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301 Jaws

I like this game because at least they got the rating right for a concept like this. This game was rated M for mature, the movie was rated PG.

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302 Extreme Paintbrawl

The only game IGN rated as "disaster" (0.7/10). - SelfDestruct

Braindead AI, faulty game mechanics and the stupidest music Ever.

Ugly graphics,terrible A.I, I recommend using whiskey while playing this game. - htoutlaws2012

303 Hungry Pumpkin

This deserves to be on here - Ghostcreeper123

Terrible graphics.

It is a great meme though

Welp this is a meme - lincolnloudness

304 Scribblenauts

This game, other than the crappy touch controls, is extremely fun. You can do hilarious things and show them to people. You can solve confusing puzzles. This game has countless possibilities, so it doesn't belong here.

This game owns every other game that ever existed in any universe of any dimension.

Quiet you dolt of a person, I loved adventure time stakes

Ima spawn a gun - top10epic

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305 Aliens: Colonial Marines

Hey listen, this game has been trading hands for 15 years by over 75 companies. Gearbox was the only one who would have been able to finish it in four months, which was all sega gave them to make it, otherwise the game would have died. Gearbox loves the alien series, so they don't want the game to die, sure the game doesn't have everything promised but at least it got finished

The game that Gearbox PROMISED us was gonna be awesome ended up being heartbreakingly bad! Giant slap in the face to fans of Aliens franchise!

This should be number 4, not 293 - VideoGamefan5

One word for this, fail. - AlienKing

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306 Ethnic Cleansing

WORST game of all time! Even worse than Superman 64!

Why? I tell you why! The game is absolutely racist. You play as either a member of the KKK or as a neo-Nazi skinhead and go around killing Mexicans, Jews, and Afro-Americans (who look very stereotypical by the way, go figure). Add annoyingly awful Neo-Nazi music, ugly graphics and a VERY limited view of distance and you have it: THE WORST GAME OF ALL TIME!

You want a game where its nothing, but a race war this is that game. Highly offensive for anyone who see this travesty. - htoutlaws2012

If the developers weren't the product of ten generations of inbreeding, the game might not crash so much.


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307 Ocarina of Time

Oh yeah, the highest-rated game ever is apparently bad? I never knew that. I thought it was amazing.

It's has good graphics for it's time it has a good plot that's why it's bad.

Apperently it sucks because it's good

For some reason it makes me vote for it to comment anyway a speech for PS lovers.

1. This is the best game maybe you could try playing Nintendo once in a while you noobs
2. You are probably so brainwashed by Call of Duty that you can't even get out of Link's house
3. If it's the person who says it sucks cause Mario is not in it here's message for you I like Mario games but not every game needs Mario try having a variety of Nintendo games to play not to be rude.
4. I love this game it's a little challenging but it's the best
5. If it was an accident I forgive you but look at the lists next time.
6. I guess apparently saving the Triforce from Ganondorf is not as fun as killing other people with guns FOR NO REASON.

308 Star Fox Zero

At least Adventures and Assault didn't rehash 64.

The controls are awful - ikerevievs

Weaker Than Adventures And Assualt, Also One Of Nintendo's biggest Disappointments, Put This In The top 50 - VideoGamefan5

309 Fallout 4

You guys suck. It may not be your favorite sequel, but it was still good.

Really reviewer really yu make very bad lists for everyone

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310 Alone In the Dark: Illumination

This should be way higher a great example how to ruin a series - ikerevievs

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311 Clash Royale

I used to like it until the Prince thing started quick killing me. No joke, he does absurd amount of damage in one hit (SPECIALLY when he's dashing), so your towers are dead if the rival spawns it unless you can help it with the defense or have another Prince, the latter sadly not being the case, and the former rarely happens. - letcreate123

This should be #1000 it is very fun and I can't believe that clash of clans is ranked better.

Clash of clans sucked, so they had to give it a worthless clone - VideoGamefan5


312 Madden NFL 10

Good madden game, if you're looking for bad madden, play nfl 17 - VideoGamefan5

Hey at least it had a great soundtrack. - htoutlaws2012

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313 Dota 2 V 2 Comments
314 A Bug's Life

Its weird to have liked the game as a kid, then to look back on it, and wow not only does it not hold up well, but I don't remember it being this bad. - htoutlaws2012

I had this game when I was little and yes it was a really hard game.

The GBC version is awful. When I saw the gameplay, I thought it was FAKE. - BlueSheepYT

315 My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire

This sucks

This game is literally my favorite! who made this review? F-U!

420 balze it

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317 The Amazing Virtual Sea-Monkeys

Seamonkey toy looked like little blobs. I wanted one when I was a kid though, but never heard of a game.

318 Jumper: Griffin's Story

This game sucks - VideoGamefan5

319 Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters

This Game Is So Awful, like Really Awful

320 Bloons Tower Defense 2

Only 3 tracks - Minecraftisawesone

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