Now before you get all angry I just wanna say I love Minecraft. I really do. It's a really fun and well made game where you can mine and built stuff. but here are my problem with the game. the problem is the fanbase! There's a huge Minecraft sub culture that's out of control. millions of YouTube accounts, avatars, videos, twitch streams, merchandising, parodies. the overpopulation of Minecraft just drives me insane! It's even more of a bigger internet phenomenon than My Little Pony. I'm so sick to death of Minecraft, I couldn't play it for weeks! The overexposion is just too much.

Anyone can make anything popular and that's the unfortunate truth. what I mean is that the creator of Minecraft, Markus Peesson (AKA Notch), is a very down-to-earth person. He keeps to himself and has never had any thoughts or attempts to becoming a star. and his game now holds thousands of followers. it's not easy representing someone, let alone their work. I hope you people know that.

I don't know why everyone likes Minecraft. Minecraft not only do the graphics suck there's nothing to do " oh yea I can build a house, go to other way more boring dimensioning than the one I'm already at, put pointless enchantments on things, create a farm, and kill animals so I can refill my stupid annoying hunger bar". Jesus why does this game have to be so annoying I play it and am bored the first 20 seconds thinking, you know I could be playing a game like dark souls with an interesting story, great combat system, good enemy's, awesome world, and enchantments on weapons that actually help you in the game. But no I'm playing this terrible looking, boring, no good pile of pig barf that is somehow one of the best game s people have ever played. Maybe if Enchantments actually helped you, the graphics didn't suck so much, and enemy's were cool this game could be classified as well an actual game than I would like it more.

This game is much better off as a sandbox hidden gem. Honestly, people refer to this as the greatest game ever made. How? I get that it compliments retro games, but I doubt that when playing Super Mario Bros or Final Fantasy, all you really felt like doing was building giant penises. What's more, people love this game. There are YouTubers with hundreds of thousands of subscribers that do nothing more than create amateur animations about stupid plot lines such as "If Lapis Lazuli Tools Were Real", and then always base it off of "hacking Notch's computer", which isn't possible. It's influence was great and all, but I'm sick of people defending this game as one of the greatest masterpieces in gaming. It's too simple to be legendary.

Minecraft is a good game. I think the only reason it's up here because people are thinking of the players, not the game itself. I understand those people, because most of them are Sky fans. No, not people who like Sky like I used to, but people who basically WORSHIP HIM AND WANT TO HAVE ANAL SEX WITH HIM. Butter started out as a joke, but now they use WEAK GOLD (get it? GOLD? ) TO MINE AND FIGHT, AND KILL SQUIDS WHICH ARE USEFUL AND MOST OF ALL, NOT HOSTILE! But seriously, Minecraft is awesome. - HunkOfJunk123

Terraria is MUCH better than Minecraft. Want proof? You got some. First of all, the Minecraft fanbase is TERRIBLE. The Terraria fanbase is not bad. And the idea of Terraria came first. It just took longer to come out cause it has a lot more content. And Minecraft diamond armor would actually be terrible. If you hit at an angle (overhead, sideways.) It would shatter. Go to YouTube, look up "Game Theory: How much is Minecraft Diamond Armor Worth? " And I could go on FOREVER, but if I did, you would spend a couple hours reading everything. (Terraria is actually half 2d and half 3d.)

Let's just say, that people are complaining about no story line. Well, that's the thing, YOU decide the storyline. You decide how the game goes. Just putting it out there.

It's incredibly repetitive and extremely slow paced. Slow paced is just an issue with me and other people might like it, but REPETITIVE is a big problem. Every world starts the same and ends the same. Most of the middle part is generally the same. And although a slower pace isn't bad, a repetitive slow pace is.

This Game hits top in my life of gaming it has so much creativity and well I think has a big community and well yeah this is stupid to have this one here

Number 14 on the list of worst games? Why? This game is really fun and addictive, you can do like whatever you want. You could go on creative mode and build numerous things, like a house or a roller coaster for example. Or you could go on survival mode and mine and fight zombies. You could also do a bunch of other stuff but it would take a really long time to list them all. So yeah, this game should not be on this list - Imreallyboredrightnow

Are we looking the top ten worst or best. Minecraft is cooler than angry birds. Now that should belong here

This game was ruined by its horrible fanbase.

Minecraft is the best game EVER whoever put this game here they SUCK at guessing and they only put this game here because it is hard to get everything done in this game but I am so certain whoever put this game here is an idiot. And I'm not saying this is a hard game because it is not even that STUPID enough to be at number 19. It has probably the best graphics on PS3 even though PS3 SUCKS in graphics even though it is meant to be better than Xbox 360. Now I hate the mic thing even though I have been wishing for a mic for AGES but it is not my fault that I don't have a mic it is my PARENTS fault they never say yes and that is what I want for my birthday a Mic. This game I know is in the top 3 for most popular video games STUPID IDIOTS if you hate minecraft.

Minecraft is awesome, but like Username said, it keeps you playing all day on your Xbox/PlayStation/Device for hours without stopping. It also makes you not understand this and just keeps on playing. For example, If you look at all of the positive Minecraft comments they have loads of votes while other ones have 0 votes. I am not a hater of Minecraft or anything but it just is kind of time consuming.

Minecraft was once a nice place to play with friends and meet random strangers that were friendly! But just like Call of Duty now there is only raging little kids who get angry because you place a block! If you don't believe me try looking deeper into youtube where there are little 9 year olds playing Call of duty and minecraft WHAT A MIX!

Minecraft is fun and addictive and that's why I hate. I go into a very depressed state. It has easy achievments, crappy soundtrack, and it does have certain limits, which is pointless in a game that is solely based on creativity. All I do is get the achievements and then throw the game aside. It is great for children though, but the limits are what makes this bad. For example, sand does not float... so some designs have been blocked already.

How is this game not number 1? It's fan base is a bunch of bratty little kids between the ages of 3 and 12. People spend way too much time on this game. This game is probably the reason for the high obesity rate in America.

Why is this game here. Its one of the best games ever.

Well since it's here I'll try to explain what I dislike about it (though it doesn't deserve to be here! )

1.) The game is bad technically. I used to be able to run it on a craptop with low render distance. A game about stacking blocks on a 3d plane shouldn't need a high-performance system, but now I can't play the game without severe lag. I've read online that during early development stages, the programmers didn't really optimize their game for performance, and so now it's a monster. - Also, being a Java program it should run on anything that has Java installed, but some more obscure OSs (that have Java mind you) won't run it. Console output on OpenBSD was something like "unrecognized OS, aborting" which shouldn't be an issue.

2.) The openness can get overwhelming. When you have a million things available to do, it's hard to decide exactly what you should be doing. Most players I've talked to (friends on a private server) and I agree that we usually fall into ...more - airbb

It does deserve to be here. It spawned many years of mindless drooling distributed between children. - GodFlowey

All the little kids think that this is the best games of all time because they never play other games. It's just building. If you play Minecraft everyday, please play a different game and give Minecraft a break, like Sonic the Hedgehog or Half Life 2

I agree. This game makes me fall asleep. Only little kids look up at this as God. What's so awesome about running around aimlessly on square blocks and digging below the Earth for 10 hours. Realize that some good games have passion and effort into them like all Call of Duty games (well, except for Ghosts)

Minecraft isn't the best game ever but it is probably the best indie game ever well now it's not an indie game and why do people love it so much (I love it but super Mario etc are way better) or hate it yes I only hated it before playing it because I didn't know what to do on my first night and you can build amazing things such as my huge obsidian roller coaster and you can make farms and heaps of cool stuff and only gets better

Minecraft is not the best game. But the most creative game in the history of gaming, although your objective just placing some blocks, but the blocks can build something really awesome. Patch by patch, the game includes more mobs, blocks, etc that made the game really entertaining for all ages

Even though this game is talked about WAY too much, and it costs $27, I don't think it's a bad game. It's a nice, open world sandbox game where you can do almost anything, so why is it ranked #8 on this list?!

Seriously, what the heck? This game is one of the best out there!

It is epic but if you look at how people are who play too much Minecraft (and there are a lot of them) are, you could probably see that this person was most likely concerned about that. I honestly think that this should not be on this list, but I can't argue with whoever put this here because I can't change that. - username34