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81 Minecraft: Story Mode

This game is lit! - HondaCivic

I love this game.

Yeah, I can kind of see that. It's a bit lackluster in my opinion.

It's sad

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82 SkyLanders

Okay well I love this game to death but here are reasonable things why it's a bad game: really bad graphics, you have to BUY everything and it only has 12 missions so you can complete it in a day. Just because of that doesn't make it a bad game, just makes it a game game. I love it though don't get me wrong

They're all pretty good, but I'd say the first was the worst. Why? Bad graphics compared to the more recent titles, repetitive hints, and VERY LONG waits until you can skip dialogues. Please remaster that one, Activision.

When I realised they were making more games (when Superchargers came out) I knew that Activision wants money. Why can't we just try and earn characters instead of having to buy them? Greedy.

I Love All Skylanders In The World! My Favorite Boss In This Series Is Evil Kaos! Stop Saying Skylanders Are Terrible!

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83 Sonic Free Riders

This is the worst game ever not only because of gameplay, but also because of the horrible music and the terrible ending. None of the ending is what I expected, and by the end of it all, I felt like that game was made for little kids.

This is the worst game the menu sucks gameplay sucks

I hate the extensive voice acting & I strongly prefer Mario Riders.

This Game Is Just GARBAGE, Don't Play it Unless You Want To Torture Your Own Knees, It's Just AWFUL - VideoGamefan5

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84 The Impossible Game

The title speaks for itself - htoutlaws2012

Whoever said that this is a ripoff of Geometry Dash: this game came first. Google it.

It's impossible to like it! - spodermanfan1000

The PC port was garbage. The other versions look pretty fun though. - letcreate123

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85 New Super Mario Bros. 2

Great game although lacked a lot

This is a very good game!

Oh crud not this game - Txdinoboy89

I agree with whoever hates this game, but I disagree with whoever hates Mario!

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86 The Town With No Name

This game is terrifying AWFUL! It was made it Microsoft paint, the voice acting is god-awful and there's nothing to do in the game! It can be beaten fairly quickly...

This should be called "The Town with No Game." because this game sucks!
All you do is shoot guys, drink, get off a train, etc. The graphics were obviously done in Microsoft Paint. Don't even get me started on the voice acting. Do NOT get this game.

This game is uniquely atrociously honestly pretty horrible. This game should be top 25! - htoutlaws2012

Apparently better than super smash bros

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87 Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

*facepalm* Gee, most people on ANY source hate this game, but on the "Top 10 Worst Video Games of All Time", people are actually pissed off that this disappointment (I give Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood a 1/5 stars. I love both the playable echidnas in this game better than the original members of Team Rose for many reasons such as sharper character design and much tougher, the game is mostly a broken copy of Super Mario RPG, one of the most underrated/my favorite games of all time) is on the list. IS IT BECAUSE IT'S A MODERN SONIC GAME?! I prefer Classic Sonic and Sonic Boom Sonic (I mean as in eras and how the aspects of the eras are different) over Modern Sonic (which I can actually get used to). It's not completely horrible like the Mega Man games (for the DOS), educational video games and ESPECIALLY Phoenix Games, but seriously!

Isn't the dark brother hood murders in skyrim?

How could you put the only sonic RPG here? This game rocks.

Ripoff legend of zelda and mario

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88 Dynasty Warriors 6

Its flr weeabos only don't buy

89 Swordquest: Earthworld

Another one on this list? Like I said, LEGENDARY

90 Super Mario 64

Why is this on here?! SM64 was the bomb!

Why is this on here? This is the best game EVER! What kind of crack was this person smoking to add this masterpiece to this list? - evil7

This is my favourite game in the world! It's better than the other Mario games and even though it didn't have the best graphics it will always be my favourite game, I accept this is your opinion but I disagree completely. This game does not suck and it rocks! Stop lying about my fave game!

I accidentally voted for this, sorry >.< - 50

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91 Home Alone (PlayStation 1)

More the HA 2 on SNES that one was worse - htoutlaws2012

92 Grey's Anatomy: The Video Game

T.V. show is better

93 Legend of the River King 2
94 Little Big Planet 3

Oh, this is on here? surprising... - Outcast

95 Dalmatians 3

Dalmations 3 is a low grade budget game from Phoenix Games which is just a poorly made dingo pictures cartoon with games slapped onto them.

Terrible game that's not even a game. Just a collection of terrible minigames and a space-wasting movie that has the worst acting and animation to even exist. - imacg4

Never heard of this game but is probably bad by looking at the title - ikerevievs

Phoenix Games is just another poorly-disguised subsidiary of LJN.

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96 Where's Waldo

This is a video game? I:(

You can complete the game within 6 minutes - shfydgi

Stick to the books ignore this garbage. - htoutlaws2012

It's Wally anyway.
Where's Wally.

Waldo is a dogs name.

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97 Five Nights at Freddy's 3

Worst game in the series, but mainly not bad, just disappointing. This deserves a mention, but why is 1, 2, and 4 here? Those are great games!

I didn't think 3 was that bad. I think 2 and World were worse. 2 should be on the list because I was a lore throwaway and you can't get used to the atmosphere. - DCfnaf

I must be the only one who doesn't say this is their least favorite. I honestly think 2 is worse because this one had a creepier atmosphere.

Good story, repetitive gameplay!

I like all FNAF, even FNAF World because of some YouTubers' hilarious reactions. And FNAF 3 I couldn't understand, but still was good and giving tiny chills. - redhawk766

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98 Drake of the 99 Dragons

First game I bought for Xbox, game's so bad that the main character kills himself IN THE BEGINNING!

The idiot kills himself at the beginning

This game sucks. It needs to be at least #10 on the list. - thunderstar1124

Ouch, This Game Sucks Mothers - VideoGamefan5

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99 Pewdiepie: Legend of the Brofist

Hey! I found it to be very good

I never played this game, so I can't have a say, but what's there to hate other than Pewd's involvement?

If this game is actually good, then hating a game just because of Pewd's involvement is just a shame on you!

100 Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure

I think it's safe to say you want to travel to Florida, then buy a game where your basicly working there. - htoutlaws2012

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