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21 Bananza (Belly Dancer) Bananza (Belly Dancer)

Akon's entry on that vehicle with that humming... WOW what a man he is!

It is a very fast song, I like the way he sang with a slang... With awesome tribal like music it is excellent

It must be in top 10... for sure!

How is this so far down

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22 Birthmark Birthmark

What a wonderful song I just can't imagine

Always on repeat. The beat is bam

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23 I Tried I Tried

Really?! He's with Bone Thugs-n-harmony! It can't get better, his voice sounds fantastic on that song - nonofyall

This is definitely his greatest song!

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24 We Takin' Over We Takin' Over
25 Against the Grain Against the Grain

Everyone please listen to this wonderful song and vote for it.
It has so much feelings. One of the best songs ever. Please hear this song as quick as possible.

the best song ever. donno what it is doin at 14. should be on no 1

First listen it! It should be at the #1! Best song by akon! Love this song!


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26 Sweetest Girl

this song should be @ #1... cash rulz everythin around me... one of the finest music eva.

"This song is beautiful and outstanding. I know words to told you". This is wonderful.

Song ripped of Wu Tan Clang but its nice anyway. One of my favorites. - dodog619

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27 Angel Angel

This song is the best Akon song ever! Maybe even better than Right Now... Well maybe not but it is an incredibly awesome song, should be at least no. 3

This song is just rocking why is this song in this place it should be at least top 5

It is an awesome song I could not understand why the hell this is in 44th place it should be at least top 10

Lyrics in this song are beautiful

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28 Kush Kush
29 Keep Up

Super song from akon... Love this song... I will give 5/5 to this song

Best song ever by Akon. Should be in the top ten.

Most motivational song in the universe

What...28th position?

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30 Who Dat Girl
31 Get Buck In Here Get Buck In Here

The beat of this song is amazing I can tell that the d-j did great jop
And akon made a wonderful course

32 What You Got What You Got V 1 Comment
33 No More You

Why is this song so below? Please hear it once and I'm sure you will love it!

What the hell no 36 at least it should be in top ten. Its very nice song please listen to it

Just hear it and decide

It makes me think of my first love

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34 Still a Survivor

This song is full of meaning, I like this song. I'm still a survivor!


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35 Play Hard Play Hard

Akon & Ne yo has a amazing vocal chemistry in the song with David Guetta in the music..Its too good..

What? So low? This song inspires me to do my work harder so to get success. True meaning of life lies in hard work. Top 5 ought to be even if its not solo.

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36 One More Time

Awesome song. You must listen this before you die.

Real nice song that too those first few lines

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37 Silver & Gold

should be a top 10 its amazing
it has so good beat and awesome lyrics my best song really
- megomagdi

38 Clap Again

Really? This is the best song ever!
I totally like it, should be in the top 10 of course

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39 Dream Girl

Brings to me good/bad memories at the same time.

40 Troublemaker Troublemaker

One of Akons best. I cannot believe it hasn't made this list yet.

Awesome song
You will never get this type of music in future... Very nice lyrics...
Akon you rock dude... I love you and your songs... Keep rocking...!

Crazy people! Vote for the number one song guys...! I can't see a 1st deserving song in such a low position... Whenever you hear it, just close your eyes and feel the music through your ears... You feel such a sudden relief in all your burdens... Feel like a floating angel in the vast expanse of ocean of music. I don't think you will get a song anything like this in your life.

Akon Rocks!

The Best in Freedom album!

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