Right Now (Na Na Na)


I like this song very much akon will be on the top of the world it has a very good tunes and lyrics akon is the best singer akon is the romantic singer akon songs are very nice and beautiful like the sun on the top of the wold

Who wouldn't love this song?! ! Love it! Love you akon! And I'll always love your songs! Whoa!

Very beautiful songs I liked it very much I think it the best song that akon have sung in his life. I hear every day and it is at the top of my song list. I think it has a very good tune and melody

The songs is damn good, it obviously deserves number 1 place and should be the best song in the whole world as there is no other singer in this world who can beat akon in slow rock and rnb

No doubt that this is on the first position. One of the my favorite song. I never get tired listening this song. This song touches my heart. I can listen to it whole day without getting bore.

Superb songs. I love akon chammak challo songs. Akon voice is very nice. And one song hold my hand songs. Its really very cool. How he can speak hindi. He speak outstanding hindi. It was unbelievable.

I think this is the one and only song which is turned my life BEAUTIFUL RIGHT NOW. And just SMACK THAT my feelings. After listening this song every girl looks BEAUTIFUL. With out this song I am so LONELY.

Best song best theme I really love this one and it must remain at top. Who wouldn't love this song?! ! Love it! Love you akon! And I'll always love your songs Akon! Whoa!

This is the best song ever that I had never in my life! Akon is my best musician I love him he is my god in music when I hear this song my heart is broken out

I've listened to this song so many times and it deserves number one because of the beat the lyrics and the music in general all in all great job by akon

I'm sorry I am a huge fan of akon but this song is probably in the bottom. It should not be number 10 something like lonely or don't matter be number 1

Its the best song it deserves the #1 position.
His song rocks and is one of the best songs..
Well this song really stands out. I love this song very much. , its only akon who can sing like this. Akon rocks.

Coolest song ever sung. He is awesome.Everyone should hear his songs at least once. He's one of the best singers ever

Smack That isn't a good song... Not top ten... Just saying... This song is his best and if you ask anyone if they know Akon they will say this song.

Yes because whenever I ear this song I feel am in PARADISE

And all my family members become happy whenever they ear this song

This song is superb.. One cannot describe in words. Akon rocks. Cheers & keep on singing such melodious and heart touching songs.

I love this song so much it has the best, beat and tune and I'm definitely learning this song on piano

This song rocks like anything and really the number 1 song I love it

Totally the best song by Akon.. I can listen to it all day without getting bored.. Love it..

It's a very good song and it soothes both body and mind. Akon, we need more songs like this. keep up the good work!

This are awesome musics. Keep your voice above all. Cause I know one day you will be the 1st singer in the world.

Absolutely fantastic lyrics. The emotions are incredibly true in the song. The ending flow is pure dope!

The ultimate song. Whenever I listen it somewhere I can't stop myself from listening the song till end.

This song deserves to be at the top of the list I think there is no better song than this one AKON ROCKS!

This song has been rightly chosen for number 1 position. It touches my heart every time I hear it