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241 Nom Nom Galaxy
242 Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (GameCube) V 1 Comment
243 Flappy Dragon

Flappy Dragon Is Broken, And The Graphics Are Junk - VideoGamefan5

244 Batman: Dark Tomorrow

The reason why this game is so bad is because it ran out of time and it could not be finished enough. For shame...

Now this batman is pretty bad well at least it wasn't titus that did this, but the game kinda resembled them. - htoutlaws2012

Why Can't This Game Be Higher Than Arkham Origins? - VideoGamefan5

An Absolute Piece Of Junk, 1/5 - VideoGamefan5

V 6 Comments
245 Star Fox Command

This is the worst game I've ever played I can't believe I wated my time and money on this game yhis is terible

Why is this game on this list star fox is awesome

246 Angry Birds Star Wars

Does every single little thing on the planet have to revolve around Star Wars?!

Does every little thing on the planet have to revolve around ANGRY BIRDS?! That's the true question...

The answer is yes.


247 Batman Begins

Are you kidding. This is actually a great game! - DarkDragon_492

This is a game?



248 Crazy Frog Racer

Why did they make an annoying advert/ringtone into a game. The Crazy Frog was one of the worst things of the 2000s. I remember the original crazy frog, you would say "frogs don't have a willy" then they took it away but it stayed around and made a stupid game.

There was a game based on this guy?

Apparently better than Dora and our lord and savior's game, shadow the hedgehog

Wait, First A Game About 50 Cent, And now ABOUT THIS? , What's Next? , JB: The Game? - VideoGamefan5

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249 Defense of the Ancients
250 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Please get this game on the top. It insults me how this game is popular despite it's existence being a literal copyright infringement. Montoon is such a lazy dev that this game is borderline asset flipping. - YourWaifuSucks

I'm tired of seeing their ads all over YouTube (on mobile). - Drewman1211

This thing is the worst game ever. Plus it is a rip off of other games like LoL.

Seriously this game doesn't deserve to be in the app store

251 Mass Effect: Andromeda

Crap graphics and animations - ikerevievs

My face is tired...

Oh Its definitely Up There With 1-2 SWITCH! - VideoGamefan5

252 World of Warcraft

I am honestly not surprised to see World of Warcraft on this list at all. Ever since patch 4.1 (In my belief, others may see it differently) World of Warcraft has been in a downward spiral getting ready to crash at any moment. Although it had it's time in the spotlight, nowadays WoW is a washed up version of what it used to be. WoW used to be a game where players would work hard in order to accomplish a goal and it used to make you want to explore what secrets there were in the world. Now its a giant grindfest for valor points, raid finder gear, PvP gear, and daily quests. There is no challenge anymore in WoW, simply put it is now, "Ok give us 15 dollars, go grind all your dailies and vp. " This applies even to legendary items now and people do not know how rare legendaries used to be nowadays because of the fact that you can get legendary items from simply grinding normal raids. I have only ever seen one person with Atiesh EVER and only one person with the Black Qiraj ...more

Seriously, I'm sure it's fun, but for cryin out loud!
WOW is the worst influence on gaming EVER!
There are people who literally play for 3 days stopping only to go to the toilet and eat their pre-made food, not even to go to sleep.
And didn't someone commit suicide because their character was lost in a bug?!

I'm amazed people still play this game. When WOW first launched it was simply amazing. It was the MMORPG everyone was waiting for. Now it's just a stale repetitive game, with a player base made up of mostly obnoxious anti social players with addictive personalities -- and Asian gold farmers.

You said it's worst game ever?
Ok... This is gets boring fast, but it's an okay game.
There's a ratings of game quality:
•Needs more work
•The biggiest fail
WoW is a good game, a nice (but boring) RPG remake of WC3.
SuperMan 64 are fail.
Big rings are fail.
And other games what in top 10 are fail...
This game is overally good, yes at something it's bad, but it's not so bad to be in top 100.
So, what you would play?
An open-world RPG, where you can craft, find, battle, explore. (this game)
A game, where you can't even move, becauce of glitches. If you try to hack and you get ability to move, you die and game crashes. if you try to stay, you get killed. (SQIJ! (ZX Spectrum))

And yes, SQIJ! got lower place, than this game...

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253 Luigi's Mansion

WHY is this on here, it was one of the best gamecube games ever

Agreed. Toad is right. Princess Peach is bad-tempered & imagine if this were replaced into "Peach's Mansion" & Princess Peach were portrayed as a cowardly & clumsy character who is very anxious in this mansion being reluctant to save whoever was captured in this mansion throughout the whole game.

Totally agreed who put this on here eesh this is like with Call of Duty why is this on here it's AMAZING

The original Super Monkey Ball games, Super Smash Bros. Melee and some Pac-Man games are of the best GameCube games of all time. The Luigi's Mansion duology is proof that Luigi is strong enough to carry his own games. Luigi is one of my favorite Mario characters of all time because he can jump even higher than his brother Jumpman/Mario! Luigi's Mansion used to be underrated as heck, like some Mario games released in the 20th Century. The Mario & Luigi games don't deserve to be on this list, especially Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story's predecessors! How could you not love powerful, menacing, scary villains like Mario enemies? You know how Luigi's cowardice is actually supposed to make him relatable? Bowser is awesome, even by how he is two-dimensional (in a The Wizard of Oz sense, according to AniMat). - The Ultimate Daredevil, who gives the Luigi's Mansion duology a B+

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254 Call of Duty

Once good, but now terrible

Just because its overrated doesn't mean it's bad, the first Game Was Good And So Were Some Others - VideoGamefan5

Why is Minecraft higher than this?

Overrated, But The First Game Was Pretty fun to Be Honest - VideoGamefan5

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255 Takeshi's Challenge

This is the greatest troll of all time. Black screen for an hour "You took this game seriously? " - errrr

How is this game so far down? - galacticCriminal

I have a love and hate relationship with this game.

The absolute hardest and WORST game ever. I can't STRESS THIS ENOUGH. It hosts the hardest part to a video game ever. If you have played it or have seen someone play it you know what I mean. 2 words: hangliding failure. Look it up on JonTrons YouTube account and you'll see what I mean

256 Zootopia: Crime Files V 1 Comment
257 Halo 2

Halo 2 is a great game, but because the game doesn't have many soundtracks, I feel pretty quiet in this game

This being here proves this list is partially bogus.

The game was good it brought back a lot of memories when I was 14 years old

WHAT? , This Game Was Incredible - VideoGamefan5

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258 Big Beach Sports
259 Borderlands

This game is epic face it. - paulmurray2001

That is the best games the ever like a someboddy

I always need to remind myself, "Jillian, this isn't the borderlands from the Wheel of Time. It's some sh! T game that people seem to like and talk about." WHY CAN'T IT BE THE BORDERLANDS FROM THE WHEEL OF TIME? That might actually be a cool game. You have to defend the Blightborder, y'know beating up trollocs and Myrddraals that come over the Mountains of Dhoom into the westlands. Maybe even a few darkhounds or a draghkar just to spice things up. Oooh, you can even have a few Gray Men sneak up on you or a Gholam. Yeah, I read too much. - Merilille

260 Disney Infinity

This game, along with others shouldn't be in this list. Granted, it does have its problems such as glitches, programming issues, bad character designs, small maps, short story modes, boring pirates world, and repetative enemies, but it shouldn't be in the same category as game a like superman 64, et, big rigs, animal soccer world, or plumbers don't wear ties

Seriously?!?! Who the f---- put Disney infinity, ocarina of time, battlefield 4, Call of Duty 4, halo 3, Mario kart, and most these games in this list. Most of the games on this list are good at best

Sure the game dose not have the best graphics, but the game is really fun, trust me you'll like it

Guys, don't call it a Skylanders ripoff. That game ruined Spyro and actually ripped off another game: UB Funkeys.

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