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41 The Secret of NIMH

Now here is a movie worth watching. Although dark and scary, and even some minor swearing and blood, this movie was, without a doubt, Don Bluth's best. Sure, he had other great movies, but neither of them could overpass this gem. Shame it's so low on the list, but that proves that this is just one of the most unknown masterpieces out there.

I can't believe this one's so low. The Secret of NIMH is without a doubt a true definition of a masterpiece. It's dark, tense and daring, with some comical moments. It's easily Don Bluth's best film, and one of the greatest animated movies of all time. It manages to pass even a lot of Disney movies.

80? Oh my god, why? This is quality animation! -

This is what Disney and Pixar should be making.

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42 Cars

Can't believe how low this is, best movie my son loves this show

Wait I thought people hated this movie? Well I never thought it was in the 70 best animated movies of all time. It's a decent movie but definitely pixar's weaker project, but still a million times better than the good dinosaur and inside out. - Augustocannoli

This is, and always will be my ultimate favorite movie. Awesome cast, story, moral, etc.

Yes, I Love It, It Has Cool Plot

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43 Kung Fu Panda 2

It should be the first best movie

The fact that this is behind Frozen, the Lego Movie, Big Hero 6 and Tangled has made me lose my faith in humanity. This is one of Dreamworks' best films and is on the same level as How To Train Your Dragon and the Prince of Egypt.

Movie with a great villain that you can love

Should be higher, I'm a sucker for a captivating and emotional story and this movie delivers. I think it is better than the original although I still love the original. But I would easily put this movie in my top 20 animated movies. Too bad ti followed up with a movie that is decent at best - Augustocannoli

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44 Tangled

The best, the best, the best! How on EARTH was this not even on the list?! It's the most romantic film of all time and is also the best made. The love and care that went into it's creation is like nothing else

Should be in Top 15. And is even far better than frozen.. Frozen is a good movie but Tangled had great plot, villains, more accurate timing and animation plus amazing songs.. From which, some of the things were a huge lack in frozen.. No offense to frozen being a top one but if frozen is the highest grossing movie then tangled is just underrated

. This is my favorite animated movie. This should really be #1. This is the best fairytale ever. you guys r insane. This deserves to be first

This is one of my favourite movies,from the awesome music to the hilarious scenes and high quality graphics I love this movie😍

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45 The Little Mermaid

This movie is so amazing! The characters, songs like under the sea and part of your world are all completely awesome!

I'm a boy and it's one of my favorite movie in the world it teaches you to follow your dreams

This movie restored Disney to it's former grandeur. How could it possibly be so low on this list. What a shame

You guys are bullying this movie eith putting everything ahead the other list is better - Belle9090

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46 Shrek 2

I liked the original, but I still think the sequel is superior. I still can't quite watch it the same way though... - Garythesnail

I still prefer the original but this is still a ripper film.

I still remember seeing this in theaters. I was 4 at the time. - Pony

While I love Shrek, this film is one of few sequels to surpass its predecessor. - punyraisin

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47 Alice in Wonderland

This is a magical film

This movie is magical.

Pure fun!

48 Tarzan

Wild life and nature displayed beautifully with good songs from Phil Collins like "You'll be in my heart"

Great movie and very dense also

It's so underrated, it deserves more

Why so far down? Stunning movie. - kaisietoo

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49 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

I'd have to agree; this is personally my favourite animated musical by Disney yet. Of course the subject matter might not garner a G rating in movie theatres nowadays. - sockythesock

Shame it's so underrated, probably because it's so dark.

Tom Hulce + Tony Jay = Win

So dramatic and with an awesome villain song with "Hells fire" this is my all time favorite Disney film.

Has third best villain of all time.

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50 The Great Mouse Detective

It's breathtaking and inspiring certainly worth a look.

This should be at least below 30

So underrated. - LarkwingFlight

Really great - PeeledBanana

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51 A Boy Named Charlie Brown

This is good but the 2015 Peanuts is better.

52 The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

I love this movie! I saw it with my dad not so long ago. Definitely deserves a spot in the top ten.

I like this movie. But I expect 75% of the movie spongebob being out of water - Sassy13crown

Not as good as the fully animated ones

Not as good as the first but it deserves recognition. But it is definitely not the 52 best animated movie of all time (well maybe) this movie is a B+ at most. - Augustocannoli

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53 Kubo and the Two Strings

Seeing Raiden The Moon King catch a rock with one hand like a boss was just amazing. - JakePlaid

Definitely in my top 5, this movie was beautiful visually and story wise

54 Dumbo

How is Frozen and NIMH higher than this? This is one of the best Disney movies ever. - Tacocheese

Isn't my favorite animated movie, it's my 10th favorite but I just decided to vote for this because a lot of my favorite animated movies are already high on the list - PeeledBanana

Yes! The Fox and the Hound and Bambi are in the top 20! Now let's get Dumbo in!

YES! Finally in the top 20! - PeeledBanana

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55 Pinocchio

I think it's great the story is pretty entertaining

39? What? This is a classic metaphor for a bunch of relevant stuff!

How is that fun?

Non of the villans are deafeted, Honest john and gideon are funny, And the coahcman is total nightmare.

56 Coraline

Chilling... I love it! It is the most creative scary movie I've ever seen. Great animation too! Why is it not higher?

I couldn't look at buttons for three years

This gave me nightmares and trouble sleeping without the lights on! But don't refrain, that only shows how powerful and well made it is! - keycha1n

I need to watch this movie again, I remember watching it back when it came out, but I only remembered it being creepy but intriguing - Phillip873

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57 Lady and the Tramp

Honestly compared to the 20 up above, this is a master piece. How is it so low?

For all those people looking for an adorable cartoon film THIS IS IT.

Just watched this movie with my 4 year old twin daughters.

Like it better than lion king - Belle9090

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58 Madagascar

Very funny. Madagascar Escape to Africa is equally funny! I can't wait until Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted comes out!

The original Madagascar, without this we wouldn't have had the equally funny Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa and the upcoming Madagascar 3: Europes's Most Wanted!

I love these movies! They never disappoints and are always top quality

Its best animated movie it should be in top

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59 The Land Before Time

It seems as if people think The Land Before Time is for babies due the fact that they are used to the cruddy The Land Before Time sequels to the point where they think that The Land Before Time is an excruciating musical, has the same animation as its sequels, follows around the adventures of those child dinosaurs (which is the only factual reason) and etc. I would strongly recommend The Land before Time to older kids. I give The Land Before Time a 9/10. - Kieran Stark aka The Ultimate Daredevil

This is one of the weaker Don Bluth movies, but it still holds up even to this day. The reason I think this is weak is that there is no Dom Deluise in this movie, and he provides a bulk of the comedy. Luckily he does Return in All Dogs go to Heaven (Best Don Bluth Movie) However, it doesn't really distract me at all just a minor nitpick. This movie is as brutal as it is beautiful.

This is an animated classic! How is it at 62? - BeanBag343

Amazing movie with full of emotion.

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60 The Little Prince (2016)

Great movie

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