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Itachi Uchiha is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.


Itachi deserves higher. He is the most badass character in Naruto and he has a great character development that makes you say wow. I feel ashamed for people who chose to vote for his whiny, stupid and useless little brother that would even be an insult to emos and FUN FACT, Sasuke was added to the manga after Kishimoto's editor threatened him to drop the manga if he didn't add this Sasuke his daughter had drawn. He is this bad. Itachi on the other hand just needed a few cameos, story arcs where he was just mentioned by name and 2 story arcs throughout all the manga in order to be this badass (and the arcs were short) when Sasuke was in every damn arc trying to do something and utterly failing only to get another power boost from Kishimoto who can't ditch him out of the story anymore.

I believe Itachi is one of the smartest anime characters, also one of the strongest, and has a personality that really makes you love him, gave his entire life for the village, but couldn't kill his brother because he loved him, planed everythinh for his own dead and even broke free from the control of kabuto

#8? Hey, this is itachi we're talking about! I can't say the ones above him aren't great, but I can not ever say that itachi is lesser than them, or anyone! Look at how much he sacrificed, all for peace and his brother's well being! Look how much he moved me, I've been using exclamation marks everywhere! Itachi, yo number one!

One of the best anime characters in history, the shocking, bloody and tragic events of his life bring tears to my eyes. His popularity rivals that of sasuke. The raw emotion displayed in this character is amazing. Having to kill your family for the greater good and then having life your life as a traitor is shocking. A hero in the dark

There can't be any other spot for him than #1. The deepness in his storyline is just amazing yet so sad. He is the guy who did everything for his village and his brother yet got killed from his own brother.

A problem with anime show is that I find it hard to compare and feel a connection cause they feel to fake to ever be real. But Itachi is the opposite. I can really relate cause he has set goals and you can feel for him when you get to know him and his back story it really makes you feel for the man, and he is a complete badass

Is it fair to say that Itchi is the cutest anime guy ever (not in the love idea) I mean everything he did to protect his brother is adorable, he killed his family to protect his friends and village, but he could not bring himself to kill his little brother! The way sasuke thought itachi was horrid but how itchi was always protecting him, sacrificing himself and that even after death he was trying his best to protect him! If you didn't vote for this guy go to a psychiatrist! ITACHI KNOCK GOKU OF THE FLIPPING FIRST SPOT!

Itachi gave up everything for the greater good. He is one of the few characters written in fiction who has truly worked for the greater good. His every move was intentional. He was beautifully written, and is an unsung hero of the Shinobi.

Itachi just becomes a greater character throughout the show. At first you hate him, but once you go more into the story you realize he is caring, smart, strong, and sweet in his own little way. I can't think of any character ever that is better written than Itachi.

People would say he is a villain and in the anime he is portrayed as a villain but I mean if you really think about it he is probably the most heroic character in Naruto and the most heroic character I know so think about it people

Best character I've ever seen... his personality shows the sacrifice that he did for his brother and his village furthermore love the attraction of his strength and his honor.

Most well-written, selfless, kind, and badass character in the Naruto series. The level of depth behind his character is unbelievable, and impressive as well considering the limited time we saw him.

Uchiha Itachi joins 2 important things: inteligence and capacity of deal with complex situations, his legacy can be moved into our reality, 4 example, imagine if someone has suffered to keep the peace that youve enjoyed, and ya keep complaining about your life and cannot even imagine something like that, Itachi did the right, not the comfortable for him, he didn't even think about himself, just about the village and the big love that he had for his little brother

Itachi can make everyone cry. His character is so amazing that I felt really bad about Sasuke hating him. Seriously? How can someone hate a brother like him? - Anvil

Best brother in the whole world! Not counting DBZ characters, Itachi's definitely in my top 5 favourites. He's so badass and powerful yet kind and caring, protecting everybody from the shadows whilst accepting the fate of a criminal, getting all the hate from the village and brother he loves most. He's the Severus Snape of Naruto, and if the one true hero of the Leaf Village. - Goku02

He is my favourite character in Naruto. He did all for the sake of his village and his worst little bro and sacrificed himself. he made himself look like a traitor. He is the coolest guy ever

Itachi the greatest character ever

Itachi Uchiha is the most awesome character in anime. He is cool, powerful(if anybody argues please watch Naruto Shippuden and suck it up) and einstein level brilliant. He becomes the object of hatred of thousands of people and puts his life in danger for the village who despised him for slaughtering his entire clan even though he intended the welfare of the village.

Probably the maddest character out, controls the entire fight with sasuke proving how badass he is and who could forget when he pretty much embarrassed Kurenai, Kakashi and Asuma on his own.

I love how black and white Itachi seems in the beginning but is secretly very likable

My favourite character in anime he has a heart touching story, but he dies by the hands of his brother just as he wanted, sasuke did it because he was kept in the dark by his brother and the village leaders

No doubt he should be the number 1... His story, his actions, his sadness... Everything is on the line of sacrifice... The TRUE SHINOBI

The most complete character ever. Came back from the dead and ensured his village his safe and killed himself in the process. Should I say more?

Beware of spoilers!

I love Itachi, he is simply briliant. Why? Well there are so many places to start:

If you look at it from a certain perspective, he is the true winner in the end of Shippuden. In life, making is little brother Sasuke rise above himself. Also educating and sharing small parts of his powers and trust with Naruto. Once dead, still outsmarting one the worlds strongest shinobe and turning the entire 4th ninja war in favor of the allied forces. In the end I can only imagine that he (and Jiraya) must be so proud of what they contributed to "their students" and the shinobi world.

All who have read and watched know how briliant he was from a young age to hs death. Don't forget he kept "fake" Madara to a promise not to touch Konoha and Sasuke.

To finish: don't forget famous quotes and valuable life lessons that were put in this wise character:
"It's not wise to judge others based on your own preconceptions and by their appearence",
Or "those ...more

Itachi is awesome. Do I even need to give a reason? His storyline was amazing and so unpredictable! Even before I knew about his past, I thought he was an awesome villain.