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121 Metroid: Other M Metroid: Other M

Disappointing game yea, but worst of the worst not quite. - htoutlaws2012

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122 Soul Calibur Soul Calibur

No... This game is amazing.. Get it off this list

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123 Duke Nukem Forever Duke Nukem Forever

Laugh out loud. This is not a game, it is a torture filled vat of hell. Horrible AI, graphics look like they were made by a 3 year old, and the storyline is just plain retarded.

I was so upset by this game because I played Duke 3D when I was 4 and I still play it now. I payed 40 for this game and it was awful!

I'm laughing, imagining the developers saying,"So, this is what the kids are into these days."

Why is this not number one worst game

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124 Pokemon Red Pokemon Red

Why this game on the list? This game is one of my favorites, and whoever putted this game on the worst list is purchasing a ticket to the gym leader genwunners in the viridian city gym. To be fair, Pokemon was a pretty good franchise for it's time, but then we get the fandom's playthings such as the horrible 4kids English anime dub voice actors, gen 1 fans who only like the original 151 Pokemon and of itself and refuses to acknowledge any part of the following generations, and Red vs. Ash debates. - Bunearylove75

A great childhood game, I think they accidently put it on the top 10 worst games instead of the top 10 BEST games in the world

It's not a bad guy it's too much like a Jew going, " No the Old Testament is better."

Who agrees with me there should be a "Top 10 reasons why this should not be on this list" list.

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125 Where's Waldo Where's Waldo

You can complete the game within 6 minutes - shfydgi

Stick to the books ignore this garbage. - htoutlaws2012

I found him, he's hiding up Nintendogs a$$

Know Waldo? Why are characters disappearing, first Mario then this? Dammit all, dammit all to hell.

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126 Battle of the Bands Battle of the Bands

Guys are you seriously putting Halo 3, probably one of the best shooters of all time ahead of this, it was a great concept actually, but it let me down in so many ways, at least everyone van agree Halo 3 you can play, and its just fanboys whining about one certain little tiny detail. WoW has at least playability and isn't all too bad, this game fails on every level, also the Call of Duty reason is retarded

No no please don't make me get this crap please boo hoo

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127 Lalaloopsy Lalaloopsy

Worst game ever bro this game is so stupid if I could clip the game (clip means kill) I would also this game is made for 1 year olds

This game deserves the top 1 spot. I don't want to play little girls' games!

I love the dolls but this game is for babies

I'm a girl. I'd rather play Pokemon.

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128 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Battlefield: Bad Company 2

This was amazing! Get it off! You are wrong you list! - flyguy824

Some people shouldn't be allowed near the internets. This was and still is an awesome game

129 Dora's Big Birthday Adventure Dora's Big Birthday Adventure

All of Dora is retarded! Not just this! All of it! If I saw Dora I would set up a camera, torture her, film her during torturing, and put it EVERYWHERE! While laughing!

Apparently this is better than our lord and savior's game, shadow the hedgehog

Dora sucks. This deserves to be in here. - noo7na7

I'm a girl. Would rather play Phoenix Games garbage.

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130 Super Castlevania IV Super Castlevania IV

Its just a crappy platformer because Mario didn't cameo at all

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131 Club Drive Club Drive

SO MUCH UGLY GRAPHICS (yes I know it's the atari jaguar) - spodermanfan1000

132 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
133 Flappy Dragon
134 Hakaioh: King of Crusher
135 LJN Video Art

Even the Intec Interact and the Wireless 60 are better consoles than this Microsoft Paint ripoff brought to you by Laughing Joking Numbnuts!

The 2nd worst gaming console ever. Right under the R - zone

Console shouldn't really count - htoutlaws2012

It Sucks, But Isn't Really a Game, More Of An Accessory - VideoGamefan5

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136 No Man's Sky No Man's Sky

We need to get this game to number 1, nothing but an overhyped piece of garbage, really buggy, gets boring really quickly and there isn't even much to do. - JThrill

I'm very surprised this is only 257th because given all the lies that were made during development this should be at least top 100. - letcreate123

One Man's Lie, I Can see why this is 254 - VideoGamefan5

This game sucks

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137 Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis (GBA) Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis (GBA)

The Megadrive original is an unforgettable classic. The GBA remake is a complete train wreck of a great game. - Shadsilvson11

Just get Sonic mega collection and throw this game away. Does Nintendo hate sonic that much? - Chaotixhero

06 was the worst year of gaming we got several crappy sonic games - ikerevievs

Yeah I remember you... you're that guy who hates on Mother for no reason! - ShyGuySwag

Broken, That's All I Can Say - VideoGamefan5

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138 South Park South Park

Excellent show, but crappy video game!

Basically all South Park games were horrible up till The Stick of Truth.

My favorite show but if it was the game with the Turkeys it was too hard and sucked really bad - DylanBr00ks

A South Park game?!?!? Sorry but the show wasn't really my cup of tea.

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139 Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 Rayman Raving Rabbids 2

ANOTHER?! What is wrong with these people?

140 Disney's High School Musical: Making the Cut Disney's High School Musical: Making the Cut

I originally only watched High School Musical because of Zac Efron, seeing his gorgeous face in the trailer on Disney Channel.

I love watching/playing High School Musical. - playstationfan66

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