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381 The Halloween Tree
382 Rio

I love this movie! The animation, the colours, the music, the characters, the comedy, the plot and storyline... This movie is perfect! I also love the relationship between Blu and Jewel, they are a cute couple and the kiss near the end melts my heart every time I see this movie. I just love this movie.

I really really love this movie, great animation, amazing music, lovely characters, the best job for Carlos Saldahna, please... Rio 2 - ilar17

One of my favorite animated movies. It's animation is done amazingly well. Blu is my favorite character in the movie he's funny and likable. Possibly the best scene in the movie would be when Blu learns how to fly. To put it simply it's a great movie and you should see it at some point in your life

Great plot to this movie

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383 Get Out
384 Dreamgiver
385 Chhota Bheem: Master of Shaolin
386 Doraemon: Nobita and the Steel Troops
387 Waking Life
388 khumba
389 Dragon Hunters
390 Hop
391 The Little Prince
392 Mr. Peabody & Sherman
393 The Pirate Fairy
394 Cars 2

Best movie ever!

This is so fake

395 Shark Tale
396 Monster House

This film was brilliant, scary, funny and touching all at the same time. Highly recommend checking it out. - SailorSedna

397 Blade
398 Brave

Bravest princess ever!

A princess Merida lives with her royal family... It's about time for her to get married... She doesn't want to be married! She finds a whitch and ask for a spell for her mother... She ends up turning her mom into a bear... Her mom and her go one and adventure! The princess realizes that she be thankful for what she has!

This movie is outstanding man. Didn't win an oscar for nothing. Merida is damn good!

One of Pixar's rare misses. - SailorSedna

399 The Nut Job

This movie was terrible, Surly looks just like an obvious rip-off of Hammy from Over the Hedge, the plot is dumb, the animation is sub-par, it relies on stupid jokes like fart jokes which plague a lot of kids' movies nowadays, and the voice talent is wasted. Also, about the whole Gangnam Style at the end (I know this was partially made in Korea), this film takes place in 1959. That makes about as much sense as one Castlevania game taking place in 1852 had skeletons on motorcycles. - SailorSedna

People hate it because they don't find it funny. I got bored watching it.

This Movie was Funny, I Don't Know Why Many Hate It - ChiefMudkip

400 Puss in Boots

One of the most popular characters from the Shrek franchise in his very own spin off. - jezza0

I can't believe it is 47. It should at least be in the top ten!

Kitty is so hot! This movie is funny and awesome, everyone should see it.


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