Lelouch Lamprage - Code Geass


Intelligent, unpredictable, lady-killer and never give up. The end justify the mean!

Lelouch should be #1 on this list in my opinion, due to his extraordinarily ingenious and tactical mind. This high school senior and vice president of the student council also is the scourge of the empire of Britannia named Zero. He is the pure definition of badass. His full human nature completely reflects the effect of which war does on all of us. An antihero he is. He remains partly evil yet all for a good cause. He raises an army, conquers the world, dies to bring peace to the world and (controversely) lives to see the future. I am fully convinced that Lelouch Lamprouge is undoubtedly the greatest anime character ever conceived. The boy manages to be a badass, a genius, and a student/ vice president of the student council whilst wielding the power of the king known as Geass.

Lelouch wields the Power of The King (Geass) and the mind of the all-knowing...His intelligence is out-right OP! The guy conquered the ENTIRE WORLD and TRICKED EVERYONE, EVEN DYING just to remodel the world the way he wanted it to be. HE COMMANDED GOD and KILLED HIS PARENTS to stop EVERYONE'S MINDS FROM MERGING! He even BECAME IMMORTAL while the world THOUGHT HE WAS DEAD! He definitely deserves AT LEAST 4th place.(He can also kill all anime characters in one second by looking at them.)

Lelouch vi Britannia and Lelouch Lamperouge are both the same guy. I wonder why there is two separate entries for both. I wonder if there wasn't he would have been in top 10. He was an exceptional character whose death actually made me cry. And I rarely cry. He know what to be done and what not to. He is a true hero and he is the only reason Code Geass can be superior to Death Note. I hated the protagonist in Death Note the most. Lelouch's plans and emotions are human. Light never seemed to be realistic in my opinion. That's why Lelouch is superior to Light and deserves to be in the top 5...

Was debating between Lelouch and Itachi... But, ah well. Since Lelouch is already at 8 now then, why now (was at 10 but I voted! =D)
Lelouch is a genius, superbly intelligent, unpredictable... AND THE ENDING! Gods... It's awesome. He should be in the to 3.
There's a lot of awesome anime characters out there, but Lelouch is always the best.
Also, he's a damn awesome contributor to anime quotes. =D

There are a lot of great anime characters out there. What distinguishes him for me, is his unbelievable dedication, brilliance, and selflessness. He struggles against his own royal family, sacrifices his own humanity by taking responsibility for countless deaths, and triumphs against all odds to make the impossible a reality. He willingly turns himself into the target of the hatred of an entire planet, and gives his life in order to make a better world for his sister.

If you haven't yet seen CG, you should. The ending was incredibly well done; I cannot do it justice with my words. ALL HAIL LELOUCH!

"It wasn't I who was wrong... It was the world! " - Lelouch vi Britannia

Lelouch is smart, cunning, manipulative, caring and he is one of my 3 (along with Luffy and Edward Elric) all time favorite anime characters. The ending of Code Geass made me respect him SO much more, and as if I didn't respect and like him enough already.

Lelouch is an anti-hero, but a hero is what he really is.
He is a liar, yes, but he is brave and accepted the consequences of his decision without fright. Lelouch is unrivaled. You're sucked in by his charisma, and despite the amount of sins he committed, you find yourself rooting for him. Not because he is evil and absolutely dashing with charisma, but you truly feel the pain, morale, and desire behind his actions.

I can't believe he is so low at the list. He is brave, ambitious, intelligent, good friend, willing to sacrifice, genius strategist, charming... And yet, he is not perfect. That one little ordinary part of him that can't deal with emotions and weight on his shoulders is the part that we all can find in ourselves.

Intelligent, handsome and sexy lol - giannorg

He is a high school student with good grades, member of the student council and the leader of the Black Knights and he took down an empire. People thought he and his sister were dead. He also fought against his whole family to change the world.

I don't get why he isn't AT LEAST in the top 4, seriously. He's smart, he's hot, he's family-oriented, he built an army at the age of 17, and he became emperor of the world and sacrificed himself for world peace at the age of 18.

Obviously he's on the list. He's pretty much the anime Jesus, but better, in that he's badass. My personal #1 anime character, and deserves the spot, too. After all, what other anime characters can say they took the entire world, AND gave it back? By the way, he's alive.

Seriously! Lelouch out of top 3 he is the best character ever! He is genius like L determined like Naruto and gives his life for the greater good even when he becomes the villain in the eyes of world he must be in the top 3

All hail Lelouch! A great strategist, calm, serious and a wonderful character. He's not perfect, but that's also what we love of him. He died for the sake of the world, and that closes the discussion. He is no doubt the best.

Code Geass is pretty cool, but on you-tube there is a different version. I Forgot what it is called. Also, it is the funniest thing I've ever seen

This guy should be in the top. Some people just don't get this he is clever intelligent powerful with his geass and gets out of gets out of situations with ease

Lelouch managed to be what Light wasn't. Lelouch was demented, cruel, and quite possibly insane, but he was fighting for a reason, something Light lacked.

Have any other character ever carried the weight of everything and still not give up? That's Lelouch for you. Also he is the wisest and most intelligent character I have ever witnessed.

Lelouch is way too cool to be below light yagami and Naruto on the list.

I seriously can't belive that he isn't in the top 5 I mean he is an exeptionall character and I personally think you guys just picked Son Goku and Naruto because 1 you grew upon them and 2 big three anyone? Besides I for one think art style is very important and I dislike DragonBallZ art as a whole while Code Geass has great art. One more thing is that I think not many people explore the wonderful world of anime and don't know any better...plus plot and gary stu

Only Lelouch has the will to unite the world, all hail Lelouch all hail Lelouch. He can simply use Geass to Goku to order him to die.

Not even in the top 20?! come on guys... He's a legend. Pay him some respect... The way and the reason for which he died... You can't match that with any other character.

Lelouch is amazing because he is like Yagami Light in a way but he always had good intentions yet took the blame for everything to create a better world.

He should be last. He lets us down and dies in the end...