Top MLB Shortstops of 2006

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1 Derek Jeter Derek Jeter Derek Sanderson Jeter is an American former professional baseball shortstop, current businessman and baseball executive who is the chief executive officer and part owner of the Miami Marlins of Major League Baseball.

Derek Jeter is straight clutch. no one even compares. camptin on the dynasty team. what else is there to say - tony_tone

jeter is the best shortstop cause he knows where and when to be there. he has on field awarness

Jeter makes top plays and he makes less than 20 errors a year and a 300 average each year
- doristwaits

Even though I hate his guts, he is the best short-stop when it comes to defense.:( - Baltimore1993

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2 Jose Reyes

Jose Reyes has a speedy thow.

He has speedy legs.

With speed makes the play

And has great contact

Jose Reyes Is one of the best players right now. He very fast. and oh so loveable.

Only like 20 something years only and leads the MLB in stolen bases and triples

he can hit run and field what more can you ask for
- joro808

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3 Omar Vizquel

National League Gold Glove winner two years in a row, not to mention he's in his 40s makes him that much more of a bad ass

Omar and Adam Everett should be at the top of this list. Jeter doesn't even belong on the ballot.

4 Jimmy Rollins

he has very good speed and has some power

I'm so tired of hearing Derek jeters name. In glad he's retiring - Sabbath

5 David Eckstein

One of the best work ethics in baseball today. An absolute overachiever.

great range, good leadership, fast hands.

6 Miguel Tejada

Power, speed, and defence, he has all of them. Derek Jeter is a bad defensive short stop. - Cbatower

Miguel Tejada is da best why 7% instead off 50%

7 Adam Everrett
8 Michael Young

I think Michael should be number one.. Because he is the best in the league... Just look at the stats.
Plus I'm from Texas so yea.

9 Rafael Furcal
10 Edgar Renteria

number 1 great personality comes to play every day very good hitter good defense you can for any more

The Contenders

11 Carlos Guillen

he is the love of my life. how the hell did he not make the top 10, hes amazing!

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