Edward Elric - Full Metal Alchemist

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Edward Elric, commonly nicknamed Ed, is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Fullmetal Alchemist manga series created by Hiromu Arakawa.


Come on! No Anime guys are shorter then him! He is so adorable! You can't find a guy like him! He is really loyal to his friends and the people that he doesn't even know. He treat people like REAL people and not some trash like other people did. He is really nice, funny, cute, and loyal. I really love his outfit, his hair being braid, his gold eyes, his attitude, being a awesome brother, his caring, and most of all... I really like him being short because that makes him extra even MORE adorable!

The best. The best ever. He should be in first on this. He is so amazing it's beyond explaining. He is funny, and determined to pursue his goals, never giving up, even at a young age burned his own house down so he would have nothing to go back to and he had to keep going forward. He has a great relationship with his brother Alphonse, and his personality is so distinct you can just see him or hear him and think "Hey, that's Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist." I love him as a character, I don't think that they could have had a better person to fit the style of Fullmetal Alchemist.

I love ed because he ain't another goku 2.0 or 9202983738299383883.0. He's caring & reckless, but he isn't fearless, he can be pretty hot-headed, he doesn't try to befriend everyone & makes snark comments, & he isn't the perfect example of 'what humans are supposed to be'. And he never really cared about being the 'savior of earth' he just wants to fix what he did wrong & get his brother his body back, & if he sees injustice, he'll go out of his way to kick their @$$. He also isn't all 'brute strength & being courageous gets me through everything! ' He also studies hard too & is pretty smart, again unlike the goku copies who plaque the main character spot. So I like that he's a breath of freash air, is pretty caring & compassionate, but isn't all perfect goody two shoes.

This character is beyond all at first I was a Goku fan but after when I watched full metal alchemist I realized that Edward Elric is the on that never gives up and pushes himself for others. Plus he is not alone when he fights it makes it look hard but, Naruto is horrible sure its cool how he beats pain but he does it all alone like "Watch out we got a badass over here" but really its not a badass its just some over powered punk

I grew fond of ed. For me he is attractive despite of his height. He values his comrades and friends, and I love how he and al remain firm about their decision of not using a philosopher's stone or not taking anybody's life to bring their bodies back. Even though he shows a foul attitude in the outside, we all know that deep inside, he still has a soft spot. I love the way he protects his loved ones, especially winry. I also love his golden eyes and young muscles.O. O

Ed has more heart and soul than Goku and Naruto put together he deserves to be number one! - Dartz

Ed is the best! He makes mistakes and he has flaws, but that's part of being human, and it's part of the reason that I like him so much. Plus, he deals with the consequences, and he is just naturally strong. He's had to deal with so much stuff that he never really deserved, and he's stood strong through all of it. He cares about others, he's got a sense of humor, he's badass, and his stubbornness has made me like him as a character even more.

Ed is simply a boss. He is the most balanced anime character with his formal sore and his short joke freak out side. And unlike Naruto the top character here, he actually pays when he screws up, Naruto is just all like screw you I want ramen

Edward is my favorite character of all time. When I first watched this anime I just fell in love with his character! He is so unique compared to other characters! And I also love that he's human, like some characters are 'unbeatable' but Ed can fall down from pain and sadness, like us, and have the guts to stand back up and fight. He never gives up. He brought so much inspiration into my life and I seriously could never live without this anime. His character is also very relatable to us. He's human exactly like us. He's a hero I look up too.

I love Edward. The faces he makes are THE BEST. The fact that he sacrificed all that he did for his friends and family is heartwarming. Edward is by far my favorite anime character. Almost everything he does is hilarious, especially the way he proposed to Winry. He might be short- tempered (and short) but that doesn't stop his cleverness and endurance. He has so many amazing traits.

He may not be the strongest character on the list, but he has the most depth of any character on the list. He's powerful, fun, self-conscious, proud, caring, and above all else he is willing to do whatever it takes to do the right thing and help the ones he cares about. He follows the basic archetype of anime protagonist where he just try's hard to reach his goal but he also shows you the person along the way.

Ed is all-around such a great character. He's very good-looking, first of all. And he has a hilarious, snarky, boyish surface personality, yet such hidden depths connected to the tragedy of his past and the guilt of his and Al's situation. Truly compassionate and determined. What a great guy...

Edward is compelling as a character because he is extremely real (excluding the whole alchemy bit). He has genius, an overwhelming ego, and a fair amount of hubris. And yet, he is still human. He suffers loss, set-backs and despair. His growth as a character was engaging and realistic.

Oh wow... ED ELRIC.. I remember I was crushing on him for a solid two years...
But he is the perfect combo of guts, attitude, and humour.. And lack of height

Edward is a strong willed man who has a charming face and a truthful personality. He may not be a perfect character but he is essentially someone I look up to. He knows how to sacrifice even if his life is at stake. He is a funny character at some points but he can be focused and he fights with all his strength. He is also a wise man who can defeat the unbeatable.

Awesome character! I love him so much I will never get ver him. He saved lives of lots of people and put their problems first. He tried to help everyone using his wits and instinct combined. Though he is hotheaded and easily let go of his cool, he's willing to do anything in order to protect those around him!

He and Ender Wiggin of Ender's Game are my favorite characters in all of media. He is so passionate, so charming, and so determined. He's got a heart of gold (or rather a heart made of full metal). I was never a fan of Naruto (the character) or Goku, so I don't get their appeal. L is awesome, but I don't know. Edward just has that "it" factor for me. You just fall in love with him and his determination and his unconditional love for his friends.

Edward Elric aka The Fullmetal Alchemist is the best character! He is my favorite character in the world! I love how he can be offensive about his height! It's hilarious! I also love how he would do anything for the ones he loves. And I also love how he's so human. And that he is the hero of the story. I'm happy he got a happy ending.

Edward elric is one of my favorite anime character, he is so funny and make me laugh all the time. Without him, the show wouldn't be the same anymore. Even with his sad past, he still walk forward and don't look back. Always fighting and protecting his loved ones, makes him one of the best anime characters of all time.

Edward is the prime example of the love we share for family and never giving up. His story is so touching, and although most people forget, he's still a kid. A kid who interacts with us through the screen and makes us feel hope as well.

He's the best physically and mentally, and has the most caring and heroic personality ever... Although he hides it under his attitude and foul mouth laugh out loud

Edward Elric is a very controversial character who is always at war with himself and the others around him. This makes him very interesting and dark, but he always has his ridiculous temper to back him up!

Edward is short and cute and his outrages crack me up but at the same time, things he would say in serious times would almost bring me to tears. He brave, heroic, had an adorable little brother and two girlfriends (Rose and Winry, and just for the record I watched the 2003/2004 one and I say Edwin FOREVAH! )

Edward Elric is (at least in my opinion) BEST Anime/Manga character to ever exist. He should be number 1 He's just so cute and well written. Just all around perfect character.

Edward is the complete character, he's so real, so palpable... He's totally amazing, I love the way he's funny and, at the same time, decided and dramatic. I really think he suffered a lot and he's been a lot through... I miss good animes as FMA, It really rocks.