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Vegeta is an anime fictional character from the anime series, Dragon Ball Z, created by Akira Toriyama.


Vegeta, the prince of all saiyans, is the best character of all time. He can push himself to the limit and further because he will not settle for second best. When freiza took him as a child his father and a whole army died trying to get him back because he is just that important. He never gives up and is always ready for a new challenge. He holds onto his pride because he knows he is awesome, and taunts his victims because he is not afraid to show it. He always has a witty comeback like " I did lots of push-ups and sit-ups and drank plenty of juice. " HA! So if you don't like Vegeta tell me, has a hater like you ever experienced true fear?

Vegeta definitely deserves to be No1, not Goku. Maybe, as a Vegeta fan girl, I'm being a bit biased, but, still. Unlike Goku, who is in realistically perfect and was portrayed as the perfect character, Vegeta actually made mistakes. He went from being evil, and misunderstood to being one of Earth's strongest fighters. Unlike Goku, who had the perfect childhood and life, Vegeta had a horrible life. Also, if it weren't for him, Buu would've lived, and the androids would've won. Just those two acts alone made him more useful than the other Z fighters were throughout the entire series. -_-

Vegeta is the most badass character in anime history. PERIOD

No doubt the most badass character ever. He will kick your but without a second thought. No one can beat him. Goku is strong but his kindness is a weakness vegeta will take advantage of. Vegeta was on his own team for most of the series and even under mind control he still did whatever he wanted. Plus he managed to get a pretty billionaire genius wife without even trying. So BOW TO THE PRINCE OF ALL SAIYANS!

This guy here is the inspiration of my life! He is better than Goku in many aspects. He is way better tactician and Goku is just a bonehead. His plans has ALWAYS succeeded. Ge pushes himself WAY HARDER than Goku. Proof: Goku becomes supersaiyan training 100 times gravity. Vegeta trains in 450 times heard me 450 times and he barely makes it. But every time he ascends, he is stronger than Goku because he trains way harder than Goku does. Besides Goku is one lucky dog He gets his training from great masters like roshi who teaches him his kamehameha move, king kai, who teaches him spirit bomb, he learns instant transmission from inhabitants of anothe planet, in short all his so called great moves are BORROWED. He does not have any move of his own. On the other hand vegeta does all the training by himself, develops HIS OWN moves and surpasses Goku in power twice. If he was as lucky as Goku he would be much stronger than Goku. And I'm just getting started... Still think Goku's ...more

Dbz fans only praise Vegeta for silly ans stupid reasons because they want to exegerrate and overrate him Sasuke is actually better than Vegeta Dbz fans want to claim Vegeta'a actual stupid actions as favourite actions ignoring that is he is also an emotional crybaby Whether people accept it or not Vegeta's stupid and blown up jealously over Goku is the reason why he never surpassed Goku. Even if Goku did one two mistakes always thought of family and friends which made him to surpass Vegeta which dbz fans do not want to pay attention to Dbz fans claim they understand Goku and state Vegeta is better than him But in reality it is Goku who is actually better smarter intelligent stronger than Vegeta Also in personality also it is Goku is strong willed than Vegeta Dbz fans are cowards and want to ignore that Vegeta is a crybaby for blowing proportion over the top saying Goku is powerful Goku is powerful So if fans think Vegeta is better than Goku they better not watch anime for they don't ...more - deepati

I think if he actually beat Goku at least once it would be a happy day for us all. At least he somewhat cares about his son and at least he is more than just a lax hero that always finds a way to win. Vegeta has lost constantly throughout his life and he is still an undeniable badass. That is why he should be #1 over his rival who has not had much development at all since he was introduced.

Vegeta is an amazing character. He's the only character who always manages to steal the spotlight from the main character and also ends up being the most developed character despite being the creator's least favorite! He's awesome.

No doubt about it, Vegeta is the best. He is proud, strong, but also weak and confused in some ways. A character whose personality is divided, a characteristic which makes him much more interesting than a the plain old "I win every battle I fight because I'm the hero" Goku. One of the few characters in anime to develop such a dramatic change and demonstate the difficulties that comes with it. Truly an inspiring character that certainly should be recognized more often than the typical heroes!

He's simply the greatest character ever written. His struggles and his tenacity to never give up trying to surpass Goku has inspired countless of other enemies throughout the series. If Goku is the greatest main character hero written then Vegeta is the greatest anti-hero to hero character written.

Who are you people!? Don't you see Vegeta is by far the most badass character to have ever existed!? Not just as an anime character as as character, period. You have stolen his honor... And your debts must be paid!

Vegeta is the most fleshed out character in Dbz. I like Goku as well, but he always seemed like he never really struggled like vegeta did. Vegeta struggled and overcame with sheer determination. Goku accidently found the ssj form, but vegeta struggled for and achieved it.

Vegeta is the man!

He should be number 1. He's so much better than Goku. He's a better father and husband too but while Goku ditches his family countless times.

He is absolutely the BEST anime character! He was a villain turned good in one of my favorite sagas in DBZ and is Just over powered.

The best anti-hero character of all time - Undistinguished

Vegeta makes bad look good. He put the bad in badass.

From once been an evil guy who did just what he thought was best for him to one of the greatest character in Anime universe.. You must watch Dragon Ball Super too.. I only watch that because they are finally giving him his due.. Better father than Goku.. One of the most complex character in all Anime universe.. Love him.. ALL HAIL VEGETA SAMA..

Vegeta is a proud arrogant badass that really could kill any of these other characters without a second thought besides Goku of course he should be second... unless you can actually prove other wise then yes he deserves second

He is the coolest guy I like him so much. Why the heck he is not on the top

Epic, Awesome, Hardworking, badass the best, the prise of All saiyan must I continue.

Vegeta is one badass who is a stylish attitude guy with pride no one can be like the prince of saiyans he lives a thug life the way he gets mad on his enemies they just burn like ashes vegeta actually deserves 2nd place with mate goku and he is also a all time famous anime you will stay in our heart vegeta

Come on guys. This is guy is the reason I watched dbz. Vegeta is the reason that this anime grew as it was his characterization.

He is the best character that can be made in DBZ well in any anime well he is probably like the most coolest person on DBZ.

I agree about Vegeta being one of the most human characters in the franchise. He's overly confident to the point of foolhardiness, but he's very insecure about always being second best.

Vegeta is strait up badass and there is nothing that can stand ing his way weather it be fighting against enemys or just Goku you can bet he will always have something up his sleeve