THIS is one of the only modern disney movies that does not necessarily evolve around romance between a guy and a girl, rather a girl and her sister. I like it, as it has a number of twists like the fact that the man ella thought she loved was the man who betrayed her after all and the one she finally falls in love with isn't the one who saves her life after all. I would never have thought of that

'So cute; it's like little baby unicorn! 'I love this film. It's very funny. It's so beautifully animated. The best animated musical to come out of Disney since The Lion King. A great big snowy pleasure with an emotionally gripping core when Anna is frozen. All songs are great. It is a gorgeous film with computer-generated fjords and ice sculptures and castle interiors. It's an absolute delight from start to finish. "

Absolutely my number one Disney film. Watched it last night and watching it again tonight! It really feels like Disney graduated princess school. The main character matures and does her thing and you completely fall in love with her, but she's not the little princess who falls in love with the perfect prince happily ever after. If you love Disney you will LOVE this movie. And you'll be singing Let It Go for a month!

Frozen is one of the most popular Disney movies in 2014! It's extremely popular for kids and adult of all ages!

The movie is about two princesses who parents die and they are left to figure out their lives by them self... One princess with a power had made her run away from her kingdom! Her sister must go on an adventure to find her and help her! On the way to help she runs into some new friends and musical numbers! All turning out to be ok in the end

While it is overrated Frozen did a lot of things that were AMAZING! First Olaf best Disney character ever (okay joking but he's awesome). Next Hanz. Very little thought he was the villain and like that it wasn't in your face that he's evil like other Disney villains. Finally the whole frikkn moral of the whole show: family love = also important and don't get together with someone you just meet! Very important morals. Oh, forgot the only AMAZING song on there "Let It Go! " and it was pretty tearwothy during the beginning. Not the best but I'd say very memorable. Could of done better with most the other characters, explaining background things, and getting rid of the troll's song. But I'd say it was worth the watch.

This movie is OVERRATED! It isn't the WORST movie out there, but it isn't great. There is too much singing, it is predictable, and there are MANY plot holes. How did Elsa get her powers? Why did she have to conceal them? The list goes on and on. - Minecraftcrazy530

This is hella good I ain't gonna lie, the fact that not only did they have two strong female leads but the fact that the message was that No matter who you are you will always be able to conquer the unexplainable and the impossible.

What seriously 23 this so lame all the girls at my school are obsessed with frozen and never stop singing dang songs like let it go or DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN, all though I can put up with it does not mean it is not annoying.

Probably the most overrated movie of all time. Naturally, it HAS to have a happy ending, annoying songs, and love. Plus, half of the movie MADE NO SENSE! I mean, Elsa NEVER left her room? Really? And Anna never just tried to look through the window to Elsas room? Wow. Where did Elsa even get her powers in the first place? How and why was she born with them? Of course, since it was a Disney movie, it has to have "true love". True love can thaw a frozen heart? Predictable. Trying to get MARRIED the first day you meet someone? Pathetic. WHY DO SO MANY PEOPLE LIKE IT? - Minecraftcrazy530

I have watched this movie 100 times and I still want to watch it again, it is that good. The best part about the movie is that the sisters love wakes anna up not the cliched kiss from the hero

HA IN YOUR FACE FROZEN! The Lion King, Toy Story, How to Train Your Dragon, Wall-e, Up, Shrek, Finding Nemo and the others are higher than you! I wish this movie didn't exist! You lovers are so dumb you don't know any movies! The Lego Movie is better!

In your face other movies! Frozen made more money than you've ever dreamed of. - Tacosarelife

The best animated movie I've ever seen. Stunning story, beautiful animation, awesome characters (especially Anna) with amazing, memorable songs!

This movie should be at top 5 list, it's the best animated film in 2013, really awesome movie

This film is awesome when it first came out it was the #1 Disney movie of all of the movie and The Lion King was #2 but now The Lion King is back to #1 and why is FROZEN all the way down to #24 trust me it is a really good movie for the family can enjoy!

Olaf was hilarious I can't believe it's not on the top 5

My number one Disney movie, its awesome! And it has a good message to it.

I SO love this movie. One of my absolute favorite movies of all time, hands down. The characters, the songs, the story. Frozen and Maleficent show that there isn't a need of a prince. The way Elsa loved Ana, the way Ana loved Elsa. The way Maleficent loved Aurora, the way Aurora loved Maleficent.

Tangled and Wreck-it-Ralph were better. This was to overrated. - trazel

I hate this movie. Can I get an answer to where Elsa got her magic powers. And Hans being a bad guy, they probably just said; "hey, make Hans a bad guy last minute so the movie can go longer".

This shows that you don't really need a guy to save you. Disney is evolving

Get it out, Get it out, Get this song out of my head.

Worst film ever. Not to be ranked in this top ten animated movie group. Kindly remove this quickly from this group

Oh right it's so terrible it gets a Disney special issue in the art therapy magazines. Colouring books to stop stress.

The whole fan base of frozen is immature parents babies who don't even understand the plot and worst of all spoiled brats about my age 11 with iPhone 6 pluses are probaly not as smart as me I'm a straight a student and am the top math student in my whole school district probaly as athletic as a noodle and sensitive as balls I literally had to listen to hours Metallica everyday (that is real music guys) to get the stupid songs out of my head this movie sucks balls

I liked this movie but I hate the song because almost every girl in the school talent show and it drove me crazy.