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321 Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

Honestly, I'm somewhat mad that out of the millions of games in the world this is the 259th worst one. It's amazing! Sure, you could just watch the anime and get it over with, but you can't BE Makoto Naegi there, and experience making decisions of discovering the killer! This game is one of the best games developed with an anime design, yet it still gets hatred.

Skip to Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair if you watched the anime of this game. Trigger Happy Havoc is not worth your money. - SelfDestruct

It's worthless if you watch the anime.

322 Doctor Who: Return to Earth

Rushed with boring gameplay and graphics that would've been acceptable on the N64

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323 Homefront: The Revolution V 1 Comment
324 Mirror's Edge

The mobile version is terrible - ikerevievs

-_- You haters should go f yourselves.

325 Mighty No. 9

This Game Deserves To Be Much Higher Than 396 - VideoGamefan5

The most disappointing game ever. No, really, it was crowdfunded and made about $4 million and the result was a giant mess with boring gameplay and filled with glitches.

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326 Saints Row 2

This is an extremely well done knock off of Grand Theft Auto but still very well done

Saints row 2 was awesome in my opinion.


Whoever put this on the list has a taste for multiplayer games. - letcreate123

How is this bad?

Spawn as small snake, eat dead snake poop, get encircled by "VOTE4TRUMP" the leaderboard snake, repeat. is so addictive!

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328 Team Fortress Classic V 1 Comment

Spawn, get annihilated by the monster leaderboard tank within 5 seconds of spawning, repeat.

330 Homie Rollerz
331 Limbo of the Lost V 1 Comment
332 Amy

What is this? - ExxonWireless

333 Mega Man X: Command Mission
334 Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby in 8-bit Land

A very mediocre yet flawed platforming game based on modern cartoon - VideoGamefan5

335 Mario's Time Machine

The most boring video game ever. - SteelCity99

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336 Kirby Tilt N' Tumble
337 Planet of the Apes - PlayStation

Watch avgn's review

338 Tales of the Tempest

I consider this the G-Saviour of video games. Why?
#1. It's the worst thing to ever happen to a franchise I really adore.
#2. It was originally meant to be part of the main series but it was made into a spin-off due to poor reception.
#3. It has a story that I feel like doesn't belong in the franchise at all. - PerfectImpulseX

339 Rogue Warrior

This is an actual serious answer.
If you don't know this game (i don't blame you its totally unbearable) then look it up and you will see what I'm talking about! - DanielHsv0

I was laughing my ass off when I heard the credits there are even swearing montages for this game - whodafuqisthisguy

The only good parts are the swearing montages this game is terrible gameplay wise. - htoutlaws2012

The Credits Were A Swearing Montage! - VideoGamefan5

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340 Back To The Future (NES)

See that rainbow on the box? That is why this game sucks.

When you've completed the last level that's where the game just stops. No special ending, no anything. Deplorable.

Let's face it, the only decent NES games brought to you by Laughing Joking Numbnuts are a baseball game and an NFL game (both circa 1988).

Deserves to be at least in The top 200, it butchered pone Of my favorite movies - VideoGamefan5

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