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121 Chelsea - Akame Ga Kill Chelsea - Akame Ga Kill
122 Eneru - One Piece
123 Kei - Dirty Pair
124 Krillin - Dragon Ball Z Krillin - Dragon Ball Z Krillin (クリリン, Kuririn) is a supporting protagonist in the Dragon Ball manga, and the anime series Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super. more.

One of the best side characters in dbz and also is a symbol of friendship (with Goku, of course)

Say what you like about Krillin, the little man has gumption.

My sister's favorite character

I like him

125 Lucy Heartfilia - Fairy Tail Lucy Heartfilia - Fairy Tail Lucy Heartfilia is a wizard in the guild, Fairy Tail . Her magic is called celestial spirit magic which allows her to summon spirits from another world . She currently possesses fifteen celestial keys, which is an extraordinary number for a celestial mage. She gets along best with Team Natsu, containing more.

She is kind and caring towards all her friends. She is smart and never gives up even when it is too much for her to handle on her own. She has a sad past but, uses her past experiences to help her grown in the future. She is strong even if she is not as strong as her friends. She is always willing to help. She is funny and smartest out off her team.

Lucy is surely the best female character in Fairy Tail. I know that Erza and Juvia are stronger than her,but,her friendly spirit and never giving attitude raises her a class apart above them. She ROCKS! 1

Lucy is an awesome charecter with one of the best back stories in all of anime. Lucy ran away from home after being countlessly abused as a hchild by her own father after her mothers death in year 777. Lucy is a character unlike all the others, she is kind to everyone she meets and that includes her spirits who she views as friends and not as tools or shields. Lucy is a happy person who aways pushes herself to do her best even if it is something she cannot achieve. As time goes by Lucy learns more and more from Natsu and her friends. Lucy always tries her hardest even knowing that she isn't as strong as the other members of her guild.

The picture is kinda of creepy...
Everyone overlooks Lucy, and thinks she's weak.
Lucy is amazing and inspirational.
She teaches us that you can be who you want to be,
Everyone makes mistakes,
And to never give up.
So what if she isn't the strongest (she's pretty powerful).
Her heart is all that matters.

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126 America - Hetalia

Even though America's lazy, he's just so awesome. But Prussia is still awesome

America! THE HERO! I LOVE America, he's nice, caring, funny, and strong! Who couldn't love the handsome American?

I love America! He's really funny and really cute-looking. His laugh is so addicting! He is the hero! :D

"I'll be the hero! "

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127 Minene Uryu - Future Diary Minene Uryu - Future Diary

I love her! She's so badass. She is unlike many anime characters. I'm glad she survived. At first, I wanted her to die but later minene became my boo. Badass in a can. My favorite girl from future diary also called mirai nikki.

She is daring, dangerous, and an awesome fighter. Some people may think that she is horrible, but I think that she Rocks!

The most badass character in Future Diary. An awesome fighter and has a smart brain. Memorable character in Future Diary. I think, she's the only amazing character in Future Diary!

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128 Goten - Dragon Ball Goten - Dragon Ball

Actually I like Goku more but he's already distinctively topped every other characters at number 1 so I voted for Goten instead, as he, along with Goku's other son Gohan, are my two 2nd favourite anime character, and it's INJUSTICE to have him placed at #75.

He's the cutest anime characters ever! And he's so talented and strong and powerful and strategic and adorable like his great father Goku.

He so cute in his kid form and so strong, he should at least be in top 50

This site sucks

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129 Shana - Shakugan no Shana Shana - Shakugan no Shana

She's easy to like for me. She's abrasive at times but she's overall pretty sweet. She's also powerful and tough as nails. I can dig it.

Really great with the sword!

130 Zuko - Avatar: The Last Airbender Zuko - Avatar: The Last Airbender Prince Zuko is a fictional character in Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Zuko is a master firebender and his younger sister is Azula . He is the son of Prince Ozai and Princess Ursa .

Zuko is my favorite of all of avatar, he is awesome and loyal and amazing so much praise for him - YOUnique253

Um, Zuko is awesome and all, but he's not an anime character. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Good character but he's slightly overrated.

131 Sayaka Miki - Puella Magi Madoka Magica Sayaka Miki - Puella Magi Madoka Magica Sayaka Miki is a fictional character from the 2011 anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica and its related media.

She's awesome she does not deserve to become a witch

<3 sayaka ily don't care about those haters - nao

132 Android 16 - Dragon Ball Z Android 16 - Dragon Ball Z V 1 Comment
133 Anya Alstreim - Code Geass Anya Alstreim - Code Geass V 1 Comment
134 Heero Yuy - Gundam Wing

He's one of the most badass anime characters of all time.
Heero is very cool and the best Gundam pilot, cold-hearted and the prototype of the perfect soldier, but also the good guy and hero of the anime.

135 Akise Aru - Mirai Nikki
136 Michiko Malandro - Michiko & Hatchin
137 Chi - Chi's Sweet Home
138 Arlong - One Piece Arlong - One Piece Saw-Tooth Arlong is a sawshark fishman. He was the pirate captain of the all fishman crew, the Arlong Pirates and a former member of the Sun Pirates. He is known for being the main villain in the Arlong Arc and had the highest bounty in East Blue before being defeated by Monkey D. Luffy. Like many other more.
139 Grell Sutcliff - Black Butler Grell Sutcliff - Black Butler

Should be number one in my opinion. Grell is my favorite character of any anime ever. There is so much personality, and unique style. I know that he/she is kind of supposed to be a comic relief character, but he/she came off as way more than that to me, Grell is the best.

Bella why! Why do you like this person more than team rocket he or she I don't know the gender is suck!

She's awesome! Get her to #1 - CommanderLudwig


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140 Issei Hyoudou - High School DxD Issei Hyoudou - High School DxD Issei Hyoudou is a fictional character and the one of the main protagonists of the anime series High School DXD . He is a second year student who also can be a pervert in the beginning of the series, having Rias Gremory and Akeno Himejima as his love interests .

To me Issei Hyoudou is the first character who is not "OBSESSED WITH FOOD". He is better than Goku,Naruto,Luffy& Natsu just because of one thing he is not OBSESSED with food. His perversion makes Highschool DxD interesting. He's different than other anime characters like Goku,Naruto & Natsu. I love him because he is kinda cool in his own way.

Mad respect for this guy - LDragoCis

Top 10 at least

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