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321 SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, Pants!

Love the show I had never heard of the game before

An okay yet underrated SpongeBob game - VideoGamefan5

Lights camera pants? The hedgehog?

The 90s when cartoons where starting to go lame (not everyone of them)

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322 The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

I haven't played it yet, but I think they're running out of ideas and should stop using that weird cat-eyed version of link to make it more interesting. Adult link has the most interesting games. (I've beat skyward sword)

This game, though easier than the rest, is one of the best Zelda games.

This game took over the world, which sucks ass! Also, to improve this game, Mario characters (that do not include the overrated, bossy Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom) should be in this game like Mario, Rosalina, Princess Daisy & even the Ice Climbers.


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323 Tomodachi Life

Nintendo made this game to tell the world it sucks without actually saying it - N64Dude

What?!? This game is fun and hilarious!

This game is funny and awesome! - HondaCivic

Very few games were so terrible as Tomodachi Life.

It had everything going for it. Finally, a new Nintendo IP in a long time. Previews looked amazing, and it had so much promise. It was a to-die-for recipe for everything fans of Nintendo could ever hope for.

Then... it came out.

It wasn't that it wasn't awe-inspiringly great. It wasn't that it wasn't awesome. It wasn't that it wasn't just good. Or okay. Or even mediocre.

It was bad.

Graphics had been downgraded. It was buggy, boring, and repetitive. As the story unfolded, it had been lazily handed off from company to company with the thought that "they'll finish it and give it back" until no one cared about it anymore. And in the end, it was just rushed together so they could finally deliver and get it out.

What a waste...

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324 Chrono Cross
325 Dead Space 2

Just no... Hell no... Why is this here?

326 League of Legends

I promise to anyone with a right mind that after 8 minutes of playing it, you will get extremely bored of it. - YourWaifuSucks

Worst of all no exception

327 Candy Crush Saga

I hate Candy Crush saga, it's so lame. I felt bored.

Seeing the hate for Candy Crush Saga well American's that's what you get for changing "sweets" to "candy" hahaa.

328 Dragonball Evolution the Game

Seriously? , Super Mario Bros Ahead Of This? , This Game Is Very Crappy And Is Based On A Film That Is Already Atrocious Enough - VideoGamefan5

Based off bad movie and mostly bad tie-in game. - htoutlaws2012

Forget the Anime (I actually did forget about it). Dragonball Evolution = Justin Chatwin is really good looking. I would LAUGH if they did make a sequel. The reaction of all the fanboys.

I remember when mizz magazine said it was like Harry Potter and Star Wars. Er wait a minute. One is a fantasy magic. the other is science fiction.

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329 Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders
330 Geometry Dash

You only hate this game because you find it hard...

It's a rip off of the impossible game and its bad

I get it, the fandom ruins it, but an amazing game awaits you in GD. - letcreate123

Blame TrueHeZelGD. - ExxonWireless

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331 Heroes of the Storm

:/ Not sure why this is here. I guess it makes sense though -- Blizzard's aggressive advertising has made some craptastic haters (including me for this particular game).

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332 Beat Em' and Eat Em'

I'm gonna put this higher and I will! - ChuckECheese


333 Ravens Cry

This game isn't the worst but its certainly somewhere! The game is highly incomplete! Another year of production would have made it a good game

Talk about glitchy mess this is it folk Don't even avoid it at all cost. - htoutlaws2012

334 Onechanbara Z2: Chaos

Why is Ps4 so stupid

335 Injustice: Gods Among Us

Good fighting game shouldn't be on here. - htoutlaws2012

Never played it

its good

This Game Is Excellent, So It Shouldn't Be Here - VideoGamefan5

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336 Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero

For game all about sub-zero cutscene wise it looked okay, but the gameplay is where this thing ultimately fails. - htoutlaws2012

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles + Mortal Kombat + Laughing Joking Numbnuts = MK Mythologies

337 The Bee Movie Game

It's Bee Movie! I heard the movie sucks which makes me wanna believe that the game sucks.

Apparently better than Sonic and Knuckles


How dare you put a meme on the worst list - TGCxavier

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338 Viva Pinata

Viva Pinata is my favourite game in the universe! But it is WAY. TOO. HARD!
You have a plot of land you need to take care of. The creatures (Pinatas) will need you to have certain things in the garden in order to become a resident.

Some Pinatas want other pinatas in the garden as well. And those pinatas want other pinatas in the garden! - RaccoonCartoon

339 Nintendo Badge Arcade

What?! But this game is awesome! Someone clearly doesn't understand that not all games have to be first person shooters...

What a game that literally pays you to play for screen decorations is a good game no not this pay2win game - ikerevievs

This should be at least in the top 100 - ikerevievs

340 Snow White and the 7 Clever Boys
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