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21 sevenblack07

AMAZING singer & vocalist!

22 Lil Wayne I Feel Like Dying Backmask

I was gonna put in Micheal Jacksons Ghost (really there is one called that) but then I remembered this. This is the first one to really scare me. The fact that the song is backmasked is bad enough but then POW!
p.s. Scary Maze isnt scary at all. I hardly even flinched. - fireinside96

23 Say It
24 If this dosn't make you jump nothing will
25 The Lazer Collection
26 biggest hockey fight that has ever been in NHL

I remember this one...The thumbnail of the video is a hockey player kicking another one in the face. Within the first 3 seconds of the video it has the most frightening image I have ever seen. I hate jumpscares, and I would never make anyone watch one for the same reason. - Jonerman

27 What is the longest word

Scarier than bloorly hell its so scary the ghost car face jump pops straight up right on the screen AHH

28 A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors Trailer (1987)

Well, the thing is, there's something there you don't always expect. Have fun.

29 K-fee commercials : yoga

So scary! The zombie scared the crap out of me! So scary!

30 Swearing Baby

This scared me. I was 8 years old and couldn't sleep all night.

Scary scared me senseless

31 Scary maze game
32 Fish Eats Duck V 1 Comment
33 UFO screamer

MY FRIEND ON THE BUS TOLD ME TO SHOW IT TO THE KID IN THE SEAT BEGIND US, I did and he couldn't stop laughing and. Saying it was outta nowhere for 5 whole minutes!

34 London dungeon ghost footage
35 It Will Make You Jump
36 Chemical reaction: Mentos and yogurt

My mom showed me this after my brother saw a evil dead news paper. I expected it

37 Follow the Red Dot
38 100 scary screamers

The screamer doesn't work anymore.

Still, they gave me this link in a online game and I shat bricks! - tent2

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40 When and how will you die?

This scared me so much. It was my first screamer and I almost had a heart attack in real.

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