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181 Action Girlz Racing

I strongly prefer Action Boyz Racing Starring Mario.

WAY too low talk about a game with broken racing controls it's this one. - htoutlaws2012

This Game DOES NOT Deserve To Be Near The Bottom Of The List - VideoGamefan5

Should be higher - ikerevievs

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182 Need for Speed: The Run

You are nuts! Why is this game here! Its awesome! It should be one
Of the best!

This game should not be here

Totally agreed. This game is a catastrophic mess that could've been so much more, but never managed to do so. The end of an era with Black Box.

Man chill out. It's not the best game (Hot Pursuit is) but it's not the worst NFS game ever (that's Undercover). Sure, handling the car and the lack of free roam is irritating, but it doesn't deserve the "worst game of all time" award.

I kinda enjoyed this game on the 3ds - VideoGamefan5

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183 Spider-Man

It's a very mediocre superhero game, the second fixed all the flaws this one had. - htoutlaws2012

Mediocre game, but the amazing spiderman 2 game should be here Instead - VideoGamefan5

184 Sonic Labyrinth

Sonic 2006 and Sonic R are the only Sonic games that are worse than this crazy joke. Can anybody say Rainbow Of Doom!

This game is a joke! Not a game, a stupid joke! I know it was for the game gear, but we all would have been better off without this mediocre trash-heap

Sonic goes slow? SLOW? SLOW? SLOW? It sounds like a good idea to slow him down in a T.V. show or a comic but a game no - spodermanfan1000

Why is sonic slow in this game?

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185 WWE: Crush Hour

Twisted metal rip-off only for the die hard wrestling fans. - htoutlaws2012

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186 Injustice: Gods Among Us

Good fighting game shouldn't be on here. - htoutlaws2012

Never played it

its good

This Game Is Excellent, So It Shouldn't Be Here - VideoGamefan5

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187 Paper Mario

What this game is awesome and always will be I also love the remakes like sticker star

I dislike this game because it doesn't have Princess Daisy in it nor does it take place in Canada.

Who cares if it takes place in Canada or has princess Daisy in it - ikerevievs

This game is great who added this? - DCfnaf

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188 Game de Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z V 1 Comment
189 Sanjay and Craig: Butterslide

Sanjay and Craig have a game? That's it, we're doomed. - RiverClanRocks

It's not the question of whether or not they have a game. It's would anybody believe they deserve a game.

They have a game?! - LucyHeartfilia

Humanity is doomed. - TopTenHaters

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190 Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Worst Call of Duty game ever released lag compensation it sounded good at first that was before I get ridiculously corner killed because on their T.V. I've been standing there for about five minutes on my screen you just shot around a corner and murdered me if ghosts doesn't fix it I will never buy another Call of Duty

The campaign was absolute crap. It didn't continue properly from where the last game left off, and the whole thing felt like it was made by Michael Bay. If Michael Bay had a seizure. Hopefully there won't be other Black Ops games, which I can't even see happening since the ending pretty much wrapped up its crappy story.

To the person talking about battlefield, I enjoy destroying buildings with my my tank and laying waste to noobs who had come from the Call of Duty, series it also allows a lot more customization I've seen more guns and to the apparent vehicles like the helicopter, dragonfly fly etc, in battlefield you have jeeps, jets, tanks, three kinds of helicopters, attack boats, and some more from the dlcs. I'm just saying and some of us don't play just one game till the new comes out the next year.

Okay Game, Being Honest - VideoGamefan5

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191 Fight Club

Where's the schizophrenia? The nihilism? The terrorists? This is the bait of Fight Club's bait-and-switch plot. The switch makes the movie memorable. Without that, it's just Blood Sport: Middle Aged Petit Bourgeoisie Edition.

Just a really lame Tekken-clone with no connection to the movie what so ever...

It's suppose to be based on that good film but it's nothing related to it at all and it really sucks. - htoutlaws2012

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192 Bubsy II

This squirrel is drunk again. And high

It's a sequel to a game nobody liked - ikerevievs

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193 Nightshade

A very forgettable title one of the worst if only more people talked about it. - htoutlaws2012

Almost good.. Just missed the mark

194 Battle Monsters
195 Batman Forever - SNES

''Batman Forever, it sucked back then, and it sucks forever'' - AVGN - htoutlaws2012

196 SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab

I loved this game

197 Active Simulation War Daiva

Also, it was on almost every console that was selling in Japan at the time and suffered from delays, effectively making it the Mighty No. 9 of the 80's. - PerfectImpulseX

7 points of view with bland gameplay even for the 80's - PerfectImpulseX

198 Battle of the Bands

Guys are you seriously putting Halo 3, probably one of the best shooters of all time ahead of this, it was a great concept actually, but it let me down in so many ways, at least everyone van agree Halo 3 you can play, and its just fanboys whining about one certain little tiny detail. WoW has at least playability and isn't all too bad, this game fails on every level, also the Call of Duty reason is retarded

Never herd of it

No no please don't make me get this crap please boo hoo

Looks Lame - VideoGamefan5

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199 Mario Teaches Typing

Mario is teaching kids too many things...

Mario teaching kids is an old job nowadays which Mario could go back to doing.

200 Sonic & Knuckles

Sonic and knuckles and knuckles and knuckles and knuckles and knuckles and knuckles...

I love corruption, - Harri666

Why here this the best - ikerevievs

Gee the sonic haters man. - htoutlaws2012

WOW! TAKE IT OFF!, - VideoGamefan5

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