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141 Kinnikuman - Kinnikuman

Little known as he is, Kinnikuman contributed to the archetype of the goofy idiot hero who gets stronger that's prevalent in anime these days. Without Suguru Kinniku, Son Goku wouldn't become the anime icon he is today.

142 Eikichi Onizuka Eikichi Onizuka

This guy is the star of one of the most under-rated anime's of all time. His experience on the street as a gangster changes the lives of his students and those around him. Not to mention that he's a complete bad-ass! - 4Tifier

Onizuka is under rated here. 1 of my favorite characters.

143 Sora - No Game No Life Sora - No Game No Life

Sora is the ultimate. Best. Anime. Dude. Ever

As far as comparing him to characters goes, he is the social (ish) version of a combination of 'L' and 'Light' from the anime death note. However his personality is bubbling with enthusiasm, humour, intelligence and a super strong addiction to fun! (Lets forget about his 'super healthy zone' for the moment :P) Another attribute towards him would be his knack for realising the childish dreams we secretly store in our hearts in a engaging and sophisticated way, with some adult humorous chucked in the mix for good measure!

Such a great game can't wait for KH3

144 Makoto Tachibana - Free!

Despite his tall, muscular body, he has gentle personality. He cares for others and dependable. He also has really cute side where he's afraid of ghost, I love it~ Not to mention he's so SEXY! He's just so HOT that I melted!

Makoto is amazing and it is impossible to not like him! I love him plus his voice actor Tatsuhisa Suzuki who also sings both openings of the anime and is the vocalist of Oldcodex! His voice is to kill for! It makes me cry with happiness because it's so beautiful! Mako-chan is so kind and adorable and he is perfect for Haru!

Yay! He's so hot! When he took his shirt of I blushed and my nose bleeded!

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145 Zanpakuto - Bleach
146 China - Axis Powers: Hetalia V 1 Comment
147 Haruko Haruhara - Fooly Cooly Haruko Haruhara - Fooly Cooly
148 Beerus - Dragon Ball Beerus - Dragon Ball Beerus is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball franchise created by Akira Toriyama. Beerus made his first appearance in the 2013 feature film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.
149 Duke Devlin - Yu-Gi-Oh Duke Devlin - Yu-Gi-Oh
150 Allen Walker - D.Gray-Man Allen Walker - D.Gray-Man

He is Perfect!...My favorite Character. He is Cool, brave, kind and of course handsome. He has very sad and mysterious life but he doesn't mind!

"Allen Walker" is perfect! He is my favorite anime Character...He is cool & kind, clever, brave,Determined & of curse handsome. He also has a mysterious, sad life & his job as an Exorcist is too Dangerous for a 15 years old boy like him but he can do it well.

D.gray man is my favorite anime and Allen is one of the best anime characters!

My LOve!

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151 Sesshōmaru - InuYasha

I love sesshomaru. He's like the base for cynical sarcastic badass characters. He tries to act very level headed but where inuyasha is concerned his composer crumbles. Which is funny considering he makes fun of inuyasha for this trait. I think his character has so much depth that he never really shows you just have to fill in the blanks sometimes. He claims to despise humans but then he keeps rin and really does fight for her. He changes over the whole anime, he a dynamic character as they all really are in the anime. I'm kinda upset inuyasha is before him cause I really do love sesshomaru so much more.

Sesshomaru is not only hot and powerful, but he also has a great personality deep down inside him. I mean- he revives a little girl and lets her travel with him! And he also cares for his brother by the end of the series, even though he appeared not to in the beginning of the series. Just gotta love those guys who look so emotionless but truly care about their friends deep down inside.

He's badass, hot, AND THE LORD OF FLIPPING WEST. But, less fangirly reasons to like him are his sheer power and his unexpected sweet side. He gets very, very close to killing Naraku tons of times, something Inuyasha can't do. And his little bit of softness shows in rescuing the human girl Rin and so clearly caring for her. He's awesome.

LOL he never got to kill Inuyasha like he wanted to LOL

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152 Near - Deathnote Near - Deathnote Nate River, exclusively known by the mononym Near, is a fictional character in the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

Near is really a awesome character I mean really he was a successor of l and plain adorable is personality was simply amazing. He seemed to keep going up the totem pole... He didn't star in the movie but who cares he just stood out in th death note manga.

I love near he's so cute he should be in the top ten

He is the best death note character I see everyone saying that he was trying to hard to be L but he is smarter according to the CREATOR OF DEATH NOTE if you look on the graph thing he is a notch higher than L

He's cool.emotionless and swag.all he needs is sunglasses now.enough said.

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153 Jean - Attack on Titan V 2 Comments
154 Sasori - Naruto Sasori - Naruto

The best with papets

155 Kyoko Mogami - Skip Beat!

Kyoko shows that for anyone a dream is possible so long as you try to make it happen. She is also really unintentionally funny because her mixture of revenge and love-hate relationships with many of the characters provides comic relief.

She is a strong upbeat female character, and that can be hard to find

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156 Tatsuya Shiba - The Irregular at Magic High School

Personally, I hate him, but since he's the most badass character on the show, he gets a pass here. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Saw some clips of him and to be honest, he is one helluva anime character. His badassery is always there even from the beginning. We wanted badass main characters, and thankfully, Tatsuya is one. - SelfDestruct

Yeah, the incest made him worse than he could be. But without incest, this guy is the best! - SelfDestruct

157 Rabo - Noragami Rabo - Noragami
158 Bobobo - Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
159 Kazuto Kirigaya AKA Kirito - Sword Art Online

He is the boss
There's a reason Sao was so famous
It's because of kirito

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160 Suzuha Amane - Steins;Gate Suzuha Amane - Steins;Gate
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