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41 Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom - Nintendo Wii

BOO! So boring nobody likes dora. (Wii)

The only way to die in this game is your will remote running out of batteries.

Dumbo game. I want to murder Dora!

boo dora

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42 Dora the Explorer: Journey to the Purple Planet

This game is boring! And to make matters worst, you can't lose in this game! If you can't lose, does this even count as a video game?

I know it is a kids game, but they should make losses in the game though so kids can learn to lose. - AnimeDrawer

I have never played this but I already know this was made by SATAN

You can't lose in ANY of the Dora or Diego video games, This isn't even a real video game

For toddlers only and in the video games it is listening.

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43 Mario Kart Wii

What this game should not be on this list (neither should it be on best games)
Whoever put this here is probably just a whiney baby who can't win a race
With the typical wii graphics and catchy theme songs (we're looking at you coconut mall), and rewarding, well rewards. This game will make you jump around when you win (even if you win all the time) and still keeps you coming back for more

Not my favorite, but the game really isn't bad.

I had never played the Wii version but the 3DS version is really cool so I am guessing that the Wii version is even cooler

Quit ruining my childhood games my games are mii sports, mario kart, cruis'n, mysims racing, mysims kingdom, mysims agents, lego starwars, lego indiana jones, lego batman, nascar unleashed, Mario party 8, spore, needForSpeed and its insulting my childhood to see half of my games here

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44 Horrid Henry: The Good the Bad and the Bugly

Never played it but the graphics are also bugly - drdevil

Imagine if there were on ScrewAttack a Death Battle called "Moody Margaret vs. Wario".

There's a game based on that terrible franchise? And I thought the live-action movie was bad... - PerfectImpulseX

This is a game LOL

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45 Play with the Teletubbies

I saw the Game Grumps play this. What's even better is that there's an actual Teletubbies channel on YouTube and they commented on the video, but you have to scroll down through the comments and find the link to it since it was deleted. - AO1-H1KAR1

That flower (? ) in the lower-right-hand corner of the cover looks suspiciously like the unholy rainbow stamp of death brought to you by Laughing Joking Numbnuts... sounds appropriate!

What? They have a game? I just Googled it it. And the game looks really stupid.

There are two reasons for me that this game is bad
1- the game is about a series of 1-4 years old and...why they would buy a playstation to play this?
2- The game inself is boring easy stupid just as like the series I honestly don't like bbc because they fired JEREMY CLARKSON! I loved top gear and that studio doesn't have a show with that fame!

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46 Roblox

How is roblox at 71 and minecraft at 6?! It should be the other way around!

I guess you could call Roblox... Bittersweet. Roblox is a bunch of fun, I cannot lie. Incredible games scripted and built by amazing people. The community though. The game is full of trolls, brats, bullies, and immature people-not all people. The forums are near impossible to use with the state of the community. I do not know if this has changed, but you can easily make an account without the use of an email, and moderation is not always the greatest. The premium upgrade (s), or Builder's Club, can get expensive. OBC, the top notch Builder's Club, will run you $350 U.S. dollars! Yikes! You obviously don't have to go for the best Builder's Club, but holy moly. Overall, an OK game. Great games to play, but a community of rubbish and quite some expense if you want to invest into the best Builder's Club. And no, the weak do not quit Roblox.

Its full of brats, Selfish, Annoying people. Its a greedy game. The members on roblox are huge bullys. I have like 100 reasons why I hate this! Its sort of fun but seriously. Everyone is greedy and all you do is play games. That's most likely all.

I like ROBLOX, but bullies, ODers, hackers and admins are just bad!

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47 Angry Birds

What? This is a good game. - Andres

Someone was on drugs while adding this to the list.

To the replier on this comment, it was a joke this lad was saying! - sryanbruen

Why the heck is this game on here it is! #@$@# awesome

There is a THEME PARK for this game

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48 Rise of the Robots

When you turn on the game, you are brought to what LOOKS like *Key word* one of the best looking games of all time. It has CGI cut scenes. They look like they are worthy of a PlayStation 1. Then you get to the game... the game plays like a 2-D fighting game. You play as a member of the Blue man group and you are kicked out for doing too many steroids. It's your job to fight a bunch of robots. When you start the level, the first robot starts jump-kicking you non-stop. It is impossible to win. The strategy here is completely obliterated out of existence. The only way you can get damage on the robot is to jump kick him back. It does nothing. Here's the thing, it gives you a fighting option where you can fight all of the robots in the game and guess what? THEY HAVE THE EXACT SAME STRATEGY. They really had to bother telling you about the robots like: "This robot is slow but strong, and this robot is agile" They all fight the same. The robots have absolutely NO INTELLIGENCE, but ...more

This game is truly bad.. Top ten worst of all time

If it isn't Shaq Fu that was really bad this one was is pretty close to the worst fighitng game on SNES. - htoutlaws2012

49 Star Wars Battlefront II (2017) Star Wars Battlefront II (2017)

When this gets in the top ten, I can rest easy. This is nothing but a bunch of micro-transactions inside something you have to pay 60 bucks for, just EA trying to scam us into lining their pockets. What a joke. Even a bigger flop than the War Z.

This game HAS to be in the Top 5 Games on the list, it deserves to be remembered as a complete cashgrab employing a "Fee To Pay" mechanic thanks to its publisher's greed and its developer's incompetence, it is one of AAA Gaming's greatest failures, and hopefully it stays that way.

Worse than Boom : Rise of Lyric

By far, THE Worst Game I have ever played, this is a perfect example of what is wrong with Modern Gaming and AAA Developers, greed...

A very very terrible game, which was meant to be an "apology" for the previous game EA Battlefront 2015, well, I guess if EA ever makes Battlefront 3 THAT would have to be an apology for EA BF2, which I hope they don't make...

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50 Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival

This should be in the top 50 - ikerevievs

We asked for an animal crossing game for the wiiu, we get this. - JMaster90x

This Game Was Just Absolutely Terrible, It Was Probably Just An Excuse For Nintendo To Make Animal Crossing Amiibos! - VideoGamefan5

Each store I go to, the amiibo section is chock full with amiibos from this failed game.

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51 300: March to Glory

Very cruel and horrible game! The blood is nothing much but the thing that ticks me off is how you have to kill slaves? Put as much blood as you want in the game but the plot at the beginning is just... wow. - ispentandroid

Never played this - ikerevievs

52 FIFA Soccer 13

Hate fifa same game every year with a different title

I don't like sports

What's worse if FIFA Women's World Cup, especially if the women aren't as eager to participate as the men.

Thr graphics are terrible

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53 Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie (DS)

A licensed movie title ended up a bust like most others. - htoutlaws2012

Hated this game, it was too hard.

54 Just Dance

For the wii there's a Michael Jackson dancing game, at least the Michael Jackson game he's better songs, since just dance is full of modern hip hop that pisses off people

Mom and dad think I should be girly so they get me this! I want to throw it out the window!

Ogh! I think some people locking in their room all day shooting things on a screen who are pepped up with rabid testosterone and fear social interaction don't want to promote something that forces it, wouldn't you think so? - Dr_Sandvichius

Its boring and awful - Dvafan2

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55 Halo 4

I've been a diehard fan of the Halo series until Halo Reach. Seemed to me that it kinda started to lose its genre at that point and the storyline was just not interesting. Multiplayer was still good though. But I saw everything coming when they handed it to 343. Within a month they started modifying Reach's multiplayer and shoving crap in our throats. They said they would put temporary changes to see if people liked that and when it was supposed to end they kept some stuff that were under heavy criticism, pretty much leaving the impression that whoever was in charge at 343 just had a stiff idea of what they wanted to do and decided to go on with it whatever the feedback was.

And then there was this piece called Halo 4. As the previous comment said they just ruined Masterchief's personality with this ridiculous love affair between him and cortana. They also completely screwed up Cortana graphic-wise. She looked like a retarded overly emotional stripper and annoyed me the whole ...more

Possibly the worst attempt to be call of duty of all time. Sure the graphics are good, but they make Chief seem human by creating some sort of romance between him and Cortana, not to mention they KILED HER OFF! And what the heck is Spartan Ops? Special Ops? This game would've been a whole lot greater if there were no classes, and if Bungie made it

This game is absolutely disappointing and garbage to halo fans don't play this game it didn't even feel like a halo game Call of Duty classes for multiplayer really 343 how original copy a famous shooter FAIL - htoutlaws2012

What, hell no this game deserves way more credit

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56 Family Party 30 Great Games: Obstacle Arcade

I remember getting so frustrated with this game the controls were absolutely horrible and the games were bad not to mention the stupid generic characters

Family Party 30 Great Games? More like Family Party 30 Barely Playable Joke Games!

Action 52 (Or In This Case "Action 30") For The Wii U - VideoGamefan5

30 terrible games - Dvafan2

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57 Wreck-It Ralph

I love the movie, but this game sucks balls.

This game deserves a -9999/5 with the title of "worse than big rigs: over the road racing" - PPPPPPINGAS

I prefer Wreck-It-Ralph characters to be with Mario characters.

Why Did This Drop? - VideoGamefan5

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58 Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Just How On Earth Is This Game So Low?!? The Game Gets Boring Like Really Really Fast, In Fact, It Gets Boring Faster Than Most Other Games I Have Ever Played In My Entire 15 Years Of Living. And Yes That Includes Most Mario Games I Have Played As Well.

This game was boring, but not the worst, 2.5/5 - VideoGamefan5

Worse than Sonic 06

Most boring game I have ever played

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59 Sonic R

What were them Laughing Joking Numbnuts who put that stupid rotten tails doll (no capital letters on purpose) in this game thinking... No, What's on second! I'm not asking you who's on second. Who's on first! I don't know... THIRD BASE!

Everything is wrong about Sonic R. The controls are slippery and you can easily get off track. The graphics totally suck. There were characters who never appeared in later sonic games (but not the tails doll). There's only 5 tracks. Once you complete the race with a chaos emerald the results say NO chaos emeralds even though you CLEARLY got one. The final thing... The music. "Can you feel the sunshine... Does it brighten up your day?..." And plus the tails doll. Play as the tails doll that's a one way ticket to your funeral

The final time that we saw Tails Doll wasn't sonic r no. Tails Doll was in one of the comics D: - spodermanfan1000

I'm a total sonic fanboy and I can't stand this game.
Did you hear the music?
Did you!?

I hate Sonic. Why is he the star? Shadow is better, and so is Sonic R. Sonic was much better back in those old days.

Voting for this to get mkw lower - VideoGamefan5

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60 Cat Mario

I can see why someone would put this here, it's a very frustrating game and the graphics aren't very good. I'm pretty sure that the makers of the game purposely made it really frustrating. I actually kind of like how the game tricks you, it's interesting and I really don't care about the bad graphics. I like playing this game sometimes. If you get frustrated really easily, then you probably shouldn't play this game. - Imreallyboredrightnow

Crappy graphics to say the least. It has the same feel (sort of) as super Mario, only your person is a white cat that literally does not move. Even when you die it just falls out of the screen, no "agh! I just died" facial expression or anything (aside from the fact that your legs move from side to side like you're dancing). There are literally NO goombas, piranha plants or anything! The first level is passable, but it is so annoying and frustrating. All the enemies are replaced with white, fat seal looking things that can only be killed if you jump on them. Even then (haven't played with the sound on yet dunno why) all they do is just disappear. No squishing animation, no falling off the screen, just disappearing. furthermore the piranha plants in the tubes are replaced with the same fat seals except it just launches upwards out of the tube and never comes back down. this game was both a lazy game and it is a troll game most likely. My reason for this is that sure you can ...more

It sure kills your nerves.

The whlle pixel-graphic game goes you're Cat Mario, and whatever you step on, it kills you. It's just fury-inducing. It just is. - redhawk766

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