! Why did they ever publish it? This is what the ALPHA state should look like, not the complete game! - randomuser2525

This piece of crap should be at number 1! It is a horrible thing, with terrible graphic, wonky, weird controls, and any sense you try to make of it is easily lost.

This game ruined my life. It looks very unfinished and is not even close to playable. Man, I hate Bubsy Bobcat so much! - EpicJake

Judging by the cover this thing is creepy, when I mean creepy I mean VERY creepy - Harri666

We need a good Bubsy game for once. Or just stop making Bubsy game forever!

What is wrong with bubsy in this game, we know this is the worst Playstation game ever the controls suck all of this sucks. - BlueSheep

If you add satan and all your worst nightmares with video games you get bubsy. Need I say more?

Can anybody say Rainbow Of Doom!Bubsy + PlayStation + Laughing Joking Numbnuts = Bubsy 3D

Bubsy 1 and 2 were okay platformers, but this game is like a anchor that shipwrecked the whole franchise of Bubsy. The graphics are repetitive, the jokes are terrible, and Bubsy's voice, DEAR GOD, I'd rather listen to Firefly for the Atari than his voice, and that's saying something. - nintendochica13

It hurts seeing people have to turn the camera to to move another direction...

I could put on a blindfold and bash my head on a keyboard to make a prettier and better-designed game.

Even if you are a Bubsy fan, you would hate this game. - Shadowman