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181 Final Fantasy XII

A really mediocre experience. All gameplay has been completely stripped away and the characters are some of the most boring creations I have ever come across in ANY game, never mind Final Fantasy. Spend your time playing either FFVI, VII XI or X for a true Final Fantasy experience. - StevoK

Worst Final Fantasy ever created. What was Square Enix thinking? Terrible gameplay and characters ( VAAN ) and a uninteresting storyline that was like watching paint dry.

About 20 mins into the game I got trapped inside of a panda suit in some random circle that wouldn't let me leave.

Final fantasy isn't a game it's a piece of crap
- patisepic

182 Night Trap

All this game lets you do is watch videos of incredibly bad actors reciting bad dialogue and set off a trap when ever an enemy is near in order for the traps to actually work someone has to actually decide to walk into them meaning the Traps are only effective on people who actually want to be caught in a trap. - egnomac

One the biggest controversies in gaming in the 90's and it was a terrible game anyway. - htoutlaws2012

When I was a kid, everyone said how awesome this game was. They never played it just knew Tipper Gore hated it.

Still a better game where you watch Cameras Than FnaF lol - Aguythatpeopleignores

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183 Mario's Early Years: Preschool Fun

Worst Mario game ever! How is this 180? - noo7na7

The late 20th Century was a very refreshing couple of decades. Educational Mario games like Mario's Early Years are the cancer of Nintendo games and that was released in the 90s when we had Super Mario World duology, the Super Mario Land sequels, Super Mario RPG and etc. Go on and flame me for all of my opinions, I dare you! Yeah, I am being sarcastic. Why Mario games that are only for little kids?! - The Ultimate Daredevil, who is aware that while there are not much bad Mario games, he used to remember them haunting him by their childishness

The music! The voice! Ugh!
"You... Chouse... The... Triangle! "

As a local Mario superfan, I think this is a useless piece of crap.

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184 My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire

This sucks

This game is literally my favorite! who made this review? F-U!

420 balze it

185 Dragonball Evolution the Game

Seriously? , Super Mario Bros Ahead Of This? , This Game Is Very Crappy And Is Based On A Film That Is Already Atrocious Enough - VideoGamefan5

Based off bad movie and mostly bad tie-in game. - htoutlaws2012

Funny how this is the lowest rated game on the psp - ikerevievs

I remember when mizz magazine said it was like Harry Potter and Star Wars. Er wait a minute. One is a fantasy magic. the other is science fiction.

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186 Resident Evil 6

This is arguably the worst game in the numerical Resident Evil series. Whilst RE5 was great until the volcano section and RE0 had arguably the worst dialogue in the series, including the original game, this game decide to take inspiration from Michael Bay's entire filmography and Paul W. S. Anderson's in name only films. Terrible and overcomplicated plot points, action sequences that have more place in a Call of Duty game, zombies that rip of Ganados and Majini, in both look and actions, moments that make the boulder punching section in the pervious game look like Shakespeare and, the worst offense, no actual horror. This is disgraceful, especially from a series that pioneered the genre in the first place

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187 50 Cent: Bulletproof

This is a game?

I remember seeing this, but never played it.

Why would you give this stupid kid a game? - VideoGamefan5

This Was Made? - VideoGamefan5

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188 Call of Duty: Black Ops - Declassified

We don't need the EXACT SAME GAME on a handheld console.

I admit it is a fake but it's still an okay game

189 Beetlejuice (Nes)

This game suck... The worst NES game - ASinglePlayer

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190 Super Mario Bros 2

It's not bad it's just different

Should be number 1! Worst game...

Everyone stop critisising it! It may have new enemies, new areas, and different game-play but it is still okay, I know throwing fruit at enemies is weak, and it is not a real mario game it is still good. nintendo of america thought the real super mario bros 2 (the lost levels) was to hard so they got doke doke panic and change the sprites. So you should at least play it, it is actually fun.


191 Criticom
192 Mega Man 3

The NES version kick ass.
The PC version suck

193 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (GameCube)

Well its actually Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.
Philosopher's Stone was based on a real legend. JK Rowling didn't invent it and she based Nicholas Flamel off a real person and he was the one who tried to create the stone.
Stupid yanks.

194 Barravento: O Mestre Da Capoeira

How could a game be on here that is in Spanish?

195 Shadow: War of Succession

3DO's attempt to have a clone of MK. - htoutlaws2012

MK rip-off - htoutlaws2012

196 Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

This game was amazing. People say it doesn't stick to the Zelda formula, but it was the 2nd game, there was no Zelda formula. I've played through this, and it was worth what I spent.

First game of all time with an experience system. Invented grinding. Best game ever

Black sheep in the zelda games, but I believe it should be looked at from a view of its own game, not how it sucks because its not zelda. its different, but not bad.

197 Friday the 13th

I wouldn't even play this game on Friday the 13th!

The graphics inside the cabin are horrible. I can't even turn around to see the door.

The cool thing about it is that it has a knife going into the hockey masks eyehole in the beginning.

Laughin' Joking' Numbnuts. enough said. - MinecraftHater

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198 Roblox

How is roblox at 71 and minecraft at 6?! It should be the other way around!

I guess you could call Roblox... Bittersweet. Roblox is a bunch of fun, I cannot lie. Incredible games scripted and built by amazing people. The community though. The game is full of trolls, brats, bullies, and immature people-not all people. The forums are near impossible to use with the state of the community. I do not know if this has changed, but you can easily make an account without the use of an email, and moderation is not always the greatest. The premium upgrade (s), or Builder's Club, can get expensive. OBC, the top notch Builder's Club, will run you $350 U.S. dollars! Yikes! You obviously don't have to go for the best Builder's Club, but holy moly. Overall, an OK game. Great games to play, but a community of rubbish and quite some expense if you want to invest into the best Builder's Club. And no, the weak do not quit Roblox.

Its full of brats, Selfish, Annoying people. Its a greedy game. The members on roblox are huge bullys. I have like 100 reasons why I hate this! Its sort of fun but seriously. Everyone is greedy and all you do is play games. That's most likely all.

Dangerous game, 7 year olds think they are dating "other kids" when they are really dating a 40 year old man

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199 Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back

Yep that ugly cat is back to make more crappy games we don't need - ikerevievs


200 The Thing

Cant even find the end of the first level. And the graphics look like crap to - Razor79

For movie based game this was the more okay ones. - htoutlaws2012

I finished this... Couldn't wait for it to end

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