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Screamers are on YouTube where it's calm then a face pops up.

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1 relaxing car drive

If anyone doesn't know what this is, it starts out in a peaceful meadow with soothing music, and white minivan driving through it. At one point, the van goes behind a bush, but it doesn't come out on the other side. When it shoes the other side, the music dims out, and then a really terrifying zombie thing jumps out and screams like there's no tomorrow (the zombie looks like it had acid sprayed on it's face.) I really don't advise anyone to watch it. I watched it a few years ago, and I still get nightmares from it.

when I first saw this I was drinking a glass of milk, as soon as the scary bit happend I fell of the chair and spat the milk all over the screen. - dragon13304

What is this people. I don't wanna watch this. Please tell me what happens. What kind of creature and sound jump out. PLEASE TELL ME!

I was 7th grade the first time I watched the video. It was our teacher who played it and said that it will help us to straightened Concertation everything went well untill when he said "now watch where the car go " Suddenly a terrible screaming and zombie look alike popped up in screen traumatixed me forever

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2 subliminal music and images

I nearly witnessed it, you see I was going to watch another video but I accidently clicked the wrong video. But thanks to my good memory I went back. Then I learnt that the video I nearly watched was one of the scariest videos on YouTube, but I will never be so lucky again.

So hard to believe, but yet is kind of spooky for me at least. This deserves number one, Disney all the way. The only best (funny) subliminal message is:

YVAN EHT NIOJ! -The Simpsons

That episode was funny! But hidden messages are NOT!


Not all subliminal images and music are screamers. I watched a few and they weren't screamers.

This is the worst one I've ever seen by far

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3 scary maze

Scary maze was not scary! I just don't get it why this prank was so popular. Not only YouTube, many people made a website with the same name, for example, the website's name was "Scary Maze Zone" or something similar. Subliminal messages and the car one was even scarier than this one!

I don't mind with the volume down, but the scream haunts me. But there is a way of getting onto level 4, when you read this go on YouTube and type How To Get onto level 4 on the scary maze. I worked for me and I got away with it at school

I hate this video I wish screamers were never made who ever made screamers I wanna punch the stuff outta them

Everything's fine, then once you finish the game, Regan MacNeil pops up!

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4 smashing my xbox

Show, e the links

What kind x box is it

5 ghosts caught on tape

I don't trust short videos now. Now I read the comments first.
What is girl on bike anyway. plz reply - immabe

This one is the worst, because the screamer runs to the screen instead of just popping up. But the scream isn't that bad.

OMG I was on a ghost streak when it "POPPED" up and I suddenyl relized it be4 it appeared then it came rigth we I was trying to close the windo XD

I saw this a few years back, I didn't know what was gonna happen, but when the face popped up and sceamed, I jumped. I turned off my ipad, stood up, and I saw that my hands were shaking. This video got me goos. - nintendofan126

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6 master cheifs face

This one is funny

7 wheres waldo

My Friend showed me this and my face flew back from the computer. I always read comments now and will be more careful for short videos.

"My Friend showed me this and my face flew back from the computer. I always read comments now and will be more careful for short videos.

The face didn't take up the whole screen so it wasn't that scary.

This also happens in an episode of Drawn Together (Spelling Applebee's) - Yona_db

8 jingle bell backwards

I almost fell for it, but, when I looked at the comments 'cause I was on YouTube, I told my sister to watch it, and now she is scarred for life! I watched it afterwards, and now, before watching any video, I check the comments...

Scared the hell out of me. I'm in the internet cafe that's why I have to keep my mouth shut. RESULT: involuntary shaking afterwards... Damn.

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9 Family Guy TV MA

You have to turn it up all the way to hear the song and then a face pops up and scares the s*** out of you! I hate it!

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10 I can talk backwards

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11 Sonic.exe

Sonic. Exe was a creepypasta not a screamer but I agreed... That face give me chills...

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12 kikia

FIRST SCREAMER! I was 4 years old and my cousins were showing me funny videos then showed me this... scarred! - fevvyls

Not even scary

13 ghost car

This appeared on the amazing world of gumball in the internet

I agree with the commenter below.

I watched this in grade 1 and I stuffed my head in the sofa LOLZ and then I showed it to my WHOLE grade 1 class.But the ghost is just a lady with makeup. I'm in grade 4 now and I'm not so scarred of it.Only the scream gets me

14 Michael Jackson's Ghost (Scary at end)

This literally made me jump off the couch and scream my lungs out. It was the loudest I ever screamed. My poor dog woke up because of how loud I screamed. It was even scarier because I was home alone at night with the lights out and blinds down. I dare you to watch this video at night

The only thing in the web that scared me. Even though in screamers, the faces aren't scary. Only the sudden appearance on the screen shocks the viewer causing a feeling of scare.

This was my first screamer and it scared the crap out of me! Now I watch screamers all the time and they don't scare me

My mom showed me this one. I fell of my chair and sprained my ankle - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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This is not a screamer Hmm... Maybe I should watch it.

16 ghost girl in the mirror

It's not really a screamer but that face used to appear in my nightmares. o_o

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17 Justin Bieber singing

Experience a screamer at a concert.

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18 girl on bike

When I was 4 or 5 my grandma showed this to me it scared the poo out of me man that was terrible! Gosh never watch it! I hate screamers they are stupid!

What happens in this one

19 Jeff Hardy's entrance theme backwards

3 second video. If you don't want to watch it what happens is that just black is there... THEN a green demon w/ev face pops up and a scream comes...

20 Large Marge
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