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Naruto Uzumaki is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.


Yes he was rejected by his own people even when he was supposed to hailed as a hero.
Yet he acknowleged them.
It was due for him to give up..
Yet he never did.
He had nothing but that did not stop him from moving forward.
He was hated but he loved them.
He is clumsy but hardworking.
He is filled with sadness yet he smiles with great love.
He rose from zero to Hero.
He never quits and he never gives up never going back on his words.
His will to protect all good things in the world is what makes him strong and he will keep getting stronger even more stronger than son goku and the rest because he is UZUMAKI NARUTO THE HERO OF THE WORLD.

Naruto did more than any other person could have done. He gave me hope and saved me from depression and despair. I would have killed myself if it weren't for Naruto. So, I just want to say... Thank you, Naruto and thank you, Masashi Kishimoto for saving me from turning into someone like Obito and giving me the willpower to stand and fight for what I believe in. The idiotic One Piece fantards have no idea what they are talking about when they talk on this masterpiece.P.S. believe IT!

I don't know why Naruto is not number 1, he never stop chasing his dream and reached it in the end, he tackled the prejudice and racist- like treatment and eventually became someone that wasn't feared by everyone but loved and respected. Naruto is the more relatable person on this list, "never give up and you will reach your goals", I mean why is goku up there he is basically "oh damn, I'm losing this fight, maybe I should change my hair colour" or "hey Gohan, I want you to fight cell, let me power him up first." Literally Naruto is relatable to, those kids that get excluded, people that get bullied based on what they are, aspiring young fighting- dreamers, basically everyone in the world. - Criz

Naruto is THE BEST character, even though I am so in LOVE with ITACHI but still no one can beat naruto. The way he changes people by talking to them is just unbelievable. I have cried so many times because of him and let me tell you that he is for sure the only character that has NEVER failed to touch my heart. His passion, his love for his comrades, of course his will of fire is worth mentioning. I LOVE HIM AND RESPECT HIM WITH ALL MY HEART (even though he is just a cartoon character) and I would definitely want to meet him. Nothing's impossible right?

The best anime of all time has to have the best protagonist of all time! He's just so awesome! He's the reason that naruto is the best anime ever made! Thank you kishimoto-sensei for bringing us the best anime character of all time and the masterpiece called naruto! P.S. sakura is awesome too!

Son Goku does NOT BELONG IN number 1! Why? Because people only judge him by his power. First of all, great poem by the way, that's gonna inspire most people. Most people below Goku are much better characters than him. To be honest, I find DBZ boring because everyone is too invincible. The villains are also bad without a purpose. But Naruto is more relatable and doesn't have a weird power curve. HOWEVER the best thing about Naruto is how he responds to his tragic backstory. His life was something a normal person would rather live without. First of all his father IS KILLED by the nine tails the ALL of a sudden people start to hate him and he's just a loner. The SASUKE, his best friend, leaves him for OROCHIMARU! Need I say more?!

Naruto is easily the best character ever. Sure Goku is strong and awesome and I openly admit that. But just because it's a classic anime doesn't mean he deserves top spot.

Naruto has gone through so much ad has never let any of it ever make him change who he is. He went through struggles that no one should ever have to go through.

So not only is he a hero and strong like Goku, he is an inspiration. That's why he deserves top.

Naruto showed me what it means to truly never give up. Sure, he fell down many times, but he had the guts to get back up. He tamed and harnessed the Nine Tails' power, when no one else could. He was alone from the very beginning, but that never stopped him from trying to make friends. He sucked in academy, but look at him now. He said he was going to become hokage, and he did. He did it because he believed in himself, when no one else did. Now, that's a true hero!

Naruto's life was not easy. He was seen as someone who would be nothing more than a failure. Nobody believed in him. His parents died and his whole village neglected him. Despite all of his hardships he overcame all his obstacles and became one of the most powerful shinobi ever. He achieved all of this with the friends he made and never gave up no matter what.

I love this guy. The fact that his experiences are similar to that of mine and his perseverance have helped me through my troubles and worst times. Unable to experience the love of a parent, I am able to understand his emotions very well. Aishiteru Naruto-sama! *laugh out loud, just had a fan-girl moment*

I'd say Naruto is really better than Goku... Like what one comment said...
I mean, come on, watch the series and you'd surely agree with me... He's even a lot more handsome than Sasuke!

Everybody hated him, but now he is considered the "Hero of the Hidden Leaf"... His "never give up" attitude is an inspiration for many... BELIEVE IT!

Watching Naruto grow up while you grow up is one of the best ideas it comes to watching your childhood grow up as he earns the powers by training. The story of his is quite much more better than Goku's and knowing that's the writers influence is off of DBZ, Naruto manages to make each fight scene have a reason, strategy is on point and plus Ramen 4 life.

From zero to hero. Never give up, I'm not gonna run away and never turn back on my word is one of the most inspirational words I learned from Naruto. His faith, his kindness, even his not smart or sometimes foolish, he is still funny and silly. He take care of everyone before his self. Naruto Uzumaki is the best fictional character. He is a hero for me.

To be honest Naruto is my inspiration, he is one of the greatest anime characters if all time he never gives up and continues. I have never seen him back down from a fight and that is why he will be one of my role models in the future even though he is a fictional character, he is amazing. I mean goku is amazing too but Naruto never gives up.

Naruto is the best anime character... The way he goofs around... But from the inside he has so much pain... He lost his parents when he was born.. But still he doesn't lose hope that everyone will acknowledge him someday..

He may not be the strongest character but Naruto should be first. He advanced to a great ninja when at the start, he wasn't really good but then became a leader and was respected by everyone in the Leaf village, whereas son Goku was super strong and didn't have much progress except for the Super Saiyans. Also Goku is too OP. Naruto fights actually have a meaning to it while DBZ usually have no meaning to it.

Yay, I made him number one =D love him! He's great throughout, his personality made me cry quite a lot watching it and I'm 21 year old guy laugh out loud! No other Anime has choked me up as much as this one and I've watched quite a few. The only thing I didn't like about him we the fact that he kept on chasing after Sasuke, if that were me I would say bye bye matey, the second I found out he left the village... - Sharniie

Truly one of the best. Naruto is way better than Goku. People just compare the two on power. But DBZ is so boring. Everybody is powerful, invincible, and there's like no story line. Naruto is the best character. He has a lot of everything.

I have to vote for him. He should have been Hokage. His nearly impossible goal may not come to be, he still is one of the most iconic and well known anime heroes of all time. Chaotic righteous and a bit ignorant and aggressive, he's a prime example of a flawed hero and an inspiring yet challenged character.

I feel Naruto is a character which makes us all appreciate of friends. Argue, Fight, Weep. Naruto goes through what everyone does in the Anime world but always seems to keep a smile on everybody's face. He is so inspirational and funny. What I call a true role model, to never give up. Love You Naruto!

I won't run away anymore... I want go back on my word... Because this is my ninja way! Hell yeah! You tell them Naruto! No matter how many difficulties he faced he never gave up, instead he was determined to achieve his goals of becoming hokage and bringing peace to the world!

Naruto is the best. Far better than Son Goku and Kurosaki Ichigo combined

Naruto, simply the best anime character in history. This tells everything. You should watch Naruto series because... I can't tell you, guys. Just read the manga or watch the anime

Naruto... Should be the first... His way of life can give tons of energy for people to succeed in their life... Such power, ninja way, the way he understands and makes everyone his friends... He's my all time hero...