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1 What's The Story Morning Glory What's The Story Morning Glory Product Image

This album contains their best songs. I've never heard such wonderful songs in my whole life before. This is what music was, before Bustin Jeiber came to this world. But you can't deny Wonderwall, Champagne Supernova and defiantly not Don't Look Back In Anger. These songs helped me understand life, and other important things. Oasis. You'll never erase from our memories.

First time o heard this album, I didn't like it (I still listen definitely maybe). I think this album too overrated. But now, I can feel this album! Every song just so perfect! Even I feel like wanna cry when Some Might Say was played, I don't know why.. But this album just so perfect!

The best album of the history of music (for me), included greatest song like wonderwall, don't look back in anger, some might say, morning glory & champagne supernova (for me the best song of the greates album of history), with 26.000.000 is the best album with best sells & the best album for more fans around the world

Hey now is my favorite song, and the most underrated oasis song ever

2 Definitely Maybe Definitely Maybe Product Image

Rock 'n' Roll Star: Good start, a bit of a headbanger!

Shakermaker: A story about the Gallaghers' childhood with a little bit of "I Am The Walrus" mixed in!

Live Forever: Amazing and haunting!

Up In The Sky: Meh.

Columbia: Brilliant!

Supersonic: How to make the first song in your music career: Step 1 - THIS!

Bring It On Down: A headbanger that has lyrics with some attitude makes a good mix!

Cigarettes And Alcohol: Definitely a pretty good one

Digsy's Dinner: Just the song to listen to when eating lasagna. I like it!

Slide Away: LOVE IT! This and Live Forever are my favorite Oasis tracks.

Married With Children: A simple, laid back one, but a goody! Relatable too if you have a spouse or a roommate you can't stand anymore!

Oasis' defining statement and one of the greatest debut albums of all time. It all comes together here, with every song being equally good as any other. Every song could have been a single honestly. And Liam sounds incredible. A true Rock n Roll Star

Every single song is unbelievable, fair enough WTSMG has the same, but the standard of song on Definitely Maybe is amazing. Rock n Roll star, Live Forever, Supersonic Cigarettes & Alcohol and Slide Away are all class songs. Songs also like Shakermaker, Up in the Sky, Columbia, Bring it on down etc are also all brilliant songs. When looking for an album you look for a stand out song, this has 4 or 5.

This should be number 1. Although Morning Glory probably the best of their songs, Don't Look Back in Anger, Definitely Maybe was just overall slightly better.

3 Be Here Now Be Here Now Product Image

Definitely the most underrated album they have done. Dyou know what I mean, I hope I think I know, girl in the dirty shirt, stand by me, don't go away, all around the world and its gettin better man all class songs 9/10

Don't Go Away is the best song by Oasis.

As good as definitely Maybe, maybe

All around the world,is the best song ever made.

4 The Masterplan The Masterplan Product Image

Honestly I don't really got into this album full out, some songs are amazing, but I rather listen to other albums with Oasis more. 7/10

I agree with all you guys. This is way better than Be Here Now. That says a lot about Noel Gallagher and his songwriting.

This album represents the Oasis DNA much better than anything else apart of Definitely Maybe and Morning Glory. 8/10

Better than be here now! Half the world away, acquiesce, the masterplan, underneath the sky. I mean come on

5 Heathen Chemistry Heathen Chemistry Product Image

Little by little, stop crying your heart out anyone? Its not the best, but not the worst

This was truly oasis at their artistic peak

Back to basics great album

I think this is easily better than Don’t Believe The Truth

6 Standing on the Shoulder of Giants Standing on the Shoulder of Giants Product Image

This is a very underrated album. Its very different but in a good way. Possibly my favorite.

Love this album there is literally not one song I dislike on here, so underrated.

Don't know how his is so low, it was said to be their most mature album...

Overall I like it better than Be Here Now, should be #3.

7 Don't Believe the Truth Don't Believe the Truth Product Image

Lyla, Part Of The Queue, Let There Be Love, etc... All underrated songs that are easily as good as Wonderwall - a really good album!

A Bell Will Ring, Keep The Dream Alive, Lyla... This album is amazing, so much better than Dig Out Your Soul!

I expected don't believe the truth to be higher up the list. Shocking that its nailed to the bottom!

Lyla, Importance of being idle, Turn up the sun, need I say more?

8 Dig Out Your Soul Dig Out Your Soul Product Image

Like the Beatles oasis ended with a psychadelic touch and in my opinion songs like falling down and nature of reality are Beatles worthy.

This one should be #2 behind "What's the Story" Most consistent album they made. The most overrated would be "Be Here Now".

The first half of this album is the greatest they have done. The second half is the weakest.

Too much Noel in this album, but album should be higher

9 Familiar to Millions Familiar to Millions Product Image

Livealbum at its best.

10 Stop the Clocks Stop the Clocks Product Image
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11 Time Flies... 1994-2009 Time Flies... 1994-2009 Product Image

Great album full of many high quality greatest hits from Oasis like Wonderwall, Don't Look Back in Anger and Supersonic.

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