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Son Goku is a fictional character and main protagonist of the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama. He is based on Sun Wukong, a main character in the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West. Goku is introduced in Dragon Ball chapter #1 Bulma and Son Goku, originally published in Japan's more.


Goku will always bring about fond childhood memories and such, but does that make him the best anime character? I think not. Compare him to L from death note and his character looks mediocre at best and the depth of his character is shallow in comparison to said character L. I'm not saying Goku is a bad character I'm just saying he isn't truly number 1 in my eyes, what I am saying is that everyone needs to watch Death Note realize how awesome L is and vote him up to number 1 spot. Just do yourself a favor and before voting for Goku watch Death Note.

Goku.. The name that created Naruto and Luffy. Without Goku.. Hell.. Probably 25% of the characters in anime wouldn't have been created. Goku has the power of the whole solar system. He'll top any anime character I have ever been watching in my life. He's even been my childhood. And to be quite honest, how did Naruto get first place? It was Goku who made Naruto. That's why Naruto has the same colors as Super Saiyan Goku, see what I'm saying? So yeah, Goku 100% :D The ONLY equal to SuperMan, greatest comic book hero of all time.

Is Goku, is not all about strength is it? , Goku's character was designed to be different a innocent person from the start of the episode on dragon ball to end of GT, is he's heart and character that can only be imagined and there is no person in real world or even in movie can be shown the way Goku was made. Sacrificing your self for other's he has no hates or anything or he would of died in dragon ball in Baba's Castle fight against the demon. he's character was very different.

He's just such a good character. Not only because he's well written, but good in the sense that he is nice and forgiving. A Cold Demon kills his best friend, and threatens to destroy an entire planet, yet he shows mercy. I don't vote for him simply because he's so powerful that he rips the very fabrics of reality just by powering up, but because of his merciful nature. They say that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Goku is the exception.

Those who think Vegeta is greater than Goku are the abnormal most people on earth Goku is likeable and dedicated to his family and friends But idiotic and moron people come up with stupid reasons of bashing him and liking ass Vegeta Naruto Goku were far apart from Vegeta for him to be put with them Goku and Naruto worked hard for others whereas ass Vegeta created problems also So he was worst apart from them in reality and nothing like them So it is Vegeta fans who are pathetic to the core

I didn't mean goku was way better than naruto, one of bros just loves him so much. anyways, Goku's characteristics are everywhere. Ichigo's way of repaying someone if they helped him on something, Luffy is nearly EXACTLY like Goku, and Naruto's bravery, way of protecting friends, get's friggin pissed off if someone close dies, and his heart (actually, heart is for all 4 characters). Son Goku FOREVER - animedude7

Goku will 4 ever be the number 1 anime ever. Goku has seen stronger enemies than naruto will ever see. Naruto is a skinny worthless piece of trash that also talks trash. If needed to be said spongebob will kill naruto, dora the explorer, lilo and stitch, and especially buzz lightyear will kill naruto. That is how bad I think naruto is. NARUTO SUCKS!

Goku is awesome and my favourite moment for goku is when he killed king piccolo, first turned into a super saiyan, killed kid buu and first turned into a super saiyan 4 - dbzisthebest

"I am the hope of the universe. I am the answer to all living things that cry out for peace. I am the protector of the innocent. I am the light in the darkness. I am truth. Ally to good! Nightmare to you! "

Goku. He is the Jesus of Anime and the greatest anime Legend of all time. Even now in the Revival of F he is above everyone in the entire universe. Only one below him is Vegeta. I watched every episode in the ENTIRE Dragonball series since Dragonball Episode 1. I've tried searching for a character who obviously can't be as strong but as good as he is and haven't seen one beating him. I mean he's a perfect hero. Kind hearted, humor, never gives up EVER, defeats guys 10X stronger than himself, saved Earth many times except of course Majin Buu and GT doesn't count, and always test the waters of his enemy's transformations which is ballsy but hey he's a confident dude. You can see all these badass looking heroes that are standing there in the wind all dreamy and stuff but Goku doesn't care to be a badass which is why he is the best there ever was.

I believe that Goku deserves to be #1 for several reasons. First of all, we've watched him since he was little through his life journey and adventures, and many people grew really attached to him, because he basically made their childhood. Second of all, the fact that he is one of the rare people who are able to fly on Kinto Un shows how pure hearted and uncorrupted he is. Third of all, Goku is the father of anime and you can't deny it. He is truly one of the most important and most powerful characters in anime history, and he inspired many other popular anime characters. Hate him or love him but that's a fact. Although almost same goes for Vegeta, but we're talking about Goku here. Dragon Ball was one of the most influential animes in boosting the popularity of Japanese animation in the rest of the world. Four, he is very loyal and protective towards his friends. He has pure spirit and only good intentions, and he doesn't fight to be better than others nor for power nor to brag about ...more

Come on really is this a question? Most of these other characters wouldn't exist if it was not for Goku.

He have given his life for so much occasions. He have been the hero of all the times. People cry when Dragon Ball ended. When Goku transformed in Super Saiyan because they killed his friends, when he died because of his friends.

Goku is the one of the best character no one can replace goku by the way goku has to be in the first place his humour pull attraction form people this saiyan has a unique style of fighting and I accept without vegeta goku is nothing goku I love you you're the best anime I have ever seen you deserve the first place

Goku. He is one of the person who inspired my life. He may not be real but the spirit he left in people who watched DBZ, especially me was great.

Childhood is everything thing guys. These characters gave you real pleasure when you were child. Any character can't replace my childhood favorite Goku even if he is the hottest guy in world. Fan girl. Love dbz.

Goku should be the world strongest man he is the god of all the anime and manga he is invincible. UN defeat able no one can ever win him in a fight and I really mean no one. I guess he should be on the top of the list

I feel like Goku started developing as a character the most in the original dragon Ball where he was a child in when dbz came He improved all the good things about him he became a character that inspired me and that's why I'm proud to call him my favorite anime character - samanime

Actually Goku is the best anime character He dedicated lives to his family and friends All the other shonen heroes' determination came from Goku He is intelligent People who like Vegeta are abnormal in reality He is not that brilliant as his stupid fans claim him to br People always complain about Sasuke making it big as though his life was hell But the abnormal coward fans want to deny that Vegeta also did the same in dbz and want to claim that as good actions So Vegeta fans are abnormal
There is a heaven hell difference between Goku Naruto and Vegeta Naruto Goku are heaven and Vegeta is hell So Vegeta fans are abnormal Goku is intelligent too

Goku is the best he will OWN anyone who gets in his way to be honest even if I'm a girl and my friends make fun of me for watching dragon ball I still watch dragon ball

I know there are many Goku haters who think he is cheesy and overpowered, but consider this. Goku has set a standard for action heroes in anime. He is like the Superman of the Manga world. Like him or not he changed the face of the genre.

So true LOL He did. He's probably the most important anime character of all time. - Goku02

I think that Goku is the best character because he is a good person, and he is funny and serious when he must be. I really a big fan of hi

I have been seeing dragon ball z since childhood and I have been raised by seeing goku, as a character goku (kakarot) is my role model I have learnt many things from him as he does only the right things that have to be done so I like that guy and he is the only anime character which have to be the number 1 position in the anime list

He's killed or taught a lesson to every major villain in Dragon Ball, Z, GT. I think he's the best hero

He's the best, he's the one who started it all along with Vegeta. This guy is EPIC he can beat everybody that is in this list, without a doubt he is the father of shonen anime.