"(What's The Story) Morning Glory?" Album Review

To be completely honest, I haven't been very familiar with Oasis for very long. I've always heard about them, and listened to their hits, but recently, I decided to pick up a copy of this album. Upon first listen, it impressed me. On the second hearing, I began to like it even more. After listening to it a few more times, it's quickly became one of my favorite albums.

"Hello" is a great way to start off the album. It's fast, catchy, and full of energy. It's not the strongest track on the album, but it is, nevertheless, a great song, and I find myself liking it more every single time I listen to it.

"Roll With It" is my least favorite song on the album. It isn't bad, but it gets to be very repetitive and annoying the more you listen to it. This is one that I usually skip, but do listen to on occasion.

"Wonderwall" is the Oasis song that everyone knows, and for good reason. Most people consider it to be the best on the album, and possibly, the band's best song, which I have to disagree with. Sure, it is a fantastic song and many can relate to it, but it just seems to be a little bland compared to a few of their other tracks. It is one of the best on the album, but there are a few that surpass it.

"Don't Look Back in Anger" was my first Oasis song, and is still, to this day, my absolute favorite. It plays out as a kind of homage to the Beatles, mainly John Lennon, as the opening few seconds to the song sound strikingly similar to Lennon's "Imagine." The chorus is mesmerizing, and the song's message about the revolution that Lennon started still amazes me today.

"Hey Now" is another one of my favorite songs by the band. It's incredibly catchy, and I can't refrain from humming along every single time that I listen to it. Like the "Wonderwall," the message is powerful and relatable.

"Some Might Say" is another one of my favorites. Each line on the track is brilliant, and it has some of the most clever word play that I've ever heard in a song. I can't really put it into words, but whenever i listen to this song, I get a mix of joy and sorrow, if that makes any sense. It gives me mixed emotions, but it is, to me, a hopeful song.

"Cast No Shadow" is another fantastic track. The chorus is what really stands out in this song, as it sounds hopeless, yet happy, in a way. At least, it sounds like that to me. The lyrics are also beautifully written, and flow very nicely.

"She's Electric" is another good song, but I usually skip it, because, like "Roll With It," it becomes repetitive as the song drags on.

"Morning Glory" really sums up the album perfectly. It has a very happy vibe to it, though, in some ways, it can sound a little melancholy, and it irresistibly catchy. This is one of the band's absolute best.

"Champagne Supernova" is another classic song that most people know. Is it overplayed? Yes. Is is overrated? In some ways. Is it still brilliant? Absolutely. This does a near perfect job of closing this marvelous album, and I constantly get excited for this track as the albums winds down to a close.

A lot of negative things can be said about Oasis. They do kind of rip off the Beatles in some ways, and most of their songs are repetitive, and some are even boring, but so much more positive things can be said than negative. They've successfully made their songs sound happy, but, at the same time, make me emotional, and each track, even my least favorites, definitely have staying power, and will be played for, hopefully, many generations to come.

9.2/10 - Great Album