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61 Fallin In Love V 1 Comment
62 Hurt Somebody

This is one of the most and biggest hit of AKON... It's so super that... The song would make you feel like rocking... Hat's off to Akon for making this song so better

Nice inspirational song. Excellent along with video

V 1 Comment
63 Frozen
64 So High

Nice one... This song is from koncrete album. Check out

65 Housefull 2
66 When I Get On V 1 Comment
67 So Special

It's a very lovely song... Every girl should like it. I'll love that song for ever.

Special thanks to you akon for making new song, so I will pray for you as you can make more n more nice song. because I like you song so much...

68 Never Took the Time

What! This is one of the best song by AKON... Just give it a shot.

This is a beautiful song I play it over and over at time thinking of my old relationship that did not work out.

69 Me Myself & I V 2 Comments
70 Chop My Money
71 Sunny Day V 2 Comments
72 Changed Man
73 Searching for Love

This nice songs do you searching for love?

V 1 Comment
74 My Life

Amazed after listening this song... He is a class singer no doubt And the rap is good as well... Vote 4 this song ASAP!

75 Body Bounce V 1 Comment
76 Cocaine Cowboy
77 Cross that Line

This is the best song I head ever. Please listen the song one time. This song must on number 1

78 The Rain

It's just an inspirational excellent emotional song

79 Rush V 1 Comment
80 Keep on Calling

Akon sounds like a real rappr.

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