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121 Kasumi Ninja

Another candidate for Worst Mortal Kombat Clone Ever...

Bad MK rip-off - htoutlaws2012

122 Dumb Ways to Die
123 Duke Nukem Forever

Laugh out loud. This is not a game, it is a torture filled vat of hell. Horrible AI, graphics look like they were made by a 3 year old, and the storyline is just plain retarded.

I was so upset by this game because I played Duke 3D when I was 4 and I still play it now. I payed 40 for this game and it was awful!

I'm laughing, imagining the developers saying,"So, this is what the kids are into these days."

I have come here to kick ass and chew bubble gum... And I'm all out of gum... - ChingWongLing

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124 Super Castlevania IV

This is the best game in the Castlevania franchise. - JMaster90x

WRONG! good game! - htoutlaws2012

Its just a crappy platformer because Mario didn't cameo at all

125 Soul Calibur

No... This game is amazing.. Get it off this list


126 Mobile Fighter G Gundam (The Obscure Java Game)

The worst controls in any fighting game ever - PerfectImpulseX

127 Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80's

This is not by any means the worst game ever, but I voted for it because I love guitar hero and this is my least favorite GH game. Why? The game is fine but it's my personal opinion of music that makes this game so bad. The 80's is my all time favorite musical decade, so I would expect the set list to be at least decent. They had a lot to work with for the 80s and all I wanted was a small section of the 80's greatness. This decade brought metal to its pinnacle with megadeth, Metallica, and every other thrash band from the time. But no. Although it originally claimed to be an 80's rock and metal experience, it was the opposite. No thrash or just classic metal from the 80s. Instead, most of the songs were either GLAM Metal (which I HATE), or 80s pop which I REALLY DESPISE. The game just oozed glam with the songs, characters, and venues. I love Guitar Hero, but I hate poser crap and I hate this installment in the GH franchise.

So bad the Romantics sued Activision.

I love Guitar hero but this is suuuuuuucky! - TopTen10

I think this is one of my favorites
I love the setlist
I like 20 songs on the game
And I know it was like $50
But it's now like cheap
So now the game is not bad anymore

128 Bird Mania 3D

Terrible and slippy controls unmeroble levels wait this game doesn't even have levels not even a goal - dinosaur

The controls... I just can't describe how bad they are. I'd rather use the TOUCHSCREEN, of all methods!

129 Call of Duty: Ghosts

I don't get why everyone was looking forward to this game, I was expecting it to be good since it was made by Infinity Ward and their successful Modern Warfare series but this was a major letdown

I can't believe they're saying Battlefield 4 is worse than Ghosts. I can't believe they're saying Killzone: Shadowfall is worse than Ghosts. Jesus Christ! It's at 202?!? Battlefield 4 at 187? No, neither of them should be on this list.

Terrible game, unrealistic, boring and is causing a new group of idiots to rise up, mostly 12 year olds

I don’t know why people think this game is bad, it’s awesome!

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130 Terraria

HOW STUPID ARE THESE PEOPLE MINECRAFT GEEKS STOP PUTTING GAMES THAT ARE BETTER! THIS GAME IS AWESOME! I LOVE IT! I'm so good at it! It's so much fun! Bosses are tough (especially the wall of flesh and those hard mode events like the frost and pumpkin moons) the game is evenly balanced plus it's better than Minecraft! People were drunk when the added this to the list!

Why is this on here? The only people who put this on here were probably Minecraft fans who think a game with a similar premise is automatically a ripoff! - AlienKing

Starbound is better

It is a pretty good game. My only complaint is that the HUD elements are too small (I play on T.V. + PC setup by the way). I played on both mobile and PC - YourWaifuSucks

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131 Pokemon Red

Why this game on the list? This game is one of my favorites, and whoever putted this game on the worst list is purchasing a ticket to the gym leader genwunners in the viridian city gym. To be fair, Pokemon was a pretty good franchise for it's time, but then we get the fandom's playthings such as the horrible 4kids English anime dub voice actors, gen 1 fans who only like the original 151 Pokemon and of itself and refuses to acknowledge any part of the following generations, and Red vs. Ash debates. - Bunearylove75

A great childhood game, I think they accidently put it on the top 10 worst games instead of the top 10 BEST games in the world

It's not a bad guy it's too much like a Jew going, " No the Old Testament is better."

Charizard, what are you doing on this list? You should be in the best videogames list! Blastoise is lonely. - JMaster90x

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132 Sonic and the Secret Rings

This game sucks in ways I will not waste my time on. Good music at least. - Chaotixhero

Are they trying to ripoff Lord of The Rings now?

Sonic and the Secret Rings's story is terrible. They mixed a bit of Lord of the Rings and a chunk of A Thousand And One Nights but it turned out garbage. - YourWaifuSucks

So glad this is high on the List, Deserves it for being an Underhated Pile Of Bull$**T! - VideoGamefan5

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133 Five Nights at Freddy's 4

I've had more fun playing with dolls than this

Hey scott, make something original

Definitely the best of the main four, but still overrated. - DCfnaf

Well, FNAF 4 is more original than the three former games, but still, its storyline seems monotone. - redhawk766

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134 Lalaloopsy

Worst game ever bro this game is so stupid if I could clip the game (clip means kill) I would also this game is made for 1 year olds

This game deserves the top 1 spot. I don't want to play little girls' games!

I love the dolls but this game is for babies


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135 Hey You, Pikachu!

I personally have a lot of fun with this game, when Pikachu actually responds.

Pikachu is so dumb in this game... He can actually trip on nothing in this game... - TheGirlyGamer

I Love Pikachu... But this game is not good. - MiraiNikkiYunoGasai

Looks Like Crap - VideoGamefan5

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136 Dora's Big Birthday Adventure

All of Dora is retarded! Not just this! All of it! If I saw Dora I would set up a camera, torture her, film her during torturing, and put it EVERYWHERE! While laughing!

How evil are you to torture a child, film it, and put it on the Internet? - Drewman1211

Apparently this is better than our lord and savior's game, shadow the hedgehog

Dora sucks. This deserves to be in here. - noo7na7

No One Gives A Crap About Dora Nowadays - VideoGamefan5

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137 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
138 Sonic Jam
139 Hakaioh: King of Crusher
140 Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis (GBA)

The Megadrive original is an unforgettable classic. The GBA remake is a complete train wreck of a great game. - Shadsilvson11

Just get Sonic mega collection and throw this game away. Does Nintendo hate sonic that much? - Chaotixhero

06 was the worst year of gaming we got several crappy sonic games - ikerevievs

Yeah I remember you... you're that guy who hates on Mother for no reason! - ShyGuySwag

Broken, That's All I Can Say - VideoGamefan5

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