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21 Lace and Whiskey

This was one of his best albums...every track just runs into the next one with thought and imagination...a true cooper classic...

22 Dirty Diamonds

True return to form. ! Even more so than the one that preceded it.
Sounds like "old" Alice. Songs are just amazing! Can't believe how many
Dorks slammed "Jesse Jane" because it sounds like "Johnny Cash" country.
It's a parody and it's hilarious! This is one of his best albums. Of all time.

This is a solid album all the way thru.

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23 Pretties for You

I don't remember seeing this album like to find it.

My good friend Alan knew I liked Zappa's early stuff and let me check out this lp back in '69. One listen and I was hooked. (Remember this was 1969! ) One can tell all the Zappa added odd things, however, the music itself was truly exploratory (asnd kick ass live). Not only that, they used to perform at UB in Buffalo, NY(The Fillmore Room). Everybody would leave as soon as they started to play and me and my buddies sometimes watched 1 - 2 hours shows all by ourselves. I got to see all the early stuff. What a riot it was...! This and Easy Action made my Classic Ipod in 2009 right off the get-go.
Jim 'Big V'
PS RIP Gary Sperrazza! I truly loved you as a friend.

24 Welcome 2 My Nightmare

This is a very good masterpiece from alice, I think it belong in top 10 (at least)

Best song: I'll bite your face off

Songs like caffeine, runaway train, ill bite your face off, ghouls gone wild, and AENTaenoG

I love this album. I like billion dollar babies and trash the same.
Try listen to the songs:
I am made of you, caffeine, ill bite your face off, last man on earth and what baby wants featuring kesha. :D

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25 Easy Action

I'd say it's a little bit better than his first album. Because it has a little more tune, and at least it's listenable

This and Pretties For You are very underrated. Easy Action is the better of the two with great bass-lines from Dennis Dunaway. Mr. and Misdemeanor and Return of the Spiders are the first songs to feature Alice's gritty vocals.

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26 The Eyes of Alice Cooper

I think the album is very good! Alice Cooper makes very great albums.
The first song of this album is definitely one of the best from him. This album has 3/5 but I give it 4/5 because it has a lot of imagination inside. Alice Cooper Rocks!

Very great album 4/5 Alice cooper Rocks good tracks!

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27 The Life & Crimes of Alice Cooper
28 Hollywood Vampires - The Hollywood Vampires

Great album, great covers, and great singing from alice as always - ALL_HAIL_LELOUCH

29 Zipper Catches Skin

What? Why is this so low on the list? It's at least better than any of the crappy hair metal albums he did in the late '80s. The best song on it is Zorro's Ascent.

30 A Fistful of Alice

Vote for this 1 make it get to the top 10 this 1 is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so good

31 The Alice Cooper Show
32 Alice Does Alice
33 Theatre of Death: Live at Hammersmith 2009

This has many great hits, and the video of the concert that comes with it is great!

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