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401 Doogal

Also known as The Magic Roundabout movie


402 Home on the Range
403 Monster High: Freaky Fusion

Love this movie! I love monster high it's so awesome this movie should be at least in the top 5!

404 Winx Club: Dragon's Flame

Why is everyone on this list complaining about a bunch of stupid movies?! Get a life from the winx club, haters

405 Mars Needs Moms V 1 Comment
406 Robin Hood

Sure, this film had a low budget and obvious tracing scenes but it's still very good and it needs to be recognized more. Plus I think it got us all interested in the concept of anthro animals. - SailorSedna


407 The Tale of Despereaux

This movie is so lame

The animation design making full of terrible
quicktime after it was good.

This film was horrible, banning soup from a kingdom because a queen drowned in it? Not to mention sending Desperaux below seemed very mean spirited and Emma Watson was just wasted in this tripe.

It totally killed any interest I had reading the book too. - SailorSedna

408 Shrek the Third

Should be higher. It was the 2nd best in my eyes.

409 Norm of the North

Norm of the North is terrible, you put this even though you hate it. Don't watch this or you will get bored and ruin your life.

410 Foodfight

No. Just no.

LOL - ad48

Uh. No. Just no. No. No. No. No. No. Why.

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