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121 Angry Birds

I liked it when it was just the games.

This movie sucks the story is predictable the characters are bland.

Don't watch this, it looks dumb.

122 The Cat Returns

Awesome film! Everyone watch this!

123 Tokyo Godfathers
124 Cinderella

The best ever.

125 Meet the Robinsons

This should be in the top.lewis is a special boy he does not give up he always keep moving forward

I thought I was tripping balls the first time I saw this movie

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126 Sing

This is the best animated movie I ever seen

One word: Mediocre - Augustocannoli

127 Family Guy: Blue Harvest

Funny parody of the first Star Wars film (fourth in chronological order). - Hamster

I genuinely enjoyed the family guy Star Wars parodies - Phillip873

This is funny as hell

128 Ice Age: Continental Drift

Ice age was a great movie, romantic, funny, sad and yet joyful. I enjoyed this movie a lot, but not the most. I still think the first movie made more sense. It was also the beginning of the "lone rangers" that grew quickly into a roudy herd!

This Movie Is Mediocre And Very Disappointing

129 Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku
130 When Marnie Was There

Should be higher. Recommended for Studio Ghibli fans!

131 Howl's Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle is so incredibly wonderful und touching and romantic and just beautiful! I've watched it like 10 times and still find it just awesome. I Love Hayao Miyasakis Movies best.

Someone is complaining that Inside Out is above this when Road Chip is above it. - 445956

Great film. Great plot. Great characters. Great ending.

I had an extremely hard time choosing between this and Meet The Robinsons, and to see that disgusting, awful film Inside Out get the #12 spot while this gets 127 sickens me.

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132 Sleeping Beauty

Definitely my favorite Disney Movie! Can't believe how it is not on the Top ten list!

If I made this list it would be in the top 10

133 Ice Age: Collision Course

Pets Below This Crap?
That Is Unacceptable

134 Peter Pan

Another one of Disney's magical masterpieces here. I loved it as a kid and still love it now. - SailorSedna

WHAT! Only 142 should be top ten

I rely love thes moie

135 The Brave Little Toaster

One of my favorite childhood movies that I still like today and brings back memories -

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136 Flushed Away

YES! Why can't this movie be higher? I love the balance of action, comedy, and family in this film, and that Aardman didn't lose there charm by going into the computer for this film. Aw come on, you got to admit this movie is a great one

It kinda grossed me out as a kid but I love it

A message to Aardman and Dreamworks: Please don't make a sequel! Please! I'm telling you! It'll ruin the film

137 Family Guy Presents: Something Something Something Dark Side

This counts as a movie! - Augustocannoli

138 Frankenweenie

Be surprised to find this is a remake of a live action movie of the same name which came out in I think in the 80s.

It's scary, sad and a masterpiece

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139 TMNT

This movie should be higher.

Still better than The King & I.

I also like the 1990 film as well.

I know a lot of people who voted this.

I absolutely love this movie, It has great action, eating pizza, and other things making myself the best.

I'm a huge fan of TMNT.

140 Mary & Max V 2 Comments
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