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L Lawliet, exclusively known by the mononym L, is a fictional character in the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.


L is probably the most interesting character in Anime, and not just a cliche good guy (Goku being one of the prime example) see L isn't what you can call a good guy, in fact some refer to him as evil, but in reality, he is actually a tool for justice. Think about it, he helped stop WW3, he solved over 4,500 difficult cases and saved probably millions of lives for doing so. However in order to do so, he had to be almost completely emotionless seeing how emotion usual will cloud our minds of the right choice. He had to be alone all his life, because he knew that people would cloud his decisions. Let's face it people comparing L to a person like Goku it almost a one sided argument. Goku is a very one note character seeing how he only really cares about fighting, and once you know Goku always win, the character is pretty much defined by "When is Goku going to power up to Super Sayain God Super Sayian 2 and win." Because that's it. That's all he is. Now compare that to the interesting ...more

What are you talking about? Goku lost multiple times before! And I love L too but do NOT bash Goku while praising L. - Goku02

Although, one may fight that L is just "another character" in the anime series Death Note, I believe that he is more than that. He is just like all of us even though we may not realize it. L choses to use a monotonous voice to hide any possible emotions. L has dealt with pain and suffering or a while that he decided to not show himself until it was necessary; the Kira case. Light Yagami was truly the closest friend to L but he knew that he was Kira. This must have hurt his soul to know that his friend was a killer. Throughout the anime, L expresses himself through solving cases, sweets, and conversing with various characters. These aspects show a lot of L's emotions but if only one could see that. We learn that L is a funny and pretty smart and to some, quite attractive. These detail lead me to believe that L is one of the greatest anime characters out there in the anime world. - -Mikasa-

With his superior deductive and logical abilities, L is sure to outsmart all of these other characters instantly! I absolutely adore his character design too, I thought he looked like a rockstar when I saw him for the first time in the anime. Although he is described to have a cold personality, he is quite polite, and can be really sarcastic towards others (which I really enjoy) and is always willing to make some drastic and bizarre decisions to help him solve his cases, even if it does cost him his life. His smile, sweet addiction and awkward behaviour all ooze with cuteness too, which makes me love him even more. L has taught me how I can use my own logic to my advantage too. He will always be my panda-eyed, candy-loving hero!

Initially, as I started watching Death Note, I never thought that anyone could come close to Light's intelligence. But as it progressed, I agreed that no one could come close to L's might. L is the best ever. His wits got him so close to solving a magical/supernatural case. If he wasn't emotionally involved or if he knew about the death note and death gods, he would have easily caught Kira. Kira is nothing as compared to the might of L. L is truly the greatest character ever. Truly a person one aspires to be.

L is an EXTREMELY well thought out character! Every time he would begin deducing something, I found myself leaning in to hear his logic and thought process. I've never seen such a complex and beloved character. I shed MANY tears when he died, (which I believed was the most evil act in all of anime), but even after he was "gone" he was always hanging about. Like a ghost which added to his character's complexity. Just amazing and possibly my favorite anime character ever.

I don't know where to start... First of all I want to be honest with you people. My favorite character of all time is luffy but this one.. Ohh man he is something else you can't compare any other anime character (even light) to L. His personality, charisma, straightforwardness was something else. No doubt that L is the most unique anime character of all time. Hats off to him and his creator.

L... No words can really describe him as he really is. He has got this personality, that, is, in fact, somewhat mystique. Some people describe L as an emo. come on, you guys! L has this subtle, sense of humor about him that makes him a desirable character that I think about hours on end. "Please do not give out your names so carelessly. Instead, let's VALUE our lives." I thing you can figure out the rest. "I am JUSTICE! "

The most brilliant odd behaved genius I have ever seen. Even his usual hunches are far more accurate then the conclusions made by many famous detectives. A perfect scorer in College entrance exams, a professional tennis player and and Extraordinary detective need I say more? The way he counters every move of The Kira is awesome and his entry in episode 2 is killer.

So I started watching Death Note about 5 days ago and I'm on episode 26? After L's death the show has already become quite bland. L was interesting, humorous, relatable, emotionally caught up and just really fun to watch. I cried so much when he died. Though Light is a good character and I hate him (but he's a good character don't get me wrong) I think L just takes the cake by far.

Yes. L is a fantastic character. I personally believe that he should have won out over Light, and it makes me a little bit sad that he didn't. After L disappeared from Death Note, the entire show just kind of collapsed. Light had less... Purpose without L. Overall, he's a fantastic character that doesn't get nearly enough appreciation

L is by far the most unique, awesome and badass mainstream anime character out there. His genius intelligence, unique quirks and overall personality make him the best anime character.

Quirkiest and most unique of all. I've never seen a character so original before. - Goku02

I cheered for L ever since he completely out-maneuvered KIRA in episode 2. Despite (to avoid spoilers) a minor setback around episode 25, he managed to win, I think we can all agree. His genius along with his hilarious quirks should place him even higher on this list.

L was the best character to me. Even though Near beat Kira, (NOT BADMOUTHING L! ) he was still the best character. His overall design was beautiful. Not to mention the person who voiced him. The first time I was driven to tears from an anime scene was when L died. You will be remembered L. No, you ARE remembered as the best character in Death Note. RIP.

He was just so perfect to me. He was absolutely amazing, that's all I can say. Plus, he was really cute and his death was... well, I don't have the words. Let's just say that it led to me discussing the saddest Anime deaths with Goku02 at 2 in the morning. Not sad at all... *cries* Even so, I just couldn't be mad at Light. I just couldn't. I'm gonna cry. - LeiaSkywalker

YES! Best detective ever, attractive in a mysterious way, quirky, adorable when he can be but super serious when necessary, perfection. I cried when he died. And then proceeded to go on angry rants about how much I hate Light.

Proof he's the best character is that the show was terrible after he died.

L is the best! His personality is unlike any other, he's just so peculiar it's crazy! When I first saw him, I thought, "That the famous detective? " But a few episodes later, I was completely in love. His brain is just amazing, like don't even get me started. His death killed me inside.

When cool characters for anime were being designed, God decided: why not make someone omnipresent and omniscient character, like me. Someone who'll be faceless and fearless, like me. Someone whom the world will be always aware of, like me. But he shall not be invincible like me. God failed miserably in the latter and the Legend of L was born.

He was a great character and a refreshing new alternative to the cliche godly character and is amazingly intelligent and the way he eats food he is just so adorable. I cannot be the only one who that that is brilliance went unrivaled other than by Light Yagami.

L is a genius, he is the best detective ever. He can own anyone any given day. He is at the top of this list where he exactly should be. I just loved his character! Best anime character of all time!

L is a very unique character. He's weird, outstandingly smart and unintentionally funny. - Goku02

L Is probably the smartest anime character ever, He is mysterious, funny, and I loved him (in a non-fan girl way) From the start! He is very cautious, but daring and deserves to be number 1!

He is the best. He is the most dramatic anime character of all times. L is a lot more clever than Light Yagami. He is the best detective that ever been created.

Super genius. Best character out there because he thinks of any possibility that he knows are possible and his way of thinking goes very well with every clue that is left behind by Light. Heck, he even has evidence to back up his thinking. His just the best character out there.

How can l be in the 3rd place? He is by far the best and is so funny! His character made me love death note to a great extent, and he is definitely the best anime character ever!