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261 Kaneki Kin - Tokyo Ghoul

I've like this character so much since I watch the anime. People don't have the idea of the truth that this anime won several anime award because of it's storyline that is so awesome. This rating is not real. How come it can be in the bottom? In my opinion he's better than Kirito who currently on top 20. I'm saying this because Tokyo Ghoul isn't the only anime that I have ever watch. In other words I'm an otaku so I can compare the quality of this character to another. Even Kirito is not as cool as Kaneki in my opinion. Kaneki is unique in my eyes than other characters.

Everyone who haven't watched this anime really can't tell how cool this character can be. His multi-characteristic and style is one of the main attraction. Plus, this anime's way of story is rare. Kaneki should at least be on top 20. Sh

We all should have known that there are many other characters that is worth to be on top 20 and Kaneki is among them! He's so cool with the mask and his white hair..! Even Dende from Dragon ball also can get on top of him. What the heck?

So hot like holy jeebuz hold the phone, he has a really nice back too... He deservs 1st place but he is on here twice... LIKE HE DESERVS TO BE

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262 Usopp - One Piece Usopp - One Piece

Usopp its pretty cool...and that's all

263 Tatsumi - Akame ga Kill Tatsumi - Akame ga Kill V 1 Comment
264 Kyuji Obayashi - Kill la Kill

After figuring out Gamagori's attacks, he came with composite meat armor that melted even the strongest of Gamagori's disciplinary guide books. Smart. Eh? - SelfDestruct

265 Kallen Stadfield - Code Geass

Why is she here, she should be better and she is the ace of black knights. Her guren and piloting skill was awesome

She is an amazing fighter so she needs to be higher on this list

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266 Lord Death - Soul Eater

I love lord death he is funny

267 Nail - Dragon Ball Z

And so I said to him, "I don't caaare who you are! Now clean my jowels! "

And that was Nail's first day on the job.

268 Android 17 - Dragon Ball Android 17 - Dragon Ball
269 Urabe Mikoto - Nazo no Kanojo X
270 Rin - InuYasha

You may think "Rin? She's just a poor helpless girl that more or less gets in the way", but come on. This is the girl who melted the coldest and deadliest of hearts. Rin was brought back to life TWICE! You may think that it was only the wishes of Sesshomaru (Lord of Fluff) but if you ask me it's pure determination, and trust. So you know what? GO RIN! YAY

She needs more love her whole village was eaten by wolves and she was so abused

271 Hashirama Senju - Naruto Hashirama Senju - Naruto

Why didn't anyone vote for this guy? He died in order to protect his village. He used all of his strength against Madara because he was gonna destroy his village.

272 Dr. Stein Soul Eater

You guys have to know him. He's a badass mad scientist, he loves dissection, and he's a great fighter. I want him somewhere on this list because a lot of people like him, other than Death the Kid. Put this insane scientist on somewhere. It would make y day

Epi character guys and the way he deals with things and all his planning to catch medussa... Brilliant

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273 Inaba Himeko - Kokoro Connect
274 Masami Iwasawa - Angel Beats
275 Dr. Kosaku Tokita - Paprika
276 Ouka Yuuouji - Nokome
277 Kyon - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
278 Shinji Ikari - Neon Genesis Evangelion Shinji Ikari - Neon Genesis Evangelion

He's definitely not the best anime character, but he is one of the most realistic. To me, compared to the arrogant, overpowered shonen characters we see all the time now, Shinji was a breath of fresh air. He could get annoying with his attitude, but at least he had a reason to have that attitude. It actually really annoys me that characters like Shinji are hated, yet characters with no personality are loved. - Elric-san

I sincerely believe Shinji Ikari is the most revolutionary character ever to embrace the screen. By simply rejecting the prototype of a strong protagonist, we've been given an anime far more intelligently crafted, and meaningful than most anime out there, and Shinji was the leading force behind it all.

If Shinji could have been the same as Simon was, I would like him more.

I like getting in the robot

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279 Hanazono Shizuma - Strawberry Panic
280 Chrome Dokuro - Reborn
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