Top 10 AFL Grand Finals In History

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1 Sydney vs West Coast 2005

I was so lucky to watch my Swans beat the Eagles to win their first premiership in 72 years! Undoubtedly one of the best grand finals the game has seen. Leo Barry's mark was the best moment of my life too! - swans4life2013

Neither team deserved to lose. Both the Swans and the Eagles fought until the very end. Perfect example of what an AFL Grand Final should be.

How is this only at Number 2? Such a great game. What made it even better was that it was between two non-Victorian teams.


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2 Hawthorn vs Geelong 1989

Who could forget the Battle of 89? The high scoring thriller where Gary Ablett Sr scored 9 goals and it still wasn't enough to get the Cats over the line. By the final siren, the Hawks only had 13 fit players on the field. Scottish soccer player Ray Stewart watched the match, and even said "I would not play this game for a million dollars."

Watch the documentary if you don't think this is the best grand final of the AFL.

Even as a Geelong supporter, I can say this s the best.

How is this at Number2?!

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3 Collingwood vs Carlton 1970

Oh Jesaulenko You Beauty!

Come on, you gotta vote for this man, it's the best ever

That piece of commentary still clear as day in my head...JESAULENKO YOU BEAUTY!

4 Sydney vs West Coast 2006

People always talk about how good the 2005 one was, but it was too low-scoring for me. This one is the best.

I also loved this match... lots more than the 2005 grand final anyway, I mean a one point win to the eagles!

5 Collingwood vs St Kilda Draw 2010

I barrack for collingwood and I enjoyed both games but this probably more than the draw because it was keeping me on the edge of my seat

That was so annoying we gathered everyone for a draw

I was at the MCG for the first game. It was an absolute thriller. As soon as the siren sounded, the atmosphere around the stadium was incredible. It's a shame that the replay was boring and one-sided.

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6 Western Bulldogs vs Sydney Swans 2016

Western Bulldogs & Sydney battled it out and it was very close until Tom Boyd kicked a goal and they were 15 points in front, then Liam Picken kicked an easy goal and put them 21 points up, then a point was scored on the siren. The Western Bulldogs ended a 62 year drought. The Western Bulldogs had last played in a Grand Final in 1961 making it 20,090 days or 55 years

Waited all my life to see the Bulldogs win, Broke down in tears instantly as the siren sounded

From 7th to a fairtytale ending. Best Grand Final ever

I think eveyone was going for the bulldogs that day

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7 St Kilda vs Collingwood 1966

For a non St Kilda supporter I just adore this performance and near the end it's the best victory of all time even more the 2006 grandfinal with one point scored near the end of the game - jonjonat

8 Carlton vs Collingwood 1979
9 Richmond vs Geelong 1968
10 Brisbane vs Collingwood 2002

Best game ever! The margin never once reached 10 points and best of all, the mighty Lions won back to back premierships.

It is the best game ever but not if you really hate consecutive premierships from a very overrated team hate or love collingwood this was one of the most unfair and robbed contests in history - jonjonat

One of the best performances in AFL history it will go down in history as one of the best Grandfinals of all time excluding the greatness of the 1970 and 1989 VFL grandfinals it is by far the best and greatest game of all time - jonjonat

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11 Geelong vs St Kilda 2009

The ultimate Clash of the Titans! - Jazi17

Like its successer, this game would of been a draw if harry taylor didn't mark it at the end. Sadly this great mark was overshadowed by leo barrys mark 4 years prior.

great game

Stk saints did so good that year... but at what cost

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12 Hawthorn vs Sydney 2012

Veiwers must of thought hawthorn would smash it after half time but no sydney was not done with they kicked the last 5 goals with one a snappy round the boddy in the last minute to give sydney a 10 point win! this was not like most grand finals either the leading team continued switching!

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13 Carlton vs Richmond 1972

Amazing game - Richmond scored 150 points and still lost! - graham.clayton.906

14 Hawthorn vs Geelong 2008

One of the great David vs Goliath games. Geelong fans saying we "stole" their flag for years afterwards, even as the hawks couldn't beat them again for five years. Game was won in the third quarter by a young prodigy called Cyril as well as an overweight ex-retired Stuart Dew, whose one great quarter more than justified his recruitment

Who doesn't like a bit of Cats vs Hawks?
As a Hawthorn supporter, at least I can say, I'm glad we finally got them again in 2013 - Flamesofsilver

Cameron Mooney's miss after the half-time siren was probably the funniest thing I've seen in my life!

Hawks won

15 Collingwood vs North Melbourne Draw 1977
16 Essendon VS Hawthorn 1984
17 Carlton vs Essendon 1968
18 Carlton vs Richmond 1982
19 Melbourne vs Essendon 1959
20 Fremantle vs Hawthorn 2013

It was the first time Freo made the grand finals ever, and they lost by 15 points. Hopefully they win it this year!

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