Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)


I have never seen a beautiful canvas with unplayable gameplay. Like, you have to wait for five minutes before you can actually play it again. Just, wow. The graphics are really good by 2006 standards, and among all the worst Sonic games, I felt this was actually trying to pay homage to the original source material, and had some creative concepts in mind. Sure, I thought Sonic would never go wrong, but this is what changed my mind. In my opinion, this one is really really beautiful graphics with colors that were carefully selected. The problem of this one is the gameplay. After seeing the reception of the game, I immediately left the Sonic fandom.

Full of glitches, bad graphics that look to be PS2 graphics, LOADING... bad collision detection, horrible storyline that doesn't make any sense, LOADING... awful level designs, LOADING... even without the glitches, this game would only be useful to throw it out the window. LOADING... Damn, those loading screens. They take ages to load and they're everywhere! Each time you do something; LOADING... LOADING... LOADING... It makes the game virtually unplayable. And to top it off, the glitches make this game even more of a horrible experience. This game was rushed to meet Christmas, as the Sonic Team thought that this game would sell quickly. But instead, people got an unfinished game full of glitches. Sonic's reputation fell instantly. That's what you get for rushing out things. Videogames take time. And then there's Sonic Boom. Sigh, don't even mention that name.

One more reason why I am not a Sonic fan.

What a horrid game. Don't give me that nonsense about sega rushing sonic team. If they really wanted this to be a good reboot, sega would have understood, they still messed it up.
Anyway, what in the game is bad? What in the game is GOOD? That's the shorter answer! Glitches galore, horrid character movements and animations, laughable dialogue, an interesting concept for a story horribly skewed by time travel and beastiality, sonic barely running fast at all, terrible camera, loading screens that go on forever, bad level design, framerate issues, a pitifully boring and annoying female lead, and possibly the most annoying boss fight ever created (silver) that can lock you in an infinite loop. The only salvageable part of this game is the soundtrack, which is actually quite good. Overall, what a broken and pitiful excuse for a game.

The only redeeming part about this game is the song "his world" by zebrahead. The rest of the game is so horrible. Too many glitches, feels rushed, and what is up with that romantic relationship between sonic and princess elise? I don't even think those two go together.

This is the original. Not the 2006 one. But this game is great! Why the hell is it here? I don't know, but somebody was not right in the head. You know what? I think I smell the blood of a Call of Duty fanboy!

This is without a doubt the worst game I have ever played. I could go on, but just look up clementj642 sonic 06 review on youtube. It's like he read my mind with everything he said in the video.

I think this game is better than today's sonic the hedgehog hog because, today's sonic the hedgehog is about amiibos and super smash bros (overrated and smash bros used to be good now it's a piece). Down below I wills list the pros and cons of this game

Pros- features silver the hedgehog (he's my favorite character of the sonic the hedgehog series), it's cutscenes look cool and adventurous, you can go around town (in other sonic games you can't do that), and you can play as shadow.

Cons- it's a 3 dimensional game (3D games are harder), sometimes it takes longer to find a destination, and there are some annoying people talking in the game.

Well, the soundtrack is nice, and the glitches can be used to make a great montage, but you literally cannot play with sonic, it is so hard to play with silver, the only somewhat playable character is shadow, but even that is still glitchy

This game, I am so glad this game is that high on the list. I also hate this game for its English voice acting and character design other than its sexist story, level design and control. Auggh, this game sucks and the only decent things about this game are the male hedgehog characters and the powerful soundtrack and even better - the Japanese voice acting!

This game was the devil of my childhood. It took 10 throws of a 5 story building for it to brake. That's all it has going, a strong disk

What were the Laughing Joking Numbnuts who made this crazy glitch-riddled excuse for a Sonic game thinking! Of course... They WEREN'T thinking!
Worst Sonic games ever (so bad the perfect finishing touch for them is ljn's Rainbow of Doom):
3. Sonic Labyrinth
2. Sonic R
1. Sonic 2006

This is what happens if you rush a game. To me, there was so many things wrong about this game, and some plot elements that don't make any sense.

Still a better love story than- actually, no. Sonic 06 is a worse love story than Twilight. That's an accomplishment.

This game makes me wanna gag myself with a spoon. This game was an unpolished, glitchy mess, and I don't understand how this was even released in the first place. - FineDough

Let's see a blue hedgehog fall in love with a human princess! That's totally not bestiality! Oh yeah, and along the way there will be glitches and the game will be totally unplayable.

I loved and still love sonic. Why did this have to get released? This game made me so sad to see that they made such a horrible game off of one of the best game franchises ever made. Why?

As a Sonic fan I was ashamed of the release of this game. Bad gameplay mechanics, design and even more horrifying plot. I'm just surprised this didn't kill the franchise as a whole.

Horrible control, bad camera, bad story, Sonic and his friends are like puppets with electric mouth, and SO many glitches. That's only some of reason this game is HORRIBLE

I hate it when you quit but then you have to start over again that's why I got rid of this game

Everything about this game is enough reason to be #1 on this list.

The graphics are horrible. This should be number one.

Idiot, the Sonic Adventure series doesn't suck!

Why is this game #7? It's a godsend compared to other games on this list! Sure, it's buggy, but it doesn't deserve to be THAT high...

THis game just is a bad representation of sonic to a community of people that haven't actually played the REAL game.