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21 Bedtime Stories

Surprised this is not on the list. Awesome movie. Have watched it so many times! Love Adam Sandler.. And Russell Brand rocks!

One of the best movies of all time, hands down. - Alpha101

So cool loved also have it on dvd

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22 Hotel Transylvania 2 V 4 Comments
23 Funny People

Laugh Out Loud funny! One of my favs! - UpTheIronz1980

24 Pixels

Maybe cause I'm a nerd, but it's great.

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25 Eight Crazy Nights

I've watch this movie multiple times and have yet to have grown tired of it. It showcases not only his acting abilities, but also sing great voice in singing. They don't make much animated movies like this anymore, which brings to question, "How great will Hotel Transylvania be? " - izzychavez

26 Spanglish

Very underrated movie, his best true acting performance.

27 Bulletproof

If I had to pick one of his awesome movies to be number one, I would have to say BULLETPROOF! Not only made me laugh many times, but also a great action film. The match-up Damon Wayans-Adam Sandler works fantastic! (I haven't seen Billy Madison yet so that could be the only one to change my mind)

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28 Blended

Just watched this today - all thumbs up for Adam Sandler and for Drew Barrymore - they make great movies together! It should move up to the high end of the list for best of his movies.

This you can't expect to be that well known yet, because it's so new.

An amazing movie, my favorite ever. IT has amazing music, grear acting, and a beautiful plot. - Rucas

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29 Jack and Jill

This movie literally has 3% on rotten tomatoes it should be last - VideoGamefan5

I know a lot of people who actually LOve this move

Absolutely 1 Of the Funniest Movies Of all times. I've seen it 10 times

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30 Little Nicky

For me, this movie is the best from all of them, I think it should be in the top 3s

I will eat your heart, haha - aman28

Should be in top 10 not 30th

31 The Secret Life of Pets

I Saw That Sandler Voiced One Of The Pets So I Put This Here - VideoGamefan5

32 The Do-Over
33 The Ridiculous 6
34 Coneheads
35 Top Five
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