Top Ten Alice Cooper Albums

Alice Cooper is indeed the greatest rocker this world has ever seen, and I think we all need to honor him by writing this list of his greatest albums. (We're talking about both his band projects and his solo ones.)

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1 Killer Killer

One of my favorite Alice albums of all time. Some of my favorite singing-while-driving content is here. Under My Wheels, in particular, rocks hard. Be My Lover is another fave.

Awesome album. My second favorite after Love It To Death. They had the Love It To Death sound on this album, but with more sophisticated songs like Halo Of Flies.

My all time favourite album. In the days of vinyl, I used to collect 2-3 copies of all Alice's albums and over all the years 1969-present, Killer remains the king of the crop. Awesome cover, awesome songlist. Love it (to death). - Myke1

Appropriately named. No Filler - All Killer! Best Cooper Album hands down.

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2 Welcome to My Nightmare Welcome to My Nightmare

One of his best, indeed. Many great songs including Devils's Food, The Black Widow, Some Folks, Welcome to My Nightmare, Cold Ethyl and Only Women Bleed. All great hits! It also has a special guest-Vincent Price.

Great album, especially love department of youth

The greatest album of all time. Alice and Vincent, I's there a better combo?

Years Ago, Steven and The Awakening are creepy but are epic, like the whole album

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3 Love It to Death Love It to Death

Probably the darkest album he released, and definitely the best. Highlights are Black Juju, Is It My Body, Second Coming, and the Ballad of Dwight Fry.

Listen to Ballad of Dwight Fry, if you listen to no other song on this album, as it is the most slamming song on the album, and perhaps in all of rock history.

Some of the songs on this can send a chill down the spine of a first time listener. Caught In A Dream, I'm Eighteen, Black Juju, Second Coming/ Ballad Of Dwight Fry are some of America's heaviest song from the 70's.

Great album should be #1 on the list

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4 Billion Dollar Babies Billion Dollar Babies

This is the best album. Elected, Billion Dollar Babies, No More Mr Nice Guy and Generation Landslide are just some of the amazing songs from this album. I don't know what it is but I get a sort of... Vibe whenever I hear this album, that all the other great Alice albums just don't do quite as much. It pains me to see Hey Stoopid higher than this and a lot of other great Alice albums. I mean Hey Stoopid? Feed my Frankenstein and Loves a loaded gun aside but what's so special about the overall album? If it were my way, Hey Stoopid would be off this list, and The Last Temptation would be somewhere up here, as that is a VERY underrated album, with solid songwriting and strong lyrical themes - unlike Hey Stoopid in my personal opinion. But Billion Dollar Babies is the best.

Hooray! Let's Elect the best one! To show to a new Generation that Sweet album! Billions of feelings from an Unfinished listening. No More Landslide for that masterpiece. Be a Nice Guy. Simply.

Billion Dollar song is a masterpiece (genial drums, bass, guitar riffs that built rock n' roll, and psychedelic lyrics)

Best not a bad song

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5 Trash Trash

this is the best album ever, has poison, a classic, spark in the dark, bed of nails, HOUSE OF FIRE! all the songs has greats bass parts, harmonies, guitar, and a lot of alice, als there is only my heart is talkin' wich is a great ballad with all rocker style!

MAN! This is the BEST! I hope you really like it, beacuse it should be to number one OK?

Got all my faves. Spark in the Dark, Bed of Nails, This Maniac's in love with you... etc etc. Would be a crime not voting for this one.

Is the best album

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6 Hey Stoopid Hey Stoopid

Yes it's totally different than his classic work, but in my opinion his best album start to finish, the title track doesn't do it justice

Better than Trash, the guitar work really shines on this album on tracks like Wind Up Toy and Hey Stoopid. And this album is reminder that Alice Cooper is constantly evolving to fit the times and this strong representation of a late 80's arena rockfest (much like trash) is just one of the many forms an Alice Cooper album can take and I love

One of his best albums hey stoopid, might as well be on mars, little by little

Wow. I can't believe anyone in their right mind would vote for this. It's one of the worst, though not as terrible as Trash.

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7 Brutal Planet Brutal Planet

What can I say, pure hard rock. It's just great from start to finish. Alice Cooper is fantastic on this album. It should be at least top 5.

I love this album because this album is dark and explains what is wrong with this world!

Best 3 songs: Pick up the Bones, Brutal Planet (obviously) and Gimme

This album is one of the best for its dark sound and songs
Best song: cold machines

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8 From the Inside From the Inside

I'm stuck here from the inside, looking out...

The album that started him plus it is a hard album to find I love every song on this album

I don't think this is the album that "started" him. This is his fourth studio album, and the eleventh album by "Alice Cooper"

9 School's Out School's Out

SCHOOLS BEEN BLOWN TO PIECES. if those lyrics were real my heart would explode of joy - sharm7064

I can listen to this song over and over again.


My first love. No words for it.

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10 Muscle of Love Muscle of Love

Their best - I am a old school hard core fan. No questions the band at its pinnacle.

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11 Alice Cooper Goes to Hell Alice Cooper Goes to Hell

I'm a huge Cooper fan and I've been religiously listening to his music for well over two decades, and I have every one of his albums and if I were to rate his top 10 albums from best to least favorite (I would say worst but he has no bad album), I would get into detail proving this list but I don't have time so here goes 1. Raise Your Fist and Yell 2. Hey Stoopid 3. Constictor 4. My Last Temptation 5. Alice Cooper Goes to Hell 6. Trash 7. Welcome To My Nightmare 8. Scool's Out 9. Brutal Planet and 10. The Eye's of Alice Cooper.

Just a great album, from the opener to the end.

Perfect - and diverse.
Give the kid a break...

Such a great album.

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12 Dada Dada

Dada, From The Inside, Flush The Fashion, Special Forces.

The earlier records are also great, but Alice has bored us to death with the likes of Schools out and No more mr nice guy. It reached the point where I just stopped going to see him, even when he played my home city on my birthday one year and the girl I was seeing desperately wanted to go. I could not face it. "How many said, whatever happened to Alice? " He asked that question back in 1976 on Goes To Hell, by the end of the 1980's, it was the only question worth asking him.

Alice does not want to know about the late 1970's and early 1980's yet it was far and away his greatest period, interesting ideas, inspirational and dark, he also looked great too, he suited the part he set out to play.

Personally, Hey Stoopid was the final straw for me, it was that bad. Alice has only ever really followed the trend of the time, but he always pulled it off, until Hey Stoopid. Go back and look at his ...more

So many underrated songs; "Enough's enough", "No man's land", I" love America" but the best is "Pass the gun around"

THE most underrated album, its a crime that its not in the top 10!

I have all Alice's albums, and this I play often. Its in my top 5. The opening is the best.

13 Along Came A Spider Along Came A Spider

Best song: Catch Me If You Can. This is his newest album. The songs on it are really good. If I had space to fit in other albums, you would see Easy Action, Lace and Whiskey, From the Inside, and Trash.

Good album. The best songs on this album: Catch Me If You Can, Vengeance Is Mine, I Am The Spider/Epilogue! I like this one. It's not my favorite, but I like it! Alice Cooper forever!

I didn't realise but I found out that along came a spider has a similar plot to the human centipede.
It's about a psychopath kidnaping victims and using their body parts to make a spider
(Now I'm going off topic)
This should be at least in the top 5 because of awesome songs like catch me if you can and vengence is mine

This is easily one of his best albums, even though he is getting old, he is still awesome

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14 Constrictor Constrictor

Best song: He's Back. Don't have the album, but I still know a lot of songs on it and I love the album.

Thrill My Gorilla, Life and Death of the Party are pretty good too but He's Back is the best song in the album

Features great songs like he's back and teenage frankenstein

15 Flush the Fashion Flush the Fashion V 1 Comment
16 Raise Your Fist and Yell Raise Your Fist and Yell

I'm a huge Cooper fan and I have every album he's released (yes even the the), but what I can't understand for the life of is why Killer is #1 on this so called list. Like I said I enjoy all of his albums but for Raise Your Fist and Yell to be #1 is laughable considering this is probably his best album, every song is fun and some are extremely powerful like Time to Kill, Prince of Darkness and Roses on White Lace, not to mention I never tire of this record no matter how much I listen to it. I guess you can say it's like fine wine, it only gets better with time. Other great albums is Hey Stoopid, Constrictor, and Alice Cooper Goes to Hell.

You sound like a huge Van Halen fan to me. This is totally not better than Killer. Are you having a laugh?

I suggest that people open their ears and especially their minds, because for this album to be rated #15 on this list is insulting. Not only should it be #1 but it is also easily one of, or if not the greatest metal album made and that is comming from someone who has been a major metal fan for 25 years. Trust me you've got to listen to this closely and carefully, it takes time to recognize the true greatness of this album.

This is a fantastic album and so is constrictor. Both largely because of kane roberts guitar work. It may not have songs like schools out which every one thinks are his "best" but there is no filler on this album. It is probably alice coopers only heavy metal album which makes it so fantastic.

Come on, songs like Freedom, Give the Radio Back, Prince Of Darkness makes this album easy on the top 5

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17 Special Forces Special Forces

Love this album. He may have been fried at this time, but so is the music.

Really? Special Forces easily belongs to his top-5
".. We don't care, we don't care"

18 Dragontown Dragontown

Nearly as dark as brutal planet but kinda more cooper in it

Really an amazing album. One of the best with Trash, Brutal Planet and killer.

Another great album by Alice Cooper. My favorites:
Sister Sara
Sex, Death and Money
Somewhere in the Jungle

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19 Dirty Diamonds Dirty Diamonds

True return to form. ! Even more so than the one that preceded it.
Sounds like "old" Alice. Songs are just amazing! Can't believe how many
Dorks slammed "Jesse Jane" because it sounds like "Johnny Cash" country.
It's a parody and it's hilarious! This is one of his best albums. Of all time.

This is a solid album all the way thru.

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20 The Last Temptation The Last Temptation

This is a very well-written album. Many thought provoking tracks that ponder the question of good and evil. Read the comic books by Neil Gaiman along with listening to this album. Alice really put a lot of effort into this project. Chris Cornell makes an appearance on the album which is fun. It is all here though: ballads, fast tracks, dirges, metal etc. If you are an Alice Cooper die hard you will LOVE this album; however, if you are looking to relive Billion Dollar Babies era Alice, this is not what you are looking for.

Tied with Dada as Alice's third best solo album. As the other guy said, many thought provoking lyrics. Plus, Chris Cornell wrote two of the songs, and you can hear his awesome '94-era voice plain as day in "Stolen Prayer."

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