E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial


Not even ET is spared from the rainbow of doom. What were them Laughing Joking Numbnuts thinking!

Guys, are you serious? This game wasn't that bad, I have a copy of it. It's only supposedly bad because it had no instructions; JUST LIKE ANY OTHER ATARI 2600 GAME! Don't try to give me like "Oh, the game had bad graphics. Buddy, go look at adventure, you didn't know what you were supposed to do then, and your character was a box. Yes adventure was badass, but the Atari 2600 could only do so much, it had like 500 KHz of cpu power. No, there is not 4 million copies of ET dumped in New Mexico, Atari dumped a whole bunch of games they couldn't sell back then okay? Most of the games were sold, and 4 million was an exaggeration, there were not even that many consoles around at that time. The video game market crash of 1983 wasn't entirely Atari's fault either, it was the amount of games that were bootlegged at the time, because people would copy roms onto other cartridges. Face it, you guys are blaming it for the crash of 1983 because you either don't have anything else to blame it ...more

Hmm... Well, I understand why this game is on the list. It DID cause the video game crash of '83, but not singlehandedly. I personally like this game because of how unbelievably nostalgic it is. Think about it: nostalgia is a memory of an older item or moment in your life. This is nostalgia: it's bad reviews, gamer feedback, all those things. Hell, it's difficult, which I like. All that frustration, it's all part of memory. Yes, it's bad, but not the worst. At least it doesn't make you bored IMMEADIATLEY because of its two different challenges (Superman 64), make you wonder how the firetruck it's so broken despite so many developers working on it (Big Rigs), or make you feel dirty and offensive for playing it (Ride to Hell Retribution 1%). THOSE are the worst.

This game was a major flop. It factored into the big video game crash of 1983, which almost destroyed the industry as a whole. Even though I don't own the game, I know it was one of the worst, if not THE worst games of all time. I was pushed out of the door so people could get it by Christmas. A lot of copies of this game are in a landfill somewhere because they could not sell the game. Fortunately for all of us gamers, Nintendo they revived the industry as a whole by releasing the NES, along with Super Mario Bros. - sherman9872

The first major cash grabbing movie based game made in the industry, and nearly destroyed the video game market. Copies that were not bought or the ones that got returned were buried in a landfill in New Mexico. That's how bad it was. In this game, you gotta pick up parts to phone home, by falling in pits, and extending your neck to get out. Walk too much, and bye bye, it's game over. Also, hope you like the color green. - Ballistc

This is one of the few Atari titles I actually have a vivid memory of -- and it is specifically because it was so horribly bad IN EVERY WAY. As a software developer today and former author of a column in a game dev magazine (a bit different than a magazine for gamers) I keep this profound example of failed software development and its fascinating and cautionary tale close at hand. As a warning.

Well, well, well. It's the game that everybody LOVES to HATE. The controls. The graphics. The glitches. The annoyance. The reason why it nearly killed the video games. It was buried in a desert. May I need more? It just explains why how one bad game can cause a impact.

This game is one of the worst for many reasons, but to save time, I'm only going to name a few. It has horrible graphics, the gameplay is extremely boring, and the only objective of the game is to pick up snacks for health and collect pieces of a telephone so that E. T. can "phone home". Terrible, just terrible.

Is this #2? Move it up another spot. This game was so bad, it was buried in landfills and started the age of video games being unplayed and unused that might have led to video games being a lost form of entertainment. The horrible story, that follows the movie to NO extent, glitches, bugs, and resolution make this game deserve to be in the landfills

Pretty much the final nail in the coffin that caused the video game crash of 1983 to happen. If the NES didn't become so popular in 1985, video games wouldn't even be that much of a thing anymore, thanks largely to this game. (There were many, many other contributing factors to the industry crash, but this game, as stated before, was one of the last straws.) - Atham

This isn't the worst video game in general, It's no where near being the worst video game in general. This is the worst video game in reputation standards. The reason why it's usually considered to be the worst video game ever made was because this game nearly DESTROYED the video game industry (a.k.a If Nintendo didn't make the NES, the video games we have today would be non - existent because of this piece of crap). This game isn't widely considered the worst game ever because of the game itself. It's widely considered the worst game ever because of ALL the enormous damage it has done. To me, the worst video games in general are either "The Tiger Electronic Games", "Crazy Bus / Desert Bus", "Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing", "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," or "Hong Kong 97".

Wow, this game was so horrible it destroyed Atari and itself, the plot is so blank call of duty managed to do better also the game is pointless and really cheap not only his game was unsuccessful, it was so bad that the creators had to bury it in New Mexico where people dug and found it, so horrible that it almost destroyed the entire gaming industry, thanks god some games that were amazing appeared later to save us, but yeesh that was close. - Cobbleborg

This game is officially the creepiest and weirdest game ever. it looks like a kid took a bunch of blocks and made a game with them. This game is not recommended for any Atari game collector or even children! E.T Was great, but the game made me want to throw up on the movie.

This game should be number 1 not number 2 because superman 64 is easier than this game. YES is said that because in superman 64 all you do fly through rings and pick up cars. In ET for Atari 2600 you have to get phone pieces that are located in pits and not get caught by security guards and you have a limit in walking. It's atarious that copies of this game are in the New Mexico desert. New Mexico desert is video game Hell.

Rushed, unplayable, unwinnable, glitchy...Atari got what it deserved for releasing this to the unsuspecting masses. It was the first game I ever rage-quit and never picked up again. There have only ever been three of those for me, and I'm a 40-something gamer.

Yeah, this list wouldn't be complete without this game, you control the alien E.T. trying to find three pieces that are randomly scattered throughout the pits, and there's so much you can do with a joystick and one. Single. Button

Don't blame the creator he had 5 weeks do any of you know someone who can make E.T a better game in five weeks I watch a documentary today and it's not its fault people say that because they were at a dump

This game is so horrible. First of all, it almost ruined the entire video game industry. When this so-called "alien" jumps, he just starts going up, up, up. There is no good thing about this game. This game is nothing but crap.

E.T. Was so terrible that Atari offered refunds, brought all of the copies to an isolated landfill, and cemented it over. This game is, and always will be, one of the most infamous games of all time.

I have been playing games for over 30 years and E.T. , without a doubt, is the worst game I have ever played. Combine this with the Atari port of Pac-Man and you have two of the main reasons the video game industry crashed in the 1980's.

By the way you basically go around going through holes and doing something with your mouth and if you like trash then you like this game because it ended up in the New Mexico landfills this should be number one by far.

This game is so awful, they had to bury it in Mexico or something. The gameplay is boring, the graphics look awful for an Atari game, it's somewhat not rewarding, and it gets boring in 5 minutes.

If this game had merely been an incomprehensible, uncontrollable, random, visually hideous and downright torrid experience, it would be justified in holding the No. 2 position. But the fact that it (and the flood of horrible Atari games it floated in on) destroyed the videogame industry is reason enough to send it to the top spot. - Rangaman

You only just have to look at the gameplay footage to see just how pointless the entire game is...

Many critics even stated that the only good thing about the game was the title screen at the beginning!

This game almost destroyed the gaming industry, but Nintendo thankfully saved it. If Nintendo didn't do that the gaming industry would never exist anymore. This game is utter trash.